60 messages about teaching for those who value the importance of this act

Knowledge only produces meaning when it is transmitted and shared with more people. There are people who love to continue what they know are always willing to teach and value knowledge. To respect this exchange, we have selected the best quotes about teaching. Check it out and understand the importance of placing love in this action that produces transformation.

Quotes on teaching to those who are passionate about transmitting knowledge

Those who teach by pleasure can better convey what they know and people will learn more easily.

The best way to learn is to teach.

To teach is to create conditions for people to learn what they need to live their lives.

Teach with love and not with anger, for pleasure and not out of obligation. The results are better when we have purposes.

Happy the one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches.

If a child cannot learn the way he is taught, it is better to teach her the way she can learn.

Be willing to teach who is willing to learn. This is what causes the evolution of humanity.

transferring your knowledge will give you pleasure to see that people can teach them.

To educate is not to teach the answers. To educate is to teach to think.

Education is through conversation, example and care.

What a joy to be able to teach someone who yearns to learn, who is thirsty for knowledge and really pay attention to what you say.

The first idea a child needs to have is the difference between good and evil. And the main function of the educator is to take care that it does not confuse good with passivity and evil with the activity.

Teaching is an art that requires training, dedication and sum of years of experience.

The more it is taught, the more you have to teach. The more you learn, the more you have to learn.

The best teaching is one that uses the least amount of words needed to perform the task.

We teach the apprentice, one day, can also teach someone else.

transmitted knowledge is multiplied knowledge.

I can’t teach anything to anyone, I can only make you think.

Teaching with love is the role of every educator who understands the beautiful fruits that his profession produces.

Teaching is the art of making sense to things that people already knew, but had no idea what to do with them.

There is no teaching without research and research without teaching.

Teaching is a virtue full of generosity not to keep a knowledge just for you.

People who like to teach are those who move the gears of the world.

The birth of thought is the same as the birth of a child: it all starts with an act of love.

Those who want to evolve need to value knowledge, learning and all masters who are willing to teach.

Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Nobody underestimates anyone.

What is taught us needs to be kept to be used at the right time.

Who teaches conveys much more than knowledge, conveys power.

Teaching is a mirror of what we know. No one can teach what they do not know, what they do not know or what they do not dominate.

To teach is to show that it is possible to change what we see around us, what we know and what we are.

To teach with love is being willing to listen and change their way of speaking so that everyone can understand.

Time also teaches, the story is a great teacher not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Really teaching is bringing things that will be useful to people and still teach how to apply them.

Don’t think it’s good enough that you don’t have to learn anything else. There will always be something new to be taught.

Teaching, above all, is an act of love, because just for love, we give our time so that other people have opportunities.

There is no greater pleasure in teaching than seeing the eyes of doubt becoming the eyes of understanding.

When the apprentice becomes a teacher, the master’s mission was completed.

To teach is not to give all the answers, but to help find what questions should be asked.

Attitudes teach more than the word because the example echoes much more than speech.

Teaching is the responsibility of those who have knowledge, whether as a profession or for pleasure.

Teaching arouses curiosity and provokes an even greater desire to learn.

The educator who will never be forgotten is the one who inspires his way of teaching and transmitting his knowledge.

Teach with love, for pleasure and why it is what you do best.

The beauty of teaching is in provoking the desire for change in those who learn.

The act of teaching makes you relear as what is being taught.

The most precious thing we can teach someone is how to make their own choices.

We teach today to learn tomorrow and this is a cycle that never closes.

Wherever there is women and men, there is always something to do, there is always something to teach, there is always something to learn.

Do not deny learning to people who seek you seeking your teachings.

Who teaches learns when teaching. And who learns, teaches to learn.

educate children so that adults do not need to punish.

Teaching makes me happy because I feel that I marked people’s lives in some way.

If the school is the place of citizenship formation, one cannot accept an oppressive classroom, where the teacher owns the knowledge and the student has no voice.

Without the education of sensitivities, all skills are foolish and meaningless.

The essential, in effect, in education, is not the doctrine taught, it is the awakening.

The teaching of philosophy need not be complex, intricate. It has to do with curiosity, the craze of asking questions, something we lose in Western culture when we get older.

To educate is travel in the world of the other without ever penetrating it. Is to use what we go through to transform in what we are.

Teach with love. Speak clearly. Listen with patience. Repeat enthusiastically each teaching as many times as needed. Have charisma and good humor, make the student feel special. This is a good teacher.

To understand what the other says, it is not enough to understand your words, but also your thinking and motivations.

To be an educator is to be a poet of love. To educate is believing in life and having hope in the future. Educating is sowing wisely and harvesting with patience.

Knowledge is essential for us to live well. Keep learning more about the act of teaching from our pedagogy quotes to reflect more on the teaching process.

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