55 welcome December quotes to reflect on and end cycles | messages, wishes and quotes

December is a month of reflection! It also begins preparations for the festivities, with many looking forward to the holidays and celebrations. It’s time to be grateful for the past year and hope for a final month full of achievements! To hope for the best with open arms, check out amazing welcome December quotes.

Welcome December quotes full of gratitude and good wishes

Welcome, December! They say the best is always saved for last. So be surprising!

December is a month of celebrations, Jesus’ birthday, making dreams come true and, above all, living in peace and being completely happy!

A year ending, a month beginning, but the heart remains full of plans! Welcome, December.

Hello, December! May your warmth warm our hearts in this final stretch. You are the last of the months, so be the best you can.

May December come with all its magic and turn our dreams into reality! Welcome, wonderful month.

Welcome, December! I hope from you more smiles and fewer tears. I hope you bring only good news. It may arrive!

In this last month, I’m not going to ask, just thank you, because the more gratitude, the more good things happen. Welcome, December!

Hello, December! May this month be filled with the joy of time spent with friends and family. May peace fill your home and your heart!

May December be full of victories and love, this is what we ask of Our Lord. Month of blessings and light, in the name of Jesus. Welcome!

Time to make peace with what happened, finish what you started and hope that next year, all your dreams come true! Welcome, December.

May all the happiness experienced during the year be multiplied in this last month. Welcome, December!

Welcome, December! This is the time to reflect, give thanks and celebrate the birthday of our Lord Jesus.

It’s December! Smile, make your Christmas as happy as possible so that it brings good vibes in the New Year!

December, new month, lots of learning and more perseverance to make our dreams come true! Welcome, wonderful month.

This is the last month, but there’s still time! A new beginning, a new chance to improve as a person and do good. It may arrive, December!

I have open arms to welcome you, December! I accept nothing less than love, peace and good reasons to smile.

December, being the last month of the year, always leaves us thinking about what’s to come. Be surprising!

I’m sure that December will arrive bringing good things, wonderful sensations, incredible colors and lights!

Each month of the year has its own wonderful journey, but may the culmination be now, as we hand over the keys to December!

December has arrived! May your message of faith and hope renew our strength to continue fighting next year.

Another December has arrived! I just have to thank God for another wonderful year, for the strength He gave me to fight and achieve everything I wanted.

If we survive until December, I know that from now on everything will be fine! Be sweet, serene and promising, the last month of the year.

May this month of December you reflect, seek forgiveness and cultivate peace in your heart!

May Santa Claus bring, in addition to gifts, good energy, peace and lots of happiness! Welcome, promising month.

May your only concern for the month of December be choosing a Secret Santa gift. Welcome, December!

Welcome, December! Month of celebrations, family together, secret friend. Month of reflection! Last month of the year, may it come, in addition to all this, full of health, love, peace and blessings.

May December restore our hope and our faith in better days! May the greatest feeling of all be that of peace and calm invading our hearts.

It seems that everything wakes up in December, but this is also a time of reflection and renewal!

Now is the time to reflect and see what we have improved in the year that is ending. It’s time to take the actions we didn’t take. Welcome, December!

It’s December, a time of optimism and hope. Believing is power! Believe in your dreams and have a beautiful end of the year.

December, welcome! Come in and bring that feeling of something good coming and of a life well lived in this year that has flown by!

Be grateful for what you achieved during the year and may your mistakes also be your best learnings! Have a happy December.

It’s time to welcome December with an open heart: warm moments with friends and time around the Christmas tree with family!

Once again we have reached the end of the year festivities! May everyone celebrate good times in their own way.

May this month time pass in the right way according to our needs, leaving space to make postponed dreams come true! Welcome, December.

Welcome, December! May it come wrapped as a gift in a red ribbon tied with peace, hope and faith.

December has arrived! This is the month to light the fire of hospitality and charity in your heart. Welcome, wonderful month!

May this month of December be full of celebration, but let us always remember that the reason for the celebration is the baby Jesus.

Start December with a smile, a good thought, with joy, gratitude and with God in your heart, and the rest will work out!

December is a time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the past year, strengthen bonds of love and be grateful for the overcoming.

December is a time for good food, festivities and good feelings! It’s time to celebrate the wonderful year we’ve had.

Welcome, December! Your lights and colors make me hopeful, that’s why I love you so much!

If the days of December are as amazing as the rest of the year, I know we’ll be in good hands!

Welcoming the month of December! May we live one day at a time, making the most of the best that each of them has to offer.

Welcome, December! Now, go do what you do best: give me amazing vacation days and lots of celebrations!

Happy December! Remember: it’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit!

Although goodbyes are depressing, greetings are always pleasant. So welcome December and say goodbye to November!

Live every second, every minute, every day and every week of December as if it were your last. Be surprising, wonderful month!

The end of the year is neither an end nor a beginning, but a last new chance to make your plans work! Welcome, December.

December arrives bringing the feeling of something good coming… May it begin and end with many achievements!

Along with Christmas lights, add a little sparkle wherever you go this December!

Welcome, December! May the end of the year promote reflection, transformation and inspire us to good, peace and understanding.

May December not just be a month, but an intense celebration!

Things don’t change! So change the way you see them and you’ll have a better December to admire.

There is a new month that knocks on your door and you want to enter to do something different. Come with everything, December!

The month of December always causes a mix of feelings, as it is the time to reflect on the year, be grateful for achievements and create expectations for the year ahead.

To hold back your emotions, but stay in the festive spirit, check out these beautiful Christmas quotes that prepare for a December 25th with lots of love and affection!

And make this month the most incredible and special of all!

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