50 messages about reading for those who love traveling without leaving home

Reading is extremely important for the formation of the human being. Encouraging the habit of reading as a child can be very significant to become a frequent reader when it grows up. Through reading, we teleport to other worlds, we acquire knowledge, develop critical sense and learn that it is possible to travel, laugh, cry, get emotional and know new things without leaving home.

With that in mind, we selected the best reading quotes. Check it out and open your head to the importance of reading more and more. Even if you start with easier books, gradually, you will be improving and reading more difficult content. Create new worlds and become!

Short Quotes on Reading

Who said you can’t learn about reading with a few words? This person is wrong and we can prove it. Check out short quotes on reading and open your mind to the knowledge and teachings they can give you on the topic.

Reading magnifies the soul.

Reading is for the intellect what exercise is for the body.

I believe a form of happiness is reading.

The reading of the world precedes the reading of the word.

Reading must be an act of love.

Reading, first of all it is stimulus, is an example.

Reading revives the memory and puts us aware of the unknown.

Who likes to read does not die alone.

Reading expands the field of thought.

Reading reveals to us who we are.

Quotes on Children’s Reading

Teaching a child The habit of reading is one of the most important steps to take towards a life of knowledge and constant development. See the importance of reading since childhood with this selection of citations about children’s reading!

Encouraging our young people a taste for reading is to plant a seed with the certainty that it will bear good fruits.

Literature is a textually transmitted disease, usually contracted in childhood.

I still end up making books where our children can live.

When I still couldn’t read, I played with books and imagined them full of voices, telling the world.

If the child was early in contact with masterpieces, it is possible that his training was more perfectly processed.

Children’s literature leads us to travel with children in the universe of stories told and retold.

When I was a child, when I was a teenager, the books saved me from despair: they convinced me that culture was the highest of values.

A ten -year -old who reads as a breathing, who likes to read, who is using one more, besides her five senses, will be prepared to receive all the information she will need to face life.

No book for children should be written for children.

Read to a child, because reading stimulates creativity and passion for studies.

Quotes on Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are two things that walk together. The more you read, the better your writing is, because you acquired vocabulary, techniques and learn to interpret the better the texts. So, see quotes on reading and writing and prove that one does not live without the other.

Most of the time of a writer is spent in reading, then writing; A person revolves half a library to make one book.

Reading brings to man fullness, security discourse and writing accuracy.

Writing is for life, reading is for the soul.

Write something that is worth reading, or do something about which it is worth writing.

Reading is not deciphering, writing is not copying.

Before reading the book Guru gave you, you have to write yours.

The illiterate of the next century are not those who do not know how to read or write, but those who refuse to learn, relearn and learn again.

Writing is remembering. But reading is also remembering.

Who doesn’t like reading will ever learn to write.

Reading drunk the soul and ennobles the Spirit, while writing immortalizes being, making it men’s modalizer.


There are many ways to gain knowledge. Watching classes, videos, talking and reading. See quotes on reading and knowledge and understand the importance of reading to keep learning always.

A book must be the ax that breaks the cold sea in us.

Reading is an inexhaustible source of pleasure, but incredible as it seems, almost all, it does not feel this thirst.

There is no good vocabulary with reading books written according to an idea of ​​what the vocabulary of the reader’s age group is. It comes from reading books above your capacity.

Many men started a new era in their life from reading a book.

In science, always read the younger books. In literature, the elders.

Reading provides to the spirit materials for knowledge, but only thinking does ours what we read.

In building our knowledge, books are bricks and teachers are the masons.

The simple act of reading transforms our way of thinking and enriches our knowledge, generating an immeasurable ability to create the unimaginable.

Books are two -door houses, one to come out of knowledge and the other to enter wisdom.

Those who feel hungry and thirst for reading does not fade of knowledge.

Quotes on the importance of reading

On days like today, with technology taking our lives, reading time is getting smaller and shorter. See quotes on the importance of reading and convince yourself how it is worth changing this scenario reading and encouraging other people to read more and more.

The good of reading is to talk to the writer’s speech.

Reading a good book is the shortest way to find that life is worth it.

Reading a good book is like talking to the best minds of the past.

Reading is a biological necessity of the species. No screen and no technology will be able to suppress the need for traditional reading.

Writing or reading we come together beyond time and space, and the limited arms are embracing the world; The wealth of others enriches us to us. Read.

Who does not read, does not want to know; Who doesn’t want to know, want to make mistakes.

To read is dreaming by the hand of others. Reading badly and by loud is free from the hand that leads us. Superficiality in scholarship is the best way to read well and be deep.

I believe nothing replaces reading a text, nothing replaces the memory of a text, nothing, no game.

It becomes great for what is read and not for what is written.

Who reads a lot and walks a lot, goes far and knows a lot.

Reading requires concentration and it is very easy to distract us, especially with the cell phones so close. So, see our selection of focus quotes to learn not to lose attention.

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