75 sad messages for those who want to vent their feelings

It is normal not to feel good all the time. Life is made of ups and downs, and sometimes pain speaks stronger in your heart. At these times, it is important to express what affects you to get it out of your chest. So check out sad quotes that will surely relieve your agony by venting what you really feel!

Sad quotes for status

I don’t know if I remember how I smiled. Sadness seems to take me all the good memories.

I like to make people happy, even when I’m sad.

Don’t hide behind a fake smile. You have the right to not be well.

It seems that I am constantly tested and I always lose.

And now I carry a sad pain, a healed heart.

It was suddenly ended up as fire that erases with the rain. You went out without taking the memories.

Don’t be sad, the world is good, happiness even exists.

My dreams, all submerged in a river of sludge that will not reach the sea.

Despite you, tomorrow it must be another day.

Time does not heal everything. In fact, time does not cure anything, time only takes the incurable from the center of attention.

You who invented sadness, sometimes have the pretending to disintegrate.

A faded smile, a constant sadness, a face suffered from someone who lived a lot.

My sadness is not explained, I just feel with regret …

Of course I love you and I have everything to be happy, but it turns out I’m sad …

It’s so much indifference … It seems that no one listens to my pain!

Sad quotes on life

From life, I expect nothing more … I lost my floor, my faith!

Pay attention, the world is a mill … will grind your dreams, so petty, will reduce illusions to dust.

increasingly distant from my goals … Does it ever change?

It is so much wear, that I no longer see exits for this suffering …

I was wrong, I passed, I have to find myself …

I really wanted to change my destiny … today, so much.

The saddest of life is not doing what is within your reach. Doing your part never killed anyone …

Sad to think that what I say, nobody considers.

I’m no longer who I went, how I missed it!

It’s been so long that I don’t know what happiness is … it seems that life has forgotten me.

of life I do not expect much, but I did not expect it alone either …

Is there a second chance for those who get tired of giving up?

I feel like wrong every day.

Without perspectives, just praying for one day that pain to abandon me.

In an eternal romance with the sadness that life gives me … it seems that I was chosen to finger!

Sad quotes of love

All my plans were with you, now I’m alone and not knowing what to do of my life.

You took my joy away, the meaning of my life and left me alone with this pain. Better to be close to only those who are willing to love.

Sometimes love is the discovery of sadness, because there are sacrifices that sometimes only hurt the heart of the love.

I loved it alone, I suffered alone and now what I want most is to forget you.

I would do everything for you, and you also express with attitudes that would do everything for you. Your problem is this selfish love.

The pursuit of love can bring unhappiness in the same proportion of happiness when it is not understood what love is done.

The sorrows of an unrequited love echo in the heart longer than they should.

I don’t know if I cry for love, for love or because love hurt me.

There are people who don’t want to learn to love, just want to be loved without caring about each other.

No one can love and, trying, we can hurt someone without even realizing it.

It’s sad to remember that one day you already knew all about me and loved me like this. Now, I don’t even know you and you don’t even love me anymore.

Your goodbye still hurts, because I still love you. Damn love that doesn’t want to leave my heart.

Never disappoint someone who would do everything for you.

seeking a meaning in my life without your presence …

It’s really good love, bad is not being reciprocal …

Sad quotes of disappointment

The worst of this disappointment is to think that I already expected, I was just seeing when it would happen.

wanted a love, but disappointment seemed to be an easier way.

By delivering me too much, I made my worst mistake: I created expectations and ended up digging my own disappointment.

sad is to realize that people disappoint you and do not even feel remorse to leave you bad.

Disappointment made me believe that the world would end, but it is not over and I will gather even stronger.

Disappointments continue to shake me because I have not yet learned not to create expectation about people.

My heart no longer has the strength to recover after being disappointed for the thousandth time with the same person.

As long as I trust people, they will disappoint me and leave me with a broken heart, but that’s the price for those who are willing to love. One day the return will come.

What hurts me is knowing that you chose to become a stranger to try to fix what we had.

Sadness and disappointment walk together and love to make victims everywhere they pass.

Sadness is even deeper when they arise after someone you trusted chose to betray you.

Every tear I spilled because of your disappointment, I will charge you. I will take revenge being happy.

The greater the disappointment, the more shattered the heart.

The ideal is not to expect anything from anyone … so, we don’t disappoint.

disappointed, but not surprised …

Sad quotes to reflect

Sadness is part, you just can’t get used to it and let it stay longer than it should.

Sadness gets bigger when we decided to keep it all just for us.

If sadness is doing extra time, end her time in your life and let happiness go back to your heart.

It is not possible to be happy all the time, but to be sad at all times it doesn’t pay either.

You have the right to be sad when you need, don’t be afraid to cry and wash your soul.

When it is not known what you want, sadness finds more room to appear and dominate your heart.

When in doubt, choose the path that will take you from sadness and allow you to make the most of life.

If I could erase the memories that make me sad, I would be lighter, happier and calmer.

I was sad and didn’t tell anyone, but I wished my heart with all my heart and help me.

It is the small daily efforts that help you get out of this sea of ​​sadness you have dived.

The sadder I am, the more I sleep, because at least feelings do not torment me when I am in another world.

Words are powerful and can hurt even without intention. Be careful what you say!

Watch out for sadness. She is an addiction.

Everyone is able to master a pain except who feels it.

There is nothing better for a soul than to make another soul less sad.

May sadness be just a stop in your life, not a point of permanence. For, despite being a feeling that is part of existence, it should not be fed for a long time.

To better digest what you consume, see quotes of sadness and put out all the heavy things that inhabit your heart!

After all, it is always necessary to rise, taking small steps daily to be happy again.

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