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Often we focus on work or other occupations and forget about our health, which should be the priority not only for our body, but also for our mental health. After all, to continue life with intensity, you need to be healthy. With that in mind, check out a selection of quotes about health full of motivation to focus on what really matters.

quotes about health so you can pay special attention to it and live better

Never put anything above your health, it is your most valuable asset. Protect yourself!

Being healthy means much more than not having any physical illness.

If someone seeks health, first ask them if they are willing to avoid the causes of illness in the future, otherwise, refrain from helping them.

Being a healthy person is not just eating well, but also doing good.

The man throws his health away to get money, then uses the money to win her back.

When a man is healthy, he doesn’t want war with anyone.

Be happy, healthy and to hell with the rest.

Cultivating positive mental states, such as generosity and compassion, definitely leads to better mental health and happiness.

Worrying about evolving as a person, not gossiping and trying to help yourself and serve others is also part of health.

Whoever wants to have health in the body, try to have it in the soul.

If it’s not to live a happy and healthy life, we won’t even live!

Life works for our harmony. No one can have physical and mental health without cleaning their heart, letting go of the past and forgiving other people’s ignorance.

Happiness is like health: if you don’t miss it, it means it exists.

Don’t gossip, don’t complain and don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts, it’s half the way to a healthy life.

The Ministry of Health warns: wasting yourself over small things and losing your peace with petty people is a loss of health.

Be happy, it’s good for your health!

You can’t buy joy, health, or true love.

Doing physical activity increases our self-esteem and makes us stronger and motivated to achieve our goal. This is health!

Health is the result not only of our actions but also of our thoughts.

Health is like a real friendship: its value is only recognized when we lose it.

Taking care of your health is not difficult, you just need to acquire good habits of eating, thinking and physical activity. When you notice, life will be lighter.

Be careful with your mental diet, we are what we think.

Nothing is more dangerous to the health of the human mind than carrying negative thoughts.

Music, fun and art are also health.

Exercise: your best health plan.

Health is the most precious asset that money cannot buy.

The body asks for so little, adequate nutrition, adequate sleep, systematic physical activity, relaxation and meditation.

Curiosity, enthusiasm and passion for life are normal aspects of perfect health.

Take care of your health and always try to be at peace with yourself. This is the path to a healthy and happy life.

Meditation calms the mind and brings peace to the heart. Exercise is good for the body and awakens the soul. Practice, your health will thank you!

Well-being causes more well-being.

Smiling constantly, even in difficult times, alleviates fear, makes us stronger and is good for our health.

Any love is already a little bit of health, a rest from the madness.

Those who don’t have time to take care of their health will have to make time to take care of their illness.

Stay with yourself for a while, stop, feel, think, try to get to know yourself, because that is where a human being will flourish, develop and prosper.

Don’t just focus on listening to external things in the world, listen to your body, pay attention to what it’s asking you.

Sleep is undoubtedly the most important moment of restoration of the entire human machine.

Our priority should always be health, the rest, being healthy, we pursue.

A fragile body does not support a strong spirit.

The important thing for a human being is not how many years of life, but how many years of health.

Physical and mental health are partners and must go together. Doing physical activity is one of the steps to keeping your body and mind healthy. These sports quotes will make you start exercising today!

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