40 messages for gossipers who never stop caring about other people’s lives

Only those who have been the victim of a gossip know how invented rumors can be harmful. Some poorly told stories can ruin relationships, reputations, careers and even lives. And if you are having such problems, the tip is to read these quotes to gossip that are great to send to those people who do not leave your foot.

Citations for perfect gossip to send to those who are always looking for intrigue

It is not gossip, it is checking facts and changing important information.

My life is being better cared for by gossip on duty than by myself.

Master said, “The gossip are outcasts of virtue”.

gossip are created by envious, scattered across fools and accepted by idiots.

Running away from gossip is a virtue, moving away from the gossip is attitude.

There are people who find it beautiful to go around looking at others’ lives and gossip. For me this is just cynicism. And I hate cynical people.

Just like the lie, gossip also has a short leg.

The most poisonous and dangerous snake is that gossip friend who loves to spread to God and the world over his life.

Talking about the sins of others does not make you a saint, just a gossip sinner.

For gossip on duty, is the tip: I love to know that my life is a show for you.

badly informed gossip is the worst type right? Because besides doing gossip of my life still makes the wrong gossip! Not to be gossip serves!

Gossip is always in the service of envy. The more envious the person, the more gossip he is.

If you talk bad about me call me, I know terrible things about me.

By the way life is already earning for this gentle that is gossiping on mine, isn’t it?

fake and gossipy people is like frog: it has long tongue, big eye and lives in the mud.

gossip lipstick is super bonder.

Social networks professionalized imbecility. Gossip and envious are doctors and the slander has gained airs of deep debate.

Do not forget that behind the envious, false and gossip poison, there is only the desperation of seeing your achievements and your return over, unable to do anything to keep you from shining.

If gossiping were a profession, the country would not have unemployed.

Fophoqueira no, honey! I am a producer of unauthorized oral biographies.

Superpromotion: Pay my bills, assume my problems and fully earn the right to gossip over my life.

Mirror, my mirror, why do gossip worry more about my life than me?

Gossip says more about the gossip than about the person he tried to defame. Be wary of those who speak a lot about the lives of others.

Gossipy likes to talk bad about others’ lives because his is horrible.

Small town, it’s all small. Less the language of the people.

If I won a real for every gossip these people invent about me, I was already rich.

a time or another, the gossip mask always falls and he dies choked on his own poison.

Gossip goes far, the gossip no.

gossip when you don’t know, invent.

The gossip does not realize its own life and still wants to be illustrated that of others.

No one gossip about the virtues of others.

my friends and I are not gossiping, we just do a precise analysis of certain people.

Okay, it’s not gossip if you expose your whole life on the internet.

If you have nothing to talk about, do not invent, the gossip dies by the mouth!

Gossiping on others is certainly a defect, but it is a virtue when applied to yourself.

The gossip only speak of those who have their superinteresting and attractive life, because they need to comfort themselves from their fateful and boring lives.

Status: Running away from gossipy, false and envious people.

Called Gossip is poet.

There are three versions: the victim, the accused and the gossip.

The gossip on duty are knowing more about my life than myself.

Nothing more boring than a gossip on duty taking care of our lives, right? And even worse when this person is a friend. And to send that indirect, see quotes for fake friends and give your message!

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