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Words are not stones, but if they are thrown hard, they hurt.

Bullying: today you are the hunter, tomorrow you will be the hunted!

Being a child means smiling without fear, acting without prejudice and trying to be happy at any age.

Bullying is a crime and whoever does it is a criminal!

One for all and all against bullying.

We were all made in the image and likeness of God. And He doesn’t want to see his image and likeness fighting, offending and mistreating others. We are the same!

What scares me is not the violence of a few, but the omission of many.

Bullying is not accepting that others are different from you.

Be a civilized person. Say no to bullying. Say no to violence!

Bullying doesn’t pay, it only leads to violence.

Say no to bullying!

Bullying is the cowardice of hiding by insulting others.

Bullying: silent violence.

No more bullying. Respect is good and I like it!

It is not necessary to understand people’s sexual orientation, just accept them.

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