40 declaration messages for a friend that praise her best

It’s so good to have friends to share life. They make the bad times less heavy and the good ones last. It is worth praising them and telling how special they are for friendship to strengthen. For this, check out the best quotes for friend and surprise her with her affection and gratitude!

Declaration quotes for friend who show how special she is

You make life be lighter, more beautiful, more fun, all the best. Thank you for your friendship!

I don’t need to be close to you to know that you are special and that you are always taking care of me.

You arrived slowly in my life and dominated my heart. You are an angel I love with passion.

Our connection was so instant that I can do nothing but thank the day we know each other.

You are that friend who has a place reserved in my life until eternity.

The angels of the Lord are scattered around and I am lucky to call one of them friend.

To be your friend is to have a support in difficult times and someone to celebrate when something good happens.

I found out that we were real friends when you chose to be regardless of anything.

I will remain by your side, be your safe haven and whatever you need me because you the best friend there is.

I don’t need you to change to say that you are perfect. You are amazing being the friend who is already.

If I were going to give a grade to our friendship, it would be the biggest of all because you are the best of all.

Our friendship is a gift from God that I like to conserve, take care, praise and remind you how special is.

It is of soul, heart and only lack of blood. You are the sister I chose for me.

You are that friend who is here regardless of storms, sunny days or dark.

Just as you are here for me, I’ll be there for you. You are the person I want most happy.

Your happiness is my happiness. So I fight daily to see you happy, friend.

I like to see close how happy you are. Just for being by your side, experience the same sensation and enjoy your company.

My happiness is you, friend. Thank you for welcoming me, encouraging me and always being by my side.

I know you are not perfect, but this is what I like most about you and our friendship.

Our follies have combined and we are no longer two people misunderstood and alone to walk together with one understanding.

It is rarity to have a friend who is a sister and treats you with all the affection of the world.

We are partners, we are friends, we are accomplices and together we will conquer the world.

I am here for you and I will do everything to feed our friendship with only good feelings.

You are a special person with incredible and contagious energy. How lucky my friend is.

I was captivated by your superpower which is to be yourself. And immediately I thought: this is the best friend someone can have.

Since I met you, I thought: I need to be a friend of this crazy because she will bring joy to my life.

I found in you what was missing in me. Your friendship completes me and fills me with happiness.

Proof of unconditional love is our friendship that survived all storms and remains strong.

You make a difference in the world and make a difference in my life. I love our friendship.

Don’t worry if you need me, I know you so well that I can anticipate and be here holding your hand.

I don’t know all the people to say that you are the best of them, but from what I’ve seen around, you are better than a lot of people, friend.

Our friendship is such a beautiful gift that I want to take care of it continues to continue with intact wrapping without injured or wrinkled.

From all the crazy in the world I wanted you, because I was tired of being crazy like that alone!

Friendship develops happiness and reduces suffering, duplicating our joy and dividing our pain.

I prefer to die your friend than to break some mysterious link and lose you forever.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Friendship is a reciprocal predisposition that makes two beings equally jealous of each other’s happiness.

Some believe in angels, I believe in friendship.

I will hear you when the world cannot understand you.

I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile. Thanks for existing, friend.

She will feel very loved and special for you, you can be sure. And to thank you for the good she does you, check out gratitude quotes for friend and celebrate the beautiful moments of this beautiful friendship!

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