85 messages of happiness and gratitude to cultivate lightness in your heart

To be happy is also to be grateful for the life you have, the people who accompany you, and the feelings you cultivate. As you thank you for what you have gone through, you make room for a genuine joy to invade your soul. Check out quotes of happiness and gratitude and paint your days with these colors so that everything is even more beautiful!

Quotes of happiness and gratitude that will make you radiant

What makes life be happy is to cultivate gratitude in the heart for everything that happens to us.

Thank you for making me feel good by your side and love me as I am. It makes me so happy.

The more we thank, the more our hearts open to be filled with good feelings like happiness.

When gratitude invades the soul, it makes room for genuine happiness that comes from elsewhere.

When we stop complaining about the problems and thank you for the lessons they teach us, happiness comes.

I added gratitude to my happiness and everything was so much more beautiful and light.

The happiest people are grateful for what they have and those who walk with them.

The eyes of gratitude also make us see with the eyes of happiness.

Thank you, my God, for giving me such happiness. I know it’s true and never will leave.

Gratitude is the only coin that buys happiness.

The happiness that comes from God is pure and constant. It is the best and most beautiful experience I have ever lived. How not to be gratitude for a father who gives me everything he takes to live and be happy?

When God’s love entered my heart, everything turned into joy and gratitude.

Grateful people are happy without having any other effort for it.

There are always more reasons to thank, to be happy and living than to complain.

Lance fruits of gratitude and your harvest will be full of genuine joys.

The most practical way of unfolding your happiness is grateful for your life.

Thank you for my life, make me happy, but thank you for the lives of the I love, multiplies my happiness.

Happiness lives in many in places, but it is in gratitude that it makes your true home.

By expressing our gratitude, we let happiness flow with lightness and peace.

Have you been happy today? So thank this feeling to propagate and reach tomorrow.

Enjoy today with gratitude, without worrying about tomorrow and you will be much happier.

I’m happy because I have the best people around me and I can only thank you for meeting them.

Without anticipating things, thanking the present and living lightly that I am happier.

Having faith in life and thanking before happening is what will make you more radiant and motivated.

There is no greater happiness than that is born of gratitude after realizing something that seemed impossible.

Happiness is a good that multiplies when divided.

Sometimes, I hear the wind pass; And just hearing the wind pass, it is worth born.

Happy hearts can be grateful even before the answers arrive.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

We have to find time to stop and thank all the people who make a difference in our lives.

I found happiness when I met God’s love and since then I can only thank.

Happiness is living in your company, happiness is to be with you every day.

Happiness is the certainty that our lives are not going to uselessly.

I learned that complaining did not lead me anywhere and that gratitude led me to happiness.

We do not know how long we can, we cannot waste it lamenting things that we cannot change.

Gratitude trusts in the past and love in the present.

I recognize that I have everything in abundance, including happiness. This is what gratitude causes us.

Gratitude is a feeling of love that elevates the Spirit and unites us to God.

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

Try adding gratitude in the morning and your days will be happier.

Thank you, Lord, for your love! How good it is to live miracles, our hope is in you.

Of grateful praises, I overflow my heart! My life I give in your hands, my Lord!

The basis of all true joy is to recognize that you have everything you need to be happy.

Happiness does not depend on what is missing, but on the good use of what we have.

When your heart is full of gratitude, any apparently closed door can turn into a larger blessing.

experimenting with thanks every day, I realized that it could always be happier.

Let’s be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls flourish.

Happiness is a luck combination with well -made choices.

Wherever, it takes gratitude and happiness will overflow in your heart.

Everyone who breathes praises God with joy. Hallelujah! WE LOVE!

Thank you, O wonderful God, for all I received without deserving. I have so little that I ask, but I have a lot to thank!

In the recipe for happiness, gratitude is the main ingredient you can never miss.

You here to stay, you who make me happy, you who make me sing.

Every day when I lie down, also when I get up, I speak of both of us … I thank my God for existing.

Happiness is knowing how to appreciate and enjoy every moment of life with gratitude.

When you look at me, everything looks more beautiful, so thank God for doing you for me!

A happy heart is the inevitable result of an burning heart of love.

I want to cultivate a grateful heart, because I wish happiness is a constant part of my life.

Living and not being ashamed to be happy.

Happy those who find someone who tells them at the end of life: You are good for nothing, but I don’t know how to live without you!

happiness and gratitude are sisters who walk together and never separate.

Today I woke up in a nice mood. Joy overflowed and reminded me that someone loves me.

I can only express my gratitude. I will always love you, Lord.

Wake up, thank and will be happy. The rest will adjust when the time is.

Gratitude, integrity, honesty, straight talk and only vision. I know that all glory will be given to God.

To serve you for me is a great pleasure. You are the peace and reason for my living, you gave me forgiveness, and also salvation. I owe you gratitude, only gratitude!

There is no secret to being happy, but being grateful already helps a lot.

You can complain because the rose has thorns or rejoicing because thorns have roses.

How happy is a person depends on the depth of his gratitude.

I may not have much, but being grateful for everything I have makes me so happy.

Love, compassion and concern for others are true sources of happiness.

my refuge and rest, grateful I am, for the life I have. I won much more than I asked, sir.

Only who is really happy can be really grateful. Happy people don’t complain, just thank you.

I’m too happy. When I look back, I can only feel gratitude.

I will praise you for your love that renewed me!

wise men have already understood that you can not be happy if it is not grateful for the life that is led.

I have had joy as a gift. In every corner, I see the good side.

For everything you have done, for everything you will do, for your promises and everything you are … I want to thank you with all my being!

I thank those who make it smile and introduce me new ways to be happy every day.

I’m happy because I’m grateful and I choose it every day. It is this gratitude that allows me to be happy.

When you realize that everything is as it should be, gratitude arises.

Happiness is a construction of daily moments of gratitude.

There is no more beautiful exaggeration in the world than gratitude.

Happy people remember the past with gratitude, rejoice with the present and face the future without fear.

I don’t ask for life much, just thank you because I already have everything I need to wake up smiling and go to sleep grateful.

The heart is even more at peace when gratitude is always present. See also quotes of joy of living and fill this desire to enjoy every second of your life.

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