45 quotes from grandmother to granddaughter that overflow this genuine love | messages, wishes and quotes

If being a mother is incredible, being a grandmother is even more special! The bonds that unite grandmother and granddaughter are so strong, powerful and enigmatic, that they are also inexplicable. Only those who experience this relationship are able to talk about the love that surrounds it. And to express your pride and admiration, share quotes from grandmother to granddaughter with your princess!

quotes from grandmother to granddaughter that will strengthen the bond with your girl

You are already a wonderful and independent woman, but grandma will always be here to hold you when necessary.

Your presence fills me with youth. I’ll do everything for you, dear granddaughter!

Our connection was born since I found out about its existence. I’m your grandmother, but I love you as if you were my daughter too!

Not even the sky, not the stars, not even the sea and infinity, nothing is greater than my love, nor more beautiful!

Only a granddaughter in the family tree, because in her heart she will always be a daughter!

You say I am your queen and that you would be nothing without me, but I am the one who is honored to be the grandmother of such an incredible woman like you.

When you were born I knew that from then on I would always have a companion for every moment. Grandma doesn’t know how to live without you!

Welcome to your new life, my beautiful. Love never ends!

Following your development closely is my greatest joy. As you grow, my love for you only increases!

I will squeeze you, hug you, love you and spoil you at all times. That’s my duty as a grandmother!

My dear granddaughter, welcoming you into our family is an immense honor. You are the best thing that could happen to me!

I will be your defender for life, as your guardian.

A mother’s love is enhanced and multiplied when she has grandchildren. I love you, my princess!

I never imagined that being a grandmother was something so genuine until you were born, my dear granddaughter!

After I became a mother, I never imagined that there could be greater love, until you arrived in my life, dear granddaughter!

Very beautiful princess, perfect in the eyes of the Father. I have never seen anyone like you!

I didn’t create a daughter in my womb, but life gave me you as a gift, my dear granddaughter!

Never lose your essence, my granddaughter, because the world needs someone with a heart like yours.

Daddy from Heaven sent one of his most precious angels to be my granddaughter!

My love, I will be your owl grandmother, your protector. In my house you will always have shelter, love and lots of sweets!

God gave a beautiful, intelligent and loving princess to be my granddaughter, and I can only thank Him for that!

I will always remember the first time I held you in my arms and felt love overflow. You are my greatest pride, my granddaughter!

My granddaughter, your arrival transformed me. Every day I try to be a better person for you!

When you were born, the angels sighed in delight!

A grandmother’s affection for her granddaughter transcends all understanding. It’s unconditional love!

I’m tough until my granddaughter comes and calls me sweet little voice!

My granddaughter, my days with you are bright and illuminated like your smile. I love you so much!

You revealed a world to me and I would never live in such happiness, your gift of purity!

I promise to always wipe away every tear, protect you in my embrace and make delicious food for you. I love you, my granddaughter!

Before you, I had many convictions, but they all went away when I saw your smile for the first time. Grandma loves you!

My granddaughter, may our bond and complicity grow more each day. I will always love you!

You give me this feeling, that my love has no limit.

The years apart will never keep us apart. Our grandmother and granddaughter bond is much greater than that!

I love seeing you playing around the house, watching your adventures and answering your countless questions. Being your grandmother changed my life!

Being a grandmother means being a mother with love multiplied. I love you, granddaughter!

You are a treasure to me, you are my star, you breathe new life into my heart.

My love, never forget that grandma loves you twice as much. You are the best gift your parents could have given me!

My dear, you can lack everything in life, except the unconditional love of your old grandmother.

No matter your size or age, you will always be my beloved and favorite granddaughter!

I have to warn you that life is sometimes difficult to deal with. The good thing is that I will try my best, do everything to make you happy!

Your parents may fail or be absent at some point, but grandma will always be by your side, my granddaughter!

As long as I exist, love and protection will not be lacking. My heart is yours, my beloved granddaughter!

Your joy, my granddaughter, is something that overflows me with love and hope. I move forward for you!

You don’t even know when it’s coming and you already have love for life!

How lucky I was to have a granddaughter like you, my precious! Thank you for completing our family.

The relationship between grandmother and granddaughter is extremely special and meaningful. The dear and beloved grandmothers, who always offer love, care and guidance, are figures of reference for the girls.

In addition, the genuine, strong and lasting bond developed and established between them is something generated by the welcome, comfort and security that is transmitted reciprocally.

And if you want to improve your bond with your other grandchildren, be sure to declare all your love and affection with these wonderful quotes from grandmother to grandson filled with affection!

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