20 messages from Maria Montessori for those who are fans of pedagogy

Italian, Maria Montessori was born in 1870 and was the first woman to graduate in medicine in her country. However, its greatest legacy is in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeducation, more specifically of kindergarten. Student activity, individuality and freedom are the foundations of his theory. Learn more about this amazing personality with these quotes from Maria Montessori that we separated the finger!

Quotes by Maria Montessori who deal well with the education of the small

The biggest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say: children are working as if I don’t exist.

Peace does not enslave man, on the contrary, it exalts him. It does not humiliate him, on the contrary, it makes him aware of his power in the universe. And because it is based on human nature, it is a universal and constant principle that is valid for every human being. It is this principle that must be our guide in the elaboration of a science of peace and in the education of men for peace.

No description, no image of any book can replace the real view of trees in a woods with all the life that happens around them.

Imagination does not become great until human beings, given courage and strength, use it to create.

The first idea a child needs to have is the difference between good and evil. And the main function of the educator is to take care that it does not confuse good with passivity and evil with the activity.

The person who is served instead of being helped is being prevented from developing his own independence.

The intelligence of the child observes loving and not indifferent, this is what makes the invisible see.

It is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without his presence very much, so that he may always be ready to provide the necessary assistance, but never being an obstacle between the child and his experience.

If we consider physical life on the one hand and the mental on the other, we will break the cycle of man’s relationships and actions will be separated from the brain.

help me grow, but let me be myself.

Child’s whims and disobediences are nothing but aspects of a vital conflict between the creative impulse and love for the adult who does not understand it.

People educate for competition and this is the principle of any war. When we educate to cooperate and be sympathetic to each other, that day we will be educating for peace.

If there is help and salvation for humanity, it can only be through children. Because children are the creators of humanity.

Curiosity is an impulse to learn.

The child loves to touch objects and then be able to recognize them.

The best teaching is one that uses the least amount of words needed to perform the task.

For us, children revealed that discipline is the result only of a complete development, the mental functioning assisted by manual activity.

The best way to learn is to teach.

Never help a child in a task where he feels able to do.

True education is the one that meets the child to accomplish its liberation.

Montessori’s thoughts raise many ideas about children’s education, right? Keep deepening on the theme with these quotes from Paulo Freire!

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