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We spend a good part of our lives at school. It’s where we met our first friends and many of them remain by our side forever. Furthermore, it is the space we have to learn, develop and form citizens. With that in mind, we selected the best quotes about school. Check out and value the place where you study!

quotes about school to focus on your learning

School is a teaching environment where there is exchange between student and teacher, student and student and teacher and teacher.

Keep in mind that everything you learn at school is the work of many generations. Receive this inheritance, honor it, add to it and, one day, faithfully place it in the hands of your children.

It is at school that we take our first steps into society. Socialization plays a very important role in our lives.

We are all enrolled in the school of life, where the master is time.

It’s wonderful when a student finds in their teacher someone who inspires them to navigate the waters of knowledge.

In addition to teaching test knowledge, schools must teach students to think and make the best choices.

A school with an attractive and motivating classroom does not mean a disorganized school, without method and without limits.

At school, we have a complement to the education we already receive at home, something that helps us to be more aware citizens.

I like going to school to see my friends, learn more and have contact with all the possibilities for a great future.

The function of school is to teach children what the world is like, not to instruct them in the art of living.

School provides us with the best friends of our lives and those who never left it.

Don’t study just to pass the entrance exam, study to have knowledge that will help you throughout your life.

Whoever opens a school closes a prison.

Schools need attention, care and reform. They are essential in the lives of every citizen and are being left aside.

Education professionals are extremely important for the future of our society and must be valued.

That’s how school helped me: by forcing me to think contrary to my own thoughts.

School is the work of children and adolescents and must be taken seriously.

The school must be open to diversity and different realities. It must be a place to welcome them all.

The school must instill the student’s knowledge and desire to learn.

We don’t study for life, but for school.

The best student is the one who takes school seriously and does his best to learn for his future.

Knowledge, when applied, becomes easier to memorize.

A complete school is one that teaches the content, but also teaches you to question and not accept injustice.

The school is an institution that must be respected, both students and teachers, staff and management.

The instruction delegated to school is different from that we learn at home, and both must complement each other.

While a happy society does not arrive, there may be at least fragments of the future in which joy is served as a sacrament, so that children learn that the world can be different. May the school itself be a fragment of the future.

The lessons learned at school are kept in our hearts and will help us in everything we do in life.

It is at school that children have their first contact with knowledge that will make them explore new worlds.

A student who understands the importance of respecting the school and everyone in it will be a great citizen.

The school of experience is the most educational.

Citizens are formed in the school environment.

Families confuse schooling with education. It is important to remember that schooling is only one part of education. Educating is a family job.

The challenges faced by teachers in schools are immense. Therefore, they must be valued for continuing to fight for their professions.

School is our second home. So keep it organized and respect everyone who is part of it.

The greatest difficulty in teaching is the lack of support in society, which believes that it only exists to send students to universities.

School holds the knowledge necessary to move our society forward, we should all have the right to go through it.

The school experience is individual and all students must be respected as unique beings.

The importance of school is to provide ways for everyone to have access to my content and opportunities.

Schools play an extremely important role in our society in training thinking citizens who will contribute to their development.

Education shapes souls and recreates hearts. It is the lever of social change.

Everything we learn at school will take us somewhere if we know how to apply it in our lives.

Don’t study just to pass the entrance exam, study because knowledge transforms our lives.

May the thirst for knowledge be taught in schools every day.

Education is everyone’s right, public schools need to be more respected and receive due investment.

Treat school as an investment in yourself and your education.

The biggest challenge for teachers is to help students understand and absorb the content.

I’m grateful for my school, my teachers and the friends who walk with me every day.

Educators, before being experts in tools of knowledge, should be experts in love.

One cannot talk about school education without thinking that educating is an act that comes from the heart.

One of the great sins of school is to disregard everything the child comes to school with. The school decrees that before it there is nothing.

School is a place where dreams should be welcomed and students can find support to make them come true.

Encourage students to dream, build and fight and to use knowledge as an ally for all of this.

Learning must be accessible and concerned for all students and will only be complete when everyone understands the content.

There are schools that are cages and there are schools that are wings. Schools that are cages exist so that birds can unlearn the art of flight.

A teacher’s biggest challenge is teaching a student who doesn’t want to learn.

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