60 victory verse messages full of faith and hope

In the midst of so many unpleasant things in everyday life, the reading of God’s Word often because it will bring relief to your heart. With messages that propagate faith and hope, verses rekindle the flame of joy that many need. Check out quotes from victory verses full of God’s presence that demonstrate your infinite mercy!

Victory verse quotes that demonstrate God’s fidelity and merciful

In all situations we have the complete victory through the one who loved us.

With love and faithfulness, he fulfilled his promise to the people of Israel. Even in the most distant places in the world everyone saw the victory of our God.

The Lord God has been full of strength; With his powerful arm, he got the victory. And he brings with him the people he saved.

Listen to the cheerful screams of victory in the camp of the people of God: “The power of the Lord has given us victory.”

covered with glory, advance to win, defending the truth and justice. Your strength will gain great victories.

Those who get the victory I will give the right to sit next to my throne, just as I got the victory and now I am sitting next to my father’s throne.

God said, “I will go with you and give you the victory.

I will soon save them; The day of my victory is coming, and I will govern all peoples. Distant nations wait for me and trust me to protect them.

Do not be afraid of your enemies. Always be brave, as this will be proof to them that they will be defeated and that you will be winners. Because it is God who gives you the victory.

Listen to their prayers. Of your home in heaven hear them and give them victory.

After all, when our Lord Jesus comes, you and no one else are all special to our hope, our joy and our reason for satisfaction before Him for our victory.

people of Israel, how happy you are! There is no one like you, the people the Lord God saved. He is your shield and your sword, to give you protection and victory.

But I, the Lord, will give victory to my people, and they will praise me.

I run straight to the finish line to get the victory award. This award is the new life for which God called me through Christ Jesus.

The Lord, the Holy God of Israel, says to His people, “If you turn to me and get calm, you will be saved; Rest assured and trust me, and I will give you the victory. “

Sing to the Lord because he won a glorious victory.

And now you are waiting for the victory prize, which is given to those who live a correct life, the prize that the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me that day, and not only to me, but to all who expect , with love, your coming.

Just as the rain comes from above, I will send my victory from the sky. The earth will open to receive it and make salvation and freedom sprout. I, the Lord, will do this.

And the Lord God said to him, “Do not be afraid of these kings, for I already gave you the victory.” None of them will be able to resist.

God gives great victories to his king and shows his love to whom He chose – David and his descendants forever.

Men get the horses ready for battle, but who gives victory is God, the Lord.

asked for God’s help and trusted him, and so he responded to his prayers and gave them the victory.

The Lord has announced his victory; He caused the nations to know their Salvador power.

You have this joy because you are receiving your salvation, which is the result of the faith they have.

And for the Jews shone the light of happiness, joy and victory.

How wonderful is your victory!

I come soon. Keep what you have, so that no one steals from you the award of victory.

Let us thank God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Deliver your problems to the Lord, and He will help you; He never lets him fail the person who obeys him.

But no weapon can defeat you, and if someone goes to court to accuse you, you will not be convicted. What I do for my servants is this: I give them the victory. ” The Lord spoke.

Listen to their prayers. From your home in heaven, hear them and give them victory. Forgive the sins that your people have committed against you.

Give me the joy of your salvation and keep in me the desire to be obedient.

No king wins for having a powerful army, nor do the soldiers get victory because of their strength.

are you who give you victory. O Lord God, bless your people.

We will rejoice and sing a hymn of praise because of what the Lord our God has done. He dressed us in the clothes of salvation and the cover of victory.

O God, you answer us, giving us victory, and do wonderful things to save us. The peoples of the whole world, even those of the distant seas, put their hope in you.

But you, O Lord, protect me like a shield. You give me victory and renew my courage.

We are certain that you have the best blessings that come from salvation.

My salvation and my honor depend on God; He is my powerful rock and my shelter.

Because every child of God can overcome the world. Thus, with our faith we get the victory over the world.

Jerusalem, all nations will see their victory, all kings will be amazed at their beauty. You will have a new name, a name the Lord will give you.

This is how God will bless my descendants, for He made an eternal covenant with me, a very certain and safe covenant. This is all I want; This will be my victory, and I know that God will do it.

May the Lord your God be praised, for you gave you the victory.

But for you who fear me, my salvation will shine like the sun, bringing life to your rays. You will jump with joy, like calves that go jumping out of the corral.

The enemies of God, the Lord, will be destroyed; He will thunder from heaven against them. The Lord will judge the whole world; He will give his king power and give the victory to this king that he has chosen.

You are my king and my God. You give the victory to your people.

that the hope you have to keep them happy; Patienty suffer the sufferings and always pray.

So far you have not asked for anything in my name; Ask and will receive for your joy to be complete.

In praise of our God, we will raise the flags of victory. May the Lord fulfill all your requests.

From his holy heaven, he responds to him, and with his great power he makes him victorious.

May God, who gives us this hope, fill you with joy and peace, through the faith you have in Him, that your hope will increase by the power of the Holy Spirit!

It may be for the Lord to help us. And if he helps us, nothing can stop him from giving us the victory, even if we are few.

But I will make the salvation I promised soon; It won’t be long, and soon I will get the victory. I will save the residents of Zion and will share with the people of Israel my greatness.

He will make you laugh again and shouting joy.

Only in God do I find peace; It’s his salvation.

Ah! If you had obeyed my commandments! His prosperity would increase as a flood, and his victories would have been constant, as constant as the waves of the sea.

This is the day of God’s victory, the Lord; May it be for us a day of happiness and joy!

May your happiness be in the Lord! He will give you what your heart desires.

They will declare that only I, the Lord, can give power and victory. All who have fought me will be humiliated and embarrassed in my presence.

You show me the path that leads to life. Your presence fills me with joy and brings me happiness forever.

Maintaining faith and hope in your heart is essential. Never forget that God’s mercy is renewed every morning. Also, also check out these quotes of psalms that demonstrate the infinite grace of the Lord!

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