Monday quotes | messages, wishes and quotes

Plans for the week: take more care of myself; believe in my potential; be kinder; thank you more.

Amazing things also happen on Monday!

Monday with “S” for: smiles, dreams and surprises.

Monday is the day to start writing a wonderful week.

Monday: fresh coffee to wake up and good mood to start over!

Monday is not a bad day for those who know where they want to go.

Have strength and fight for your dreams, starting today, Monday!

Good things also happen on Monday.

Good morning Monday! May the week have lots of love.

In the sentence “I love Monday” the subject is crazy, retired or on vacation.

Good morning and strength in your wig, the week is just beginning!

May the greatness of God bless your Monday.

Nothing like a brand new Monday to write a new story.

Make your Monday count!

Good morning. You can be happy on Monday too!

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