40 messages about the soul to reflect on its essence

Our soul is what is deeper in us. It is our sacred place. No matter where we are, it’s our home. And how is your soul? Is it light, wounded or full of love to give? So check out quotes about soul and dip it deeply.

Quotes on Light Soul

There is nothing like living lightly. And when she comes from the soul, she spreads throughout her life. Reflect with the following quotes and cultivate this way of living.

You have to face life with an open chest and accept to be vulnerable to gain a light and quiet soul.

May the soul create wings and fly so that it is not lacking lightness as long as I walk.

May the wind take, may the rain wash, may the soul shine and the heart calm down.

very calm in this soul!

The best nutrient in the body is the lightness of the soul.

The lightness of the soul flourishes our hearts, colors our eyes and gives wings to our feet.

Happiness is the lightness of the soul.

I’m out there with a light soul, because I don’t take the luggage of anyone.

It is not just the pain that brings growth. There is also a lot to learn from the lightness of the soul!

makes your soul your soul, don’t let anyone steal you the lightness of belonging to yourself.

Quotes on Wounded Alma

Soul wounds are the deepest and delayed to heal. If you are going through this, maybe the quotes below can help you.

Tears purify the Spirit and heal the wounds of the soul.

In case of soul wounded, let it dry in the sun for bad things to evaporate.

The worst wound is the one that the soul cannot heal.

Salt in wound hurts. Soul Pain I CURO WITH THE SALT WATER OF THE SEA.

I smell wet earth and the wounds of the washed soul.

A waterfall bath restores the soul wounded all over.

Your soul is your home, do not let the wounds accumulate.

Time heals body and soul wounds.

The soul wound hurts, but when it ends, it always brings necessary teachings for growth.

The soul cannot be cleaned if the wound is not healed.

Quotes on Alma Bonita

The beauty that comes from within can be invisible to the eyes, but a beautiful soul always recognizes the other. Check out the following quotes and express yourself about the beauty that comes from the soul.

The soul is the most beautiful part you can know from someone.

When the soul is beautiful, the exterior becomes just a detail.

Body is home, soul is cushion, spirit is to be.

beautiful soul is the one that shines even with clouds around you.

A beautiful soul will always be a beautiful soul.

Beautiful people are people with a flowery soul. Cultivate your inner garden.

Extremely attractive are the people who have a beautiful soul.

The greatest beauty does not fill the eyes, fills the soul.

Everything is worth it when the soul is not small.

My favorite beauty is the one who has a beautiful soul.

Quotes about soul and love

soul mates are there? We do not know how to answer, but we guarantee that a reciprocal love is when the connection between souls happens. So check out quotes about the relationship between soul and love.

The soul and heart walk together.

Flower Soul Exhales Love.

Love of past lives, soul mates who have met in this life!

If people could see your soul, they would still love you?

Love is when someone, before touching your body, touches your soul.

Peace in the soul, love in the heart, gratitude for life, faith in the walk.

The eyes deceive us, the soul reminds us that the essential is in the heart.

I want the luck of a love of body and soul.

With calm, soul and love.

beautiful love is the one who embellies the soul.

We hope these quotes have left your soul quiet. Continue so with lightness quotes.

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