40 messages for Aunt’s Day that will celebrate that special person

Are you that kind of Owl nephew who loves your aunt and always trying to find ways to show your love for her? So, enjoy September 21st to choose and send the best quotes for Aunt’s day who will surely express all your affection for this dear and special person.

Quotes for Aunt’s Day that demonstrates all your love and affection

You are one of the most special people in my life and I love you so much. Happy Aunt’s Day!

aunt is a double love: has the affection of mother and the partnership of a friend. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Only aunt can hug as a mother, advise as a friend and allow mischief as a grandmother. Happy Aunt’s Day!

aunt, you are an angel, a friend, a sister and almost a mother. You are very special! God bless you. Happy Aunt’s Day!

aunt, if you didn’t exist in my life, you would have to invent you. I love you! Gratitude to God for being part of our family!

The aunts also deserve to be honored for the love, friendship and dedication they give all the nephews. Happy Aunt’s Day!

God bless all the aunts of the world, but especially mine. Happy Aunt’s Day!

My dear aunt, it’s wonderful to be able to share so many good times with you. I love you lots. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! Having you as a gift is the best company God has given me.

How did God know that among so many aunts you would like? Happy Aunt’s Day!

In addition to being the best aunt in the world, know that you are my great friend too. Thank you so much for being so special in my life. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! I was lucky to have the most beautiful and affectionate aunt from the whole planet.

Thank you every day for having a wonderful aunt like you. Our relationship of friendship and complicity is something I want to take for a lifetime. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Thank you for making me a better person, aunt. I love you and I wish you a happy aunt’s day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! There are so many special moments that I lived by your side, aunt. These are memories that I will keep forever in my heart.

Happy Aunt’s Day! Having a partner aunt is a privilege that I have with great joy. Thanks for making my days happier, aunt.

may be years old, but I will always remember with love all the beautiful moments that I lived by your side, Aunt. I love you! Happy Aunt’s Day!

Do you know that hug that looks like a safe haven? That laugh that looks like music to the ears? They are from my aunt! Happy aunts day! I love you.

With you, aunt, I lived the best stories of partnership, complicity, dedication and love. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! May the angels hear every day the prayer I make to God and keep you in all your ways, aunt.

Happy Aunt’s Day! I know I can always find affection and comfort in the hug of Auntie.

Aunt’s heart is the same as that of mother with the joy of a friend: always like this, it always fits one more to share life. Happy Aunt’s Day!

If I am who I am today is thanks to you, my dear aunt. Have a Happy Aunt Day!

My greatest inspiration is my aunt, always willing and excited for whatever comes and comes. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! When I grow up I want to be like my aunt: beautiful, cheerful and very affectionate.

My aunt was always by my side, supporting me and encouraging, even when I didn’t seem to believe myself. That’s why I’m very grateful. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Having a beautiful and wonderful aunt as you are a real gift from God. Happy aunts day! May all your dreams come true and do not lack reasons to show this illuminated smile that only you have!

Happy Aunt’s Day! Impossible not to be a true owl nephew near my dear aunt, because she is the best person I know and deserves all the good.

You are like a second mother to me, aunt. Always by my side and always dedicating all the love of the world for me. I love you lots. Happy Aunt’s Day!

More than an aunt, you are a true friend I know I can always count on. Thank you for everything! Happy Aunt’s Day!

Dear aunt, you follow me from my first steps. I want you to be always present in my life. I love you and I wish a Happy Aunt Day.

God was very kind when you decided to send you to be my aunt, I love you so much! Happy Aunt’s Day.

aunt, may you always be like this, beautiful, happy and full of God’s love. Happy Aunt’s Day.

My beloved aunt, good morning. Thank you for having the most cozy hug in the world! Happy Aunt’s Day.

Today I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. Let me forgive me the other aunts, but know that you are the best aunt in the world. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! Aunt’s love is something we take for all our lives.

Happy Aunt’s Day! I’m a lucky person for having such a perfect aunt.

aunt, may God always keep it: loving, dedicated and very special. I love you. Happy Aunt’s Day!

Happy Aunt’s Day! An aunt like you worth gold and would not exchange for anything in this world. Gratitude for everything you have done and still do for me. Be happy, beloved aunt!

aunt, you are one of my greatest sources of wisdom and inspiration. I admire you a lot and hope to be at least a little like you. Happy Aunt’s Day!

There are so many beautiful aunt day quotes that it is difficult to choose just one to send, right? And if you are the aunt, then, be sure to check out these quotes for just wonderful niece.

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