50 evangelical messages for WhatsApp that bless your contacts

Those who know God’s love wants everyone to be touched by something so transformative and true. One way to bring the Creator’s word to dear people is sharing messages daily. Therefore, we select evangelical quotes for WhatsApp that will touch the heart of your contacts. Check it out and let God use you to bring your teachings!

Evangelical quotes for WhatsApp full of prayers and faith

God will change your situation, He is preparing the best for you. Trust!

Today will be a beautiful day, because Jesus will bring many smiles to your lips and blessings to your heart!

When our knees are on the ground, we begin to rise because God hears our prayer.

God’s will must also be our will. After all, he just wants our best!

Let’s worship God and thank you for your blessings. He is worthy of all praise, all glory and all honor.

I asked God to do His will and since then I live in ecstasy with His act.

God offers us something no one else can, eternal life.

I find myself with my idol daily. He is the most affordable that exists, He is God!

I follow God wherever He goes, where He takes me. I follow it because it is the best I do with my life.

God invites you to find true happiness, just say yes to your call.

Nothing is impossible for the one who created everything that exists, everything we see and what we do not see.

Our faith in God makes the impossible cease to exist.

Seek God with all heart, seek without tiring. Seek because he has the answers to all your questions.

What a beautiful day God has prepared us to get in touch with your presence and thank you for everything He does for us!

God approaches those who are open-hearted to receive you. How are you to enter the presence of the father?

It doesn’t matter how you lived here. What matters is what God can do with you from now on.

God’s Word is the Christian’s food. It illuminates our path, teaches us and contains the answers to the questions we have.

Keep your heart, for it is in Him that the teachings of God are and everything you need to live your faith.

When I am weak, God shows me that all I need is his strength.

All those who repent can return to God’s care. He accepts his prodigal children with much love.

God’s love changes everything in our lives, consumes us and overflows in our hearts.

Nothing is greater than God’s love. He is all we need to live.

Everything will work out in your day, because I have already prayed to God and I asked him to bless you in everything he does.

God’s time is perfect, your plans are the best and your act is accurate.

God is the beginning and the end, He is peace, it is love, it is all we know. He is worthy of praise and worship!

May nothing prevent us from seeing God’s act, from feeling your touch and being in the face of your presence.

Never stop praying, talk to God on every opportunity. He loves to hear you and be with you!

God is our shelter in the storm. With him, we are safe from everything to come.

My audience he has already marked, and assured again that I will be the winner.

heavens and land will pass, but your name is eternal.

Jesus wants to be our friend, want to accompany us in life and hear us, or to be with us.

God knows what is good for you.

By your grace I do not feel guilty, with your direction I do not feel confused and for your sovereignty I am not afraid.

Those who dive into the sea of ​​afflictions bring rare pearls up.

Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful love.

You will never know that God is everything you need until He is everything you have.

My faith will take me further.

Jesus specializes in restoring the hope of the soul.

Because he lives, I can believe in tomorrow.

The God I serve is faithful, He does not fail!

preach the gospel in view of the glory of God, or hold their tongues.

Never saw one and never heard of a God like you, you are invincible!

I believe you are the cure, I believe you are everything to me.

and we know that all things contribute together to the good of those who love God.

I won’t care what the world says, the important thing is what my God thinks of me!

The Bible speaks in the tone of voice of God Himself.

Yes, I love the message of the cross.

God loves us too much to satisfy all our whims.

Why not talk to God now? If you forgive, why delays?

Because the Lord is my greatest good, do the miracle in me.

May your life be an instrument in the hands of God. Keep sharing your faith with the people you know, check out our evangelical quotes for status and post on your social networks!

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