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It is wrong to think that men do not like to post photos on social networks. They also like to show who they are, their rollers, their friends and share their personalities. To make your records more interesting, choose one of the best citations for men’s photo. Check it out and describe your experience with the right words!

Male photo citations that will take more from you to your feed

You have to be strong to win in life and even stronger to get up after failing.

enjoying life my way, letting freedom sprout in the chest.

happiest men are those who let the emotion speak for them.

The path is long, life is short, but no problem: I like to run.

A little emotion, a little reason and a lot of happiness in the walk!

My happiness is to see my partners happy and conquering everything they dreamed.

The world spins and I follow not to be left behind.

There is no greater happiness than being surrounded by mine and building memories with them.

I just want to know the world, find the peace of being with my foot on the road!

Being true with life so that it is true with me!

A brother who has always been by my side will grow with me.

Wherever I go, I take the education I received because no one wins anything with rudeness.

I do not pretend to be what I am not because this is not the guarantee of success.

No one is just like anyone and I like to be a different man from others.

I am an architect of my destiny, writer of my story, driver of my life.

Today, I just want to enjoy, put the problems aside and be happy while it is time.

Maturity is to reconcile roll with responsibility.

The world is too small for all the dreams I want to live.

getting stronger every day because that’s what life charges for me!

My stubbornness will still lead me to success.

God leaves nothing bad to happen to me because He loves me! The pains that God allows only come to strengthen me and show what I am capable of.

Discovering life with an open chest to live all the adventures you want.

I’m not afraid to live, I’m afraid to go through life without enjoying everything I can.

I don’t know if I’m going to die tomorrow. So I live today with all the intensity of my heart.

It has to have faith, you have to fight. Nothing comes easy and thankfully: after all, it’s the challenges that motivate me.

What I learned from life is that each one takes care of his.

While some seek the meaning of life, I live it.

My strength comes from heaven and makes me fight for each of my dreams.

When the walk gets hard, only the hard keep walking.

Men of few words are the best.

I am moved by my dreams because I know they are fair and will be conquered.

crazy is not the man who has lost reason. Crazy is the man who lost everything but reason.

You need to believe something, even if it’s just you…

To be strong is not to be afraid to fight and have the courage to face this world every day.

The value of man is determined in the first line by the degree and meaning in which he set free from his ego.

A man is nothing but what he does of himself.

We are all trying to find our way, with errors and hits.

says you hate me, but you can’t live without me.

Each day is a chance to be better than yesterday.

A real man knows that he is no better than anyone, but will fight to be better than yesterday every day.

Men are like wines: the sour age the bad and the good ones.

It is no use looking at heaven with much faith and little fight.

Agreement every day with the mindset of being a better man!

Everything I ask for in life is to be blessed.

Do not expect the future to change your life, because the future is the consequence of the present.

The walk is hard, but I am stubborn and I continue to get what I want.

Learn from mistakes, don’t feel a coward!

Money in your pocket, God in the heart, united family and champagne to brothers.

If it is to have faith, let it be in my dreams, my strength and in my trajectory.

For me, the most valuable things are still for free: peace, love, freedom and a polite mind.

A man needs to burn himself in his own flames in order to be able to be reborn from the ashes.

Hard heads are left behind. You must evolve to get far.

My lifestyle releases my mind. Completely crazy, but a conscious madman.

some think they are, but they will never be. Ugly is dragging and not even realizing it.

You can take me everything I have, but they will never make me want to live.

Hand in the dough, nothing comes free, if I don’t do it for me, there is no one to do it!

dreams and you will be free of mind … Fight and be free in life.

It is your story that tells who you are. Are your actions that show who you are.

My dreams your dreams will never die. No one can stop you from winning.

lose me, find me, with every wind that blows…

I just want peace, tranquility and find my place in the immensity of the world.

Nothing in this life is impossible for me, I was born to conquer.

ei, brother, never forget: in the guard, warrior, raises his head, trout.

My style reveals who I am. I don’t hide my personality from anyone.

Life is so brief that no man can afford to lose one day.

Because the warrior of faith never freezes.

Life is not easy because only the strongest can win.

If you want to get to where most don’t arrive, do what most don’t do.

God helps, it’s true. Go in faith, not in luck.

Sometimes joy is hidden near us. We just need to learn the right direction to look.

Everyone will see how strong and happy you are through your photos. Keep sharing your experiences with male quotes Tumblr and show that you are no longer a boy, but a man!

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