70 beautiful messages of reflection for you to think about your reality

Our life is very valuable, and it is amazing to realize that every day we can enjoy it more and be better people. Thus, we select beautiful reflection quotes for you to think about how it has lived and recognize that it can always evolve. Check out our suggestions below!

Beautiful quotes of reflection that will make you wonder if you are on the right track

We are architects of our own destiny.

make up with yourself, diminish expectation and understand that happiness is not having, it is being.

In a world made of appearances, happy is the one that is made of truths.

Hope is the greatest ally of a dream.

Life Cycle: Try, fall, get up and start over. Never give up!

Others’ opinions do not define you!

To trust is not knowing everything about someone. Is not having to know.

If a word can change everything, imagine an attitude.

To reflect is to let the world silent for you to hear only your heart.

alone we are petals. United we are roses.

If you improve 1% per day, in a year you will have improved 365%.

You can complain about having to wake up early or simply thank you for waking up.

I trust in the next chapter because I know the author: He!

When insisting, you earn more than giving up on the first obstacle.

The problem is not missing, it is not wanting to change.

Tomorrow’s flowers are born with today’s seeds.

If it was, it was to be. If it wasn’t, you expect something better for you.

Sometimes you can’t get what you want first, but for that there are always new chances.

A good heart is the most beautiful thing a person can have.

If you do not fight for what you want, you will be overcome by all circumstances.

A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

Always listen, but never lose your voice.

Dreams have no life of their own. They only walk if our desire to overcome hand with them with them.

There is no material that fills a spiritual void.

Do not confuse what you deserve with what you accept.

If we have peace, love and friends, the rest we face.

You can’t change situations, but you can change as you choose to deal with them.

It’s never too late to realize that dream you left behind.

Who falls in love with himself is always corresponded.

A positive thinking changes our entire horizon.

Time is one of our most precious goods. Do not waste yours.

What you have different is the most beautiful.

More in your own love, because it is complicated to live rental in the hearts of others.

A woman must be two things: who and whatever she wants.

Don’t think about what you lack. Thank what you have and mentalize what you want to have.

We suffer more in imagination than in reality.

When you want good, good wants you too.

Everything that broke never belonged to you.

move on can also be back back. It all depends on the way you conduct your steps.

From this life we ​​only take the soul. Take good care of yours.

Forget the times of suffering, but never forget what you have learned from them.

Before being an excellent professional, prioritize being a good human being.

Life is only good for those who have stories to tell.

May happiness be your greatest goal of life.

Peace and Love are the perfect ingredients for a life without worry.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Before you think about changing others, improve the person you are.

Anyone who motivates you to be better is someone worth keeping around.

It is not always possible to put into practice what you know is right. And it’s okay!

The most important things in life cost absolutely nothing.

The way you treat people is a good indicator of your character.

When prayers go up, miracles descend.

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Even when you can do nothing, God can still do everything.

Within each person there are sacrifices and renunciations that no one sees.

Anger is a punishment we give ourselves for someone else’s error.

A person’s richness is not in the things they have, but in the brightness that their soul has.

Peace is not determined by what happens around you, but by what happens within you.

Follow the good and never complain about the harvest.

There are walls that only patience drops and there are bridges that only affection builds.

Sometimes things take time, but happen. The important thing is to know how to wait.

Forgiving does not mean agreeing with the wrong act, but getting rid of a weight that you did nothing to deserve.

Do you know why nothing knocks me down? Because who supports me is God.

If God sent this storm, He knows that his boat is strong enough not to wreck.

Only the fools know everything, the wise learn something new every day.

Your only limit is your own mind.

A friend who understands your tears is worth much more than a lot of friends who only know your smile.

Learn to evolve without getting lost.

The cross may even weigh your shoulders, but this is not punishment, it is purpose.

With every step you get forward, you will need to leave something behind. It has always been like this and will continue to be.

Everyone goes through difficult days, but our lives are still wonderful. Check out our list of beautiful quotes about life and be grateful for yours!

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