40 messages about mental health to understand how essential it is

Mental health is as important as physical health, but it is not always valued. This is because with the rush and the pressure for productivity is increasing, many people end up leaving this aspect for later. Therefore, check out mental health quotes and reflect on how yours is at this time.

CITATIONS ON Mental Health to prioritize your emotional

It is not selfishness to prioritize your mental health.

When things don’t go well in your head, they don’t go well anywhere. Think about it.

Be careful with the void of a life too busy.

For the sake of your mental health, it is always good to filter what is yours and what is from the other.

Value your mental and emotional health, as this is worth more than any dollar. Take care!

You are the most important person of your life. If so, love yourself, take care of yourself. Your mental health is more important than all this.

Concern does not bring problems although, it only intensifies them even more.

also talk about what hurts you.

Take a while, move away from everything. Sometimes things only need time and distance to make sense again.

mental health is not about not feeling bad things. It’s about not being overwhelmed by them.

It’s hard, but you don’t have to face everything on your own. Ask for help.

the other disappointed you or did you wait too much?

discomfort is sometimes a sign of you grew, but it doesn’t fit there anymore.

move to a place called “take care of yourself”.

Do not stress with what you cannot control.

Tripod of Self -esteem: Self -confidence, self -acceptance and auto respect.

No problem asking for help.

Be close to those who make you feel amazing.

You are not your mental disorder.

To learn to say is not to take care of yourself and respect yourself. Do not subject yourself to situations that do not do you good.

For the good of my mental health: bye!

Your mental health is more important than your diploma, your job and your bank account. Take care!

Luxury Today is to sport mental health.

Do not leave the pains by the sea, because the waves bring back.

May your inner peace and mental health always be your priorities.

empty what weighs you, value what makes you happy, say what affects you, feel strong what moves you, silence what wears, thank you for the good that happens to you.

Do not deposit in anyone the obligation to make you happy.

Clean your mind from toxic beliefs. This can and will change your way of seeing the world.

Anxiety is too much future, depression is excess of past and stress is excessive gift.

With the mind in peace, you can more.

You do not need to carry the weight of the problems of others.

Do not diminish the universe that exists in you because of someone who does not know how to admire it.

Your mind may be your best friend or worse enemy. Do not leave your mental health for later.

You are amazing! Even carrying wounds that no one knows.

You only know your pains and delights. Do not mirror in the processes of others.

Cure even before you get sick.

What is your responsibility in the disorder you complain about?

With each attitude, ask yourself: this has to do with the life I want to create?

A balanced mind does not avoid suffering, on the contrary, it does not fight them.

Practice the good-me-me.

It is important to observe, have healthy attitudes for the mind and know when is the time to ask for help. Also check out citation of self-love to continue to prioritize.

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