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At birth, we do not receive an instruction manual for dealing with the most diverse situations in life. And no one warns us that living is being on a battlefield! As humans and failures, we often lose the courage to continue fighting. To inspire you not to give up, we selected the best fighting quotes. You need to check it out!

Straight to the point:

Fight for life quotes

Most likely the most important battle is precisely the one for life. It seems redundant, but this is certainly a necessary fight that offers us an incalculable prize with each new dawn. Check out the quotes below!

In life we ​​just need faith to believe that it is possible and courage to fight for what we want. The rest happens.

I don’t stop, I don’t give up. I fight, I continue, because while I breathe, I believe in what I live, because I feel alive!

There is nothing more beautiful, painful and inspiring than the fight for life.

Your struggle today is your testimony tomorrow. Don’t give up!

Fight for your life, even if someone insists on telling you that it’s the end.

Dream, despite the illusions. Walk despite obstacles. Fight, despite the barriers. And most of all, believe in yourself.

To live means to fight.

Learn one thing, you, and only you, can fight for your life.

If there is anything really worth fighting for, it is life. Have faith and stay strong!

In life you may lose the fight, but you will never lose the chance to try again.

Fighting for life changes your perception of existence.

Life is the longest war in history. Fight as long as you live!

Fighting quotes at work

If you fight for your life, which only depends on you, it’s already difficult… Imagine having to fight for a job too! So, know that this is the reality for many people. Look at the following sentences and decide the battles you can or cannot face!

At work, the important thing is not to win every day, but to always fight.

Work alone is a battle you can’t stop fighting.

Not all the dedication in the world will save you from struggles at work, and that’s okay… Without struggle there is no victory!

The only thing that falls from the sky is rain, the rest can only be achieved by working and fighting.

Only those who act like a gladiator and don’t give up the fight until the end can grow professionally.

Coexistence at work is a daily struggle of egos, norms, rules and envy that is overcome through neutrality and kindness.

There is no professional success without struggles.

Believe, work hard and achieve. Don’t let the difficulty of the battle make you give up on what you want most in life!

No matter how much you love your job, you need to understand that there will always be struggles.

Work is synonymous with struggle and no one enters a fight thinking about losing.

Success is the result of hard work and struggle.

Anyone who sees me smiling on a Friday night doesn’t know the struggles I faced at work during the week.

Fight and conquest quotes

It may be that not all of your battles are victorious, but they certainly made you achieve something along the way. Although difficult, struggles teach and inspire us. Check out these aspects in the sentences below!

Whoever sleeps, dreams. Who fights, wins!

The flavor of conquest is what makes the fight more interesting.

There is no achievement without struggle. What comes easy, goes easy.

Dream, fight, conquer… That’s the order, there’s no way to change it!

If you’re not willing to fight for your dreams, don’t expect great achievements.

If today I cry because of the struggles, tomorrow I will cry with joy because of the achievements.

Whoever dared to conquer and went out to fight is certainly the one who will go the furthest!

I’ve always had to fight to achieve everything I have. Despite some lost battles, I never gave up on continuing, and I won’t.

If we are determined to fight for a dream, it is probably because it exists to be conquered by us. Believe in this and never give up!

What we achieved with a lot of struggle in the past reflects what we have become.

There is no impossible dream. Any and all dreams can be achieved when the dreamer is willing to fight!

Every day is a new struggle, with each struggle a new victory and with each victory a new achievement.

Achievements only happen after a few fights…

quotes about won fights

Nothing inspires more than reminding us of past victories! Winning a fight fills us with strength and recharges our hopes to face new battles. See the quotes below and believe that you can achieve new victories!

Those who are born to win do not lose heart in the face of struggles.

Fighting, I learned that to be a winner, I needed the determination to never abandon a battle.

No matter the opponent, you will always fight to win.

I may have won some fights, but I will only be satisfied when I win the battle!

The struggle is the interval between your goal and your victory.

There is no better reward than winning a fight!

After many struggles, victory comes with a liberating feeling!

The best thing about life is fighting hard and winning narrowly, because nothing that comes easy is any fun.

Being willing to go after something is the first victory in a fight.

The fight may be big, but the good feeling of winning it is even greater.

I won battles I never imagined I would be able to fight.

By winning I learned the importance of fighting.

Knowing how to fight, in itself, is winning.

May these small messages encourage you to continue the fight. If you need a little more inspiration, check out these strong quotes that will strengthen you for any battle!

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