65 messages about depression to understand the severity of this disease

Depression is a chronic and recurring psychiatric illness that produces mood alteration characterized by deep sadness and strong feeling of hopelessness, which, unfortunately, is often erroneously associated with drama, freshness and desire to draw attention. >

Therefore we have selected various citations about depression that will demonstrate that no one has the right to criticize their pain.

Citations about depression for those who know that this disease is not freshness

Never despise depressed people. Depression is the last stage of human pain.

It hurts and cries. But you can’t see depression in your eyes because she smiles.

Depression drags on you silently. At first you fight small things, but you usually choose to ignore them. It’s like a headache that you insist on saying it’s temporary, it’s going to pass, it’s just another bad day. But it is not.

Having depression is not beautiful, but your daily battle is admirable.

Problem makes depression, the system makes oppression and you do more than footprints on this floor.

depression is sometimes at four in the afternoon, along with friends in the middle of a laugh that suddenly stops.

No one has the right to criticize the pain of the other if you do not feel it.

You don’t want to die. You want the pain to stop.

depression is when you don’t care much for anything. Anxiety is when you call a lot for everything. Hell is when you live both.

No one wants to have depression. No one chooses to have depression.

No one tells that depression also means rolling through blankets for days, without the smallest desire to do things you once liked.

Depression is a prison in which you are both the prisoner and the cruel jailer.

To ask for help is not to be weak, it is to be strong because you admit that you can not stand it alone.

It is not drama. It is not to draw attention. Nor is it the lack of God. And much less freshness.

Your skin is not paper, not the court. Your face is not a mask, do not hide it. Your life is not garbage, do not throw it out.

You look happy, but you don’t feel happy. This is what depression does to you.

depression and I are friends, but I don’t like your company.

There are wounds that are never seen in the body, but which are deeper and more painful than whatever blood.

Do not be fooled by appearances. Being smiling does not mean being happy.

depression is the emptiness that consumes your days one by one. It is the sheet of a ton that prevents you from lifting. It is my soul excructing. This is what my gift should. It is spiritual war. It is involuntary isolation. It’s not feeling anything to the point of wanting to feel anything. It is a lot of syllable for one package leaflet only. It is to define in dead thoughts. It’s not freshness.

Depression is living in a body that struggles to survive with a mind that tries to die.

What most do not know is that depression has no face.

Noble actions and hot baths are the best cures for depression.

The most lonely people are the coolest. The saddest people have the most beautiful smiles. The people who suffered most have the best advice. All this because they don’t want anyone to feel what they once felt.

depression is not drama!

People with depression think they know themselves, but perhaps they only know depression.

Work is always an antidote to depression.

Depression is the disease of the century.

Depression is sneaky, makes you uncheck out with friends, makes you talk less, makes you smile for education, makes you suffer silent, kills you inside… and when you realize you are already away, you are alone and full of willingness to die.

Much of what goes as depression these days is nothing more than a body saying it needs work.

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body!

If the mind is full of thoughts and noise there is no room for ourselves.

Who has depression conversation. Who has depression laughs. Who has depression works. Who has depression studies. Who has depression takes a shower. Who has depression buys new clothes. Who has depression has creativity. Who has depression may be there on your side and you don’t even know.

Depression: Excessive past. Stress: Excessive gift. Anxiety: Excessive Future.

The worst depression is the one we created. It is, for example, to complain about the lack of a hug after locking yourself at home.

We are a weightless generation in history. Without purpose or place. Our war is the spiritual. Our depression are our lives.

Depression is silent.

depression is serious and not freshness. So don’t decrease the problem of those who are sick. Do not ridicule the situation. Do not make little case of those who are suffering. This does not help and perhaps further disturb the person’s health.

You cannot heal in the same environment in which you got sick. Remove.

concern should lead us to action and not depression.

sad is to see a being, apparently so strong, to fall into a hole called depression.

depression is nothing more than a vicious pessimistic cycle. The more one thinks, the more it weakens; The less you act, the more you drown.

anxiety and depression go hand in hand.

depression is not a lack of God because he never failed at all. Depression is the cry of silence by allowing struggle and chaos to seize life.

Improving depression requires a commitment. I made this commitment to my life and for my love for those I love.

Depression is you ask for help from those who cannot help you: yourself.

depression is when you cannot feel. Anxiety is when you feel a lot. Having both is a constant war within your own mind. Having both means not winning.

What are you doing to have depression? Do sport, socialize, dance, work, travel and overcome.

Why the depression of a famous moves you and that of your friend is freshness?

Sometimes depression is a “I didn’t go to school/college/work because I didn’t have an animation to get up”, “I was lying all day” and “I feel terrible for that”.

antidepressants treat pain depression, but do not heal the feeling of guilt and do not treat the anguish of loneliness.

depression is when you are surrounded by people and yet feel alone.

depression is very serious, continuous and complex. To be sad is to be aware of yourself, to be disappointed with someone, with several or yourself, to be a little tired of certain repetitions, is to find yourself fragile on any day, without apparent reason – the reasons have this habit of being Discreet.

I wanted you to understand that depression is like any other disease, it is not drama or laziness

Depression is a pain that gets sick the heart.

We are a society of people with notorious unhappiness: loneliness, anxiety, depression, destruction, dependence; People who are happy when they kill the time it was so hard to conquer.

Pay close attention to those who are always on your side, not everyone with depression is crying. Sometimes it’s right on our side, smiling.

Sometimes a smile on the face hides a pain that hurts the heart.

If people said how they really feel, the streets would be flooded with tears.

Depression, anxiety and panic seizures are not signs that you are weak. These are signs that you have remained strong for a long time.

Everything we create for us, which we do not need, becomes anguish, depression.

Do not think that all funny people have a happy life, a beautiful laugh can be a cry in the soul.

It is the depression you feel when the world as it is not to align with the world as you think it should be.

Depression makes a man look in one direction: the worst.

Before diagnosing yourself with depression or low self -esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by idiots.

Now that you have seen that depression is associated with deep sadness, also take the opportunity to check out our selection of quotes for sad people and find several quotes that can make you smile again!

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