65 good night messages for someone special to have an amazing night’s sleep

There are many special people in our lives, be it a love, friends or family. It is always cool to remind them of how important they are. Saying a good night suit before bed is a striking way to demonstrate this affection.

Whenever you can, send messages loaded with feeling and wish not only a good night’s sleep, but affirming your love and saying that everything can work out in their lives if they persist.

Therefore, we select quotes of good night to someone special. Send before you will rest so your dear people can go to sleep thinking about you too.

Good night quotes for someone special to go to sleep thinking about you!

Have a good night and remember: joy comes in the morning.

Night is a good opportunity to rest, forgive, forget, dream and prepare for the following day’s fights. Have a good night!

May your night be quiet and your sleep is soft so that your day will be blessed. Good night!

Good night. Sleep in peace. Tomorrow there is more!

When the eyes weigh, let dreams be light. A great night for you!

The time has come to turn off the light and light the stars … to give life to dreams. Good night!

May your night be sweet and happy.

Good night… Life is a moment, it’s a breath. And we only take the love that gave and received, the joy, the affection and nothing else.

May God give rest to your body and relief to your soul so that you can face tomorrow with a smile on your face. Good night!

May the angels bring you tranquility and beautiful dreams tonight. Good night!

Dreaming of you makes my night worth it. Thinking of you makes me smile. Being with you is the best thing in the world. And loving you is what I’m going to do forever. Good night!

Good night, my love. Sleep well and know that I miss you.

In this beautiful night I send you kisses stuffed with love. Sleep well!

insist. Small streams end up converting to large rivers. Keep walking and doing. Good night.

Love You are a stroke for the heart. Good night, honey!

When it is from heart, small gestures become giant. Good night.

Before bed, remember to thank. Good night!

Have a sweet and blessed sleep. Good night!

May the angels defend you from the dark night, guiding your steps until the arrival of the morning lights.

Whenever I dream about you very happy agreement, I hope this night is like this. Good night, love!

Without you I would be nobody. Good night, friends!

May tranquility and peace take care of you that night! Have a blessed night!

I wish you a wonderful night. Sleep well!

Passing to wish a good dream to the person I love. Good night, honey!

I sleep well because I sleep with you. Good night, my love!

I wish you a quiet night and beautiful dreams. Good night, my love!

May the glow of the stars illuminate your night. Good dreams, my love!

Good night, my friend, that you have a great night’s sleep.

I’m happy because I’m with you. Good night, my love!

I’m going to sleep thinking about you and with a smile on your face. Good night, honey!

May the energies of love, good and peace come to you. Good night!

have a good night, my friends, until tomorrow.

I wish you have a beautiful, excellent and serene night of sleep.

I am happy to be able to build a story with you. Good night, my love!

I am so happy that I don’t find words to say how much I like you. Good night!

saying good night is not simply a way to finish the day, but a loving way to say that I thought of you before bed. Sleep well!

Nothing like a good night’s sleep to replenish the energies. Have a good night!

Turn off the light of your room, open the window, feel the silence of the night, listen to the laughter of the stars and feel the kiss that the moon gives you in my name. Good night!

Good night! May you feel in your heart each night the certainty that life awaits you with open arms to receive your expectations and perform them one by one.

Just missing your kiss for the night to be perfect. Good night, my love!

Life is a million new beginnings moved by the challenge of living, it is making every dream shine. Enjoy this night to enjoy the good things that make you happy. A great night and good dreams!

Beautiful person, I could not stop passing here to wish with all my affection that you have a great night.

Place your head on the pillow and know that you did your best. Sleep well!

Dream and achieve your dreams. Wake up with each dawn with the certainty that everything can happen. He used to smile! For whenever you smile a star you will shine. A great night for you!

regardless of where you are, I’ll be with you. Good night, my love!

I’m going to sleep and I don’t stop thinking about you. Good night, my love!

Know that you are always in my dreams. Good night, love!

Congratulations on today’s achievements. Congratulations and sleep well!

The night lit the stars because I was afraid of their darkness.

You are my daily longing. Good night, love!

The night opens the flowers in secret, and lets the day receive the thanks. Have a beautiful night’s sleep and enjoy dawn.

crying can last one night, but joy comes in the morning. Have a beautiful night!

Hope is not a dream, but it is the way to translate them into reality. Good night.

Today I fall asleep full of happiness because it is a gift to share life with you. Good night.

Sleep with angels and dream with me … but if you prefer to sleep with me and dream with the angels.

Every day by your side are amazing. That’s why I’m going to lie happy. Good night.

Know that I am always ready to kiss you good night. Sleep well, my love!

Forget the hours and enjoy this moment of peace. Good night.

For my great love, I wish a quiet and happy night. Good dreams, honey!

Life shines more intensely when we have a friend who is really worth it. Good night!

There is nothing able to turn off its light. Good night!

Sleep satisfied with the day you had and hopeful for the next. Good night!

One day is different from the other. Just use the eyes of the heart to differentiate them. Good night, mother, I love you more than anything!

Before sleep I thank you for being surrounded by so many beautiful people. Good night, friends!

May the angels pack their sleep. Play out all the bad day. Good night mom.

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