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After a tiring day, all we need is a relaxing night’s sleep. Before going to sleep, it’s worth posting that message that can help your friends rest more calmly. Therefore, we selected the best good night quotes for status. Check it out and share to bring words of affection to social media!

Good night quotes for status with good rest wishes for friends

The time has come to do what I do best, sleep. Good night!

Let dreams take care of you. Dreams are necessary to life. Good night!

Go to sleep with ideas, but wake up with a burning desire to make them goals. Good night!

May the angels lull you to sleep and throw away everything bad about the day that has passed. Good night!

Even if today it seems like things won’t get better, a new dawn always shows us that we have new opportunities. Good night!

The beautiful moon shining above my head is reminding me of a beautiful face. A face that can erase all the painful memories in my life. I wish you a good night!

There’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t cure!

The night is an opportunity to rest, forgive, forget, dream and prepare for the next day’s battles. Have a great night friends!

Problems are only capable of discouraging those who allow themselves to be contaminated by negativity and those who do not put their strength above their weaknesses. Good night!

Put your head back on the pillow with the peace of mind that you did your best throughout the day. Good night!

You can’t change everything in one night, but one night can change everything. Good night!

Whoever has a clear conscience leans on the pillow and sleeps the sleep of the righteous. Good night!

My night will be 3D: lying down, sleeping and resting. Good night!

Lord, thank you for another day and tomorrow I place in Your hands. Good night!

Leave your problems out of the room, lie down in bed and relax your head on the pillow. Good night!

May your night be peaceful, restful and have God by your side. Good night!

Think about good things before bed to have a night of peace and tranquility. Good night!

I wish you a blessed night, full of beautiful dreams, and may all these dreams come true with the arrival of a new day!

What the world offers you is fleeting. What God offers you is eternal. Good night!

Leave what hurt you in the past and take only the good things into the next morning. Good night!

The cloak of night covers the last rays of the sun, I wait for this moment to wish you good night!

All we need is a peaceful night’s sleep to replenish our energy. Good night!

We are men and women builders of love, peace, truth and beautiful things. For all this, I wish you a good night!

Never let the day end without thanking God for the privilege of having lived another day. Good night!

A night’s sleep is a rest for the body, mind and soul. Have a great night!

May love grow more every day. Good night!

Thank God that we can rest and renew our strength for the new day to come. Good night!

Just close your eyes and believe: tomorrow will be a better day. Good night!

All a dream needs to come true is a good night’s sleep.

Dusk always brings a painting in the sky to remind us that life is beautiful. Good night!

The struggle is great, but God is greater. Believe and surrender your life into His hands. Good night!

The day is over, but God is still working for you. Good night!

Before going to sleep, enjoy the beauty of the moon and stars, and see how we are surrounded by reasons to smile. Good night!

May the night come soft as a breeze, bringing everything our soul needs. Good night!

May the night renew your hope for better, happier and more peaceful days. Good night!

Today is your lucky day, you have just received the little angel of happiness. Have a beautiful and blessed night!

Let the moonlight guide your dreams. Good night!

Some people think it’s crazy, but I’m sure it’s determination and the desire to make it happen. Let a new day come. Good night!

Where there is a will, there is a chance of success. Good night!

The night falls and brings me the longing for you. Good night!

Love, peace and blanket. Good night!

Just as bright stars light up a dark night sky, the memories of our friendship are the sparkles of my life. Good night, friend!

May God’s light be our guide in the midst of darkness. Good night!

I’m going to sleep a little longer and when I wake up, it will be to see you. Good night!

Breathe, take a dose of peace, listen to the gentle beating of your heart, silence your mind, relax your body and rest. There’s more tomorrow. Good night!

Sleeping next to the one we love is the greatest of privileges. Good night!

Even the darkest night turns into day. So don’t hide your light for too long. Good night!

To start the change, stop dreaming in your sleep and achieve it while you’re waking up. Good night!

May the night prepare us good surprises for tomorrow. Good night!

Life is always more beautiful for those who understand the power of love. Good night!

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