40 messages that show that the world goes around and that life always changes

Life is sometimes very funny. Who yesterday was at the top, today can fall and vice versa. The turns life gives can serve as a lesson to remind us that nothing is eternal. Both in good and bad times, we can remember that everything changes. Check out quotes the world goes around and reflect on all this.

Quotes The world goes around to realize that nothing lasts forever

Despite the turns the world goes by, the essence of the subjects remains the same.

Be careful, the world goes around. Today you play, tomorrow is the toy.

The world goes around, and in these twists, we should close the door to the past no longer return.

The world goes around and one day I will be on top.

The world goes around, but that doesn’t mean you need to stand still waiting for your turn to arrive.

If nothing lasts forever, do your best today. Do not wait for the world to go around to value what you have now.

Calm, the world is still very back to give.

relaxes, because the world goes around.

The world goes around. This explains so many dizzy people!

The world does not go around in vain.

Today you step, tomorrow you are stepped on.

Remember that the world goes around and you will suffer the same as I suffered.

The world will spin and my turn will soon arrive.

The world is round and not for nothing.

I believe in the world’s turns, the surprises that await us, the speed of change.

The great card of life is that the world rotates.

Nothing is eternal. What today is sadness, tomorrow becomes happiness. Who today is below, tomorrow will reign.

The world goes around. Pay attention to what you say, tomorrow this can turn against you.

The world spins. Today you step, tomorrow I run over you.

Life is a dance of chairs. Today sitting, tomorrow standing.

Today you drop, tomorrow you fall.

Who today criticizes you, tomorrow will be silent with your success.

open heart to understand the turns the world goes.

The world goes around and I’m loving them.

Today I am a little lost, but I keep believing. The world will spin and show me my place.

In one of these turns that the world took, it turned out that your hug fit my.

I’m a fan of the turns that the world gives!

There is nothing worth the turns that the world goes if you do not risk leaving the place.

Everything that goes back. The bad you do today, tomorrow returns!

Today I found crying who laughed at me in the past.

The world goes around, maybe in one of them we meet again.

The world spins, punishes those who did harm, take it from those who do not take care and join who deserves to be together.

The world goes so many turns that even being at the top, tomorrow you can fall.

Blessed are all the turns that life gives.

The world turns and returns everything double: the good and bad things.

In these laps that life goes on, justice is done.

The world goes around and each reaps what it plants.

The world goes around. Today they laugh at you, tomorrow you pass over them.

Everything that goes back. But not everything that comes back finds what left.

The world turned and the humiliated were finally exalted!

If you want to continue reflecting on the turns the world goes on, also check out quotes of change and celebrate the turns of life.

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