45 messages about being free to conquer your own freedom

Our freedom must be gained every day. This process is long and teaches us to give up many things we thought necessary, but they were not. We need this lightness to be happier. Therefore, we have selected the best quotes about being free that inspire us to find their wings and fly. Check it out and find your own way!

Quotes about being free to fly higher and live as you always dreamed

Being free is knowing that being yourself is what really matters.

My freedom cannot interfere with each other because I don’t want to be someone’s prison.

To love life is to love freedom, opportunities, chance to fly and see everything with my own eyes.

May nothing prevent me from living the freedom I always dreamed and so fought to conquer.

With my foot on the road, I feel as free as I was never elsewhere.

The more authentic I am, the more I enjoy the freedom to be happy with myself.

I want to be free to fly and find my place in the world.

self-love is what frees me from trying to live standards that do not fit me and I do not want to fit.

I enjoy being free because I choose my life, my steps and what makes me happy.

The greatest pleasure in being free is knowing that no one can get me out of the path I chose for me.

When we feel free, we are ready to love because to love someone we need to love ourselves first.

Being free is not to disobey orders, that is to be rebellious. To be free is to make choices by itself, without interference.

The voice that comes from my heart guides me by my way of freedom.

I am free to be wherever I want and be anyone I want, but there is no more freedom than being myself.

When freedom called me, it seemed that I was being invited to return home.

I am free and I am happy because I range my way in search of my dreams.

Free souls cannot be attached to places that have no room for them. They need to fly high.

Freedom is to know that you can occupy all the spaces your heart desires.

To be free is knowing how to leave when your presence no longer makes sense where you were.

Not being afraid of being judged is the most genuine way to be free.

What holds us can be within us. Examine yourself and start your process of freedom.

Being free is never clinging, but being fully aware of what I am doing when this happens.

To be what your heart wants, without thinking about what others will think is to be free to live the life you have always dreamed.

I’m only whole when I’m free to fly and to be happy.

Free yourself from what you keep you from being happy and shining your light even more intensely.

I’m happy being free because there is no one to get my happiness out of me.

There are loves that bind us and do not fit people who have already tasted the taste of freedom.

Some relationships bind us so strong that they keep us from being ourselves. Get rid of them!

Everything that costs your freedom has a price far beyond what is worth paying.

Be free to fly, be free to feel the love that the moon taught.

Never get lost or loses your freedom for someone who does not value your feelings.

Be free to show that the sky is right there, be free, to be what you dreamed.

Wanting to be free is also to want to free others.

The freer, the happier I am. I don’t like anything by arresting me and preventing me from living.

To be free is to have a love affair with your own life.

That nothing defines us. That nothing subject us. May freedom be our own substance.

I will fly because I am free to know new places until I find what really fits me.

I want to be free to love and walk as a winner.

Freedom to fly on any horizon, freedom to land where the heart wants.

Happiness is to be independent and love your freedom with all your strength.

But I suspect the only free person, really free, completely free, is the one who is not afraid of ridicule.

Living, living and being free, knowing how to value the simplest things.

May your power be intensified when you feel the pleasure of being free.

When another day dawn, it will be to start over, it will be free to be free.

Being free to make my decisions is the kind of independence I always wanted.

Being free is also being responsible for your destiny and your life. Check out our independence quotes and take control of your life!

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