50 messages for a godmother that show the beauty of this relationship

You know that friendship we trust so much that we know it can be more? Usually we make her the godmother of our children. This already reveals how special it is and how well we want it. Take the opportunity to say how much you value this relationship and brighten her life. Therefore, we selected the best quotes for Comadre. Check it out!

Quotes for Comadre full of affection and gratitude

Comadre, your friendship is very important to me. I thank God for having united us and made us more than friends.

I cheer for you, your happiness, your success. I know you will fly high, but never forget me, the daughter I trusted you to support the faith, comadre!

I know that if something happens to me, my family will be in good hands, will have you and it gives me peace. I love you, comadre!

Our relationship is rare to find. It was dreamed and realized by God, comadre!

I’m lucky to have a present, dedicated comadre that does my best for me and my family. I love you!

When one speaks, the other really listens, because we trust each other, we trust our family to each other. I love you, comadre.

You are an amazing and inspiring woman. Thank you for encouraging me and always being here for me, comadre.

You are cheerful, dedicated, strong and confident, attributes that have conquered me. I rejoice as much as my daughter matured with her coexistence. I love you and I know your way will be full of achievements. Wherever you go, it will leave a trail of love, comadre.

Comadre, know that you are light in my life pointing to God and that I am very proud of the way you have chosen.

I’m very lucky to have found you in my way and make sure this friendship will last forever, comadre!

I find you a friend who is always by my side and who makes no effort to help me. Know that I will always do the same for you.

Comadre, what a joy to celebrate so many important things by your side and make sure you will always be here.

Comadre, you have a beautiful soul and a heart of gold. I am very blessed to have you in my life.

As your friend, sister chosen by the Sacrament, I will always be here and always cheer for you. What God has united, no evil separates. I love you, comadre!

You owe such a hot energy and how lucky mine you chose to share it with me.

You are a comadre, you are a friend, you are a sister! I love you so much and know that I am always here to help you.

You make me feel safe because you are always by my side and help me with whatever it takes. I love you, comadre.

We are friends with always and today we have become comadres. I love this step we took in our friendship.

Your advice are the best and I am grateful to God because you are always by my side. I love you, comadre.

I found a more than special friend and brought you closer to me. I love you, comadre.

Thank you for having you in my life and having your advice, your help, your affection for my children and your friendship.

Comadre, never forget how much you are so important to me that we become family!

Comadre, you do me so well. I want you to feel the same way by my side, next to my family.

The day we met became one of my favorite days of life because it began not only a friendship full of surprises, but a brotherhood relationship to the point of trusting you my most precious good, my son. I love you, comadre.

Comadre, we are family without being blood, my sister of another mother. I love you!

You are a person who deserves the world because he has the most beautiful heart that exists. I love you, comadre.

Comadre, know that I am always here for you, just as you are always aware of my family. You know, you can call me, shout for me, call me and I’m running.

Comadre, you are synonymous with joy. Where you are, everyone smiles with your presence. It was inevitable to make you as part of the family.

Your heart so great deserves joy, comadre. I love you.

I trust you with your eyes closed, so I chose you to be my comadre. I love you.

Comadre, I’m glad I have you in my life. You make life more fun.

Comadre, it’s good that we find ourselves in this life and sacrament our friendship when you received this noble mission of being a mother in the faith of my children. I feel blessed with your presence and partnership.

I am blessed to have known you, for accepting you to invite you to spiritually take care of my children, because you have decided to stay by my side. Thank you for accepting to be my comadre!

I’m sure you will do well in everything you do because you are a wonderful woman. I love you, comadre.

You are my friend and my sister. I know my family is in good hands and that we can always count on you.

You are a unique and inspiring woman. I mirror you and I know I can count on you all the time.

You bring joy to my life and I know you are a person who can trust my life and the lives of the people I love.

Your claw inspires me and is the one I like most about you, comadre. I’m sure you will go far in this life.

Our connection is true and our friendship is a beautiful gift. I love you, comadre!

It is an honor to have you as my son’s friend and godmother. I know it was God who put you in my way.

You bring me security, dear comadre. Thank you for being present in my life.

You are present, lively, cheerful, loving and full of energy. I love to have you in our lives, comadre.

Comadre, you are a special friend and I love with passion. Thank you for always being by my side.

Our friendship became even stronger after you became my comadre. May we always be like this!

You are so my friend that it could not be different. It was our destiny we became comadres.

It is no wonder I trusted my son’s life to you. I love you, comadre. You are too special for me!

I chose you to be my comadre and I know that was the most certain decision of my life. Your joy makes mine. I love you!

Comadre, you are my best friend and I’m lucky to have you as part of my family. I have come to realize kindness in the world since you said yes accepting this noble mission of being a mother in faith. I love our relationship and how much I became stronger for your presence.

You are full of energy and infect me with so much joy. With each passing year I see more and more how the choice of calling you was right to be a member of our family. I love you, comadre!

I hope your life is special and that you make your dreams come true because you are an amazing person, comadre.

She will be very happy with so much affection. And as she is part of the family, check out our quotes for friend sister and say how important she is to you.

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