50 messages from God in English to praise and train a second language

Learning a new language is always good! And even better when we train a new language reading about something that is good for us. For those who have faith in God, the following list is perfect! We have separated God’s best quotes in English that will help you improve your language and still be in contact with the Divine.

Best Quotations from God in English

Who is Christian and dominates English will be enchanted by this selection of messages we have separated below. Check out God’s best quotes in English and share!

God is Everywhere, Knows Everything, and Can of Anything. (God is everywhere, you know everything and can do anything.)

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give orrselves the gift of living well. (God has given us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.)

FIND ME HERE, Lord, you draw me near. Desperate for You. I Surrender. (Find me here, sir, while I approach me. Desperate for you. I surrender.)

God NEVER Takes Away Something From Your Life Without Replacing It With Something Better. (God never takes something out of your life without replacing it with something better.)

Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled. Hold Your Head Up High. Don’t Fear in Evil. Fix Your Eyes Upon This One Truth. God is Madly in love with you. (Don’t let your heart worry. Keep your head up. Don’t be afraid of the bad. Fix your eyes in this unique truth. God is madly in love with you.)

Every Time I Count My Blessings, My Love for God Grows Bigger. And Every Time I Count My Struggles, My Faith in God Grows Stronger. (Every time I tell my blessings, my love for God gets bigger. And every time I tell my struggles, my faith in God gets stronger.)

God Knows Everything About You, Even the Dark Places in Your Mind. AND STILL, HE LOVES YOU. (God knows everything about you, even the dark parts. And yet, He loves you.)

God is Aways Waiting for You. Even if you step apart, he will aways be there for you. (God is always waiting for you. Even if you move away, He will always be there for you.)

God is not in the sky, he is not in any book. He is in us, in every act of love, in every relationship we hold. (God is not in heaven, He is not in any book. He is in us, in every act of love, in every relationship we maintain.)

God is everything. He is the air we breathe, the Water That Runs, the Space Between Every Human Being. (God is everything. He is the air we breathe, the water that runs, the space between each person.)

BECAUSE The Lord Shall Be With Us, After All. After Loss, After Pain and After Grief, he is Always with us. (Because the Lord will be with us, after all. After loss, after pain and after mourning, he is always with us.)

my faith in God is all that i have. All My Strength Comes From Him. (My faith in God is all I have. All my strength comes from him.)

Quotes from God in English for Photo

In this age of social media, we are always looking for the perfect words to use as a photo caption, right? And for you to demonstrate all your faith, we separate these beautiful quotes from God in English for photo!

THANK GOD FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS THAT HES GIVEN YOU. (Thank God for all the blessings He gave you.)

the Christian does not Think God Will Love Us BECAUSE We Are Good, But that God Will Make Us Good Because He Laves US. (The Christian does not think that God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because he loves us.)

be Strong and Courageous. Not BE AFRAID OR TERTAZED BECAUSE OF THEM, OR THE LORD YOU GOD GOES WITH YOU; He will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You. (Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or beaten because of them, or the Lord your God will with you; He will never leave you or abandon you.)

INSTEAD OF INVENTING A DEVIL TO SCARE PEOPLE, YOU SHOULD Use God to Teach Them. (Instead of inventing a demon to scare people, you should use God to teach them.)

May the God of Hope Fill You with All Joy and Peace As You Trust in Him, so that you may overflow with Hope by the Power of the Holy Spirit. (May the God of hope fill them with all joy and peace in trusting in Him, that it may overcome hope for the power of the Holy Spirit.)

JESUS ​​LOOKED AT THEM AND SAID, ‘WITH MAN IT IS IMPOSIBLE, But Not with God. For All Things Are Possible with God’. (Jesus looked at them and said, ‘To man is impossible, but not to God. For all things are possible for God.’)

God is Always Good. God is Always Kind, Even when We Don’t Deserve It. (God is always good. God is always good, even when we don’t deserve it.)

Thank God for this day. Thank God for these People. Thank God for these memories. And above all, Thank God for life. (I thank God for this day. I thank God for these people. I thank God for these memories. And above all, I thank God for life.)

That We May Never Stop Looking Good Thinks In This World: In Moments, In Others, In God.

i found god in me. He is with me and i want to share him with the whole world. (I found God in me. He is with me and I want to share Him with the whole world.)

God can be Kind and God can be fair, but never leaves us. (God may be good and God may be just, but He never leaves us.)

God is in the smile of a child, in a river runing wild, in a song that remind you of chilhood. God is the Small Things That Are Worth While. (God is in the smile of a child, in a river that runs, in a song that reminds you of childhood. God is in the little things that are worth it.)


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lifes is good god god is great. (Life is good because God is wonderful.)

WHEN GOD GIVES YOU A NEW BEGINNING, DON’T REPEAT THE SAME MYSTAKE. (When God gives you a new beginning, don’t repeat the same mistake.)

God has on religion. (God has no religion.)

Faith is Trusting God Even When You Don’t Understand His Plan. (Faith is to trust God even when you do not understand your plan.)

God will not look you over for medals or diplomas, but for scars. (God will not look for medals or diplomas, but by scars.)

God Didn´t Bring You this Far To Leave You. (God has not brought you here to abandon it.)

Never Lose Your Faith In God, BECAUSE in the End, It’s All You Have. (Never lose your faith in God, because in the end, that’s all you have.)

you may lose your faith in God, but he will never lose His faith in you. (You may lose your faith in God, but He will never lose your faith in you.)

if i am here, It’s BECAUSE God Brought Me This Far. (If I’m here, it’s because God brought me here.)

Nothing is impossible when you have God Guiding Your Steps. (Nothing is impossible when you have God guiding your steps.)

Even if the World Turns Your Back, God is Always There To Reach You Out. (Even if the world turns your back, God is always there to reach it.)

my life is Brighter since I Found God, and he is inside of me. He is everything. (My life is brighter since I found God, and He is within me. He is everything.)

Quotes of God in English Tumblr

Who is younger, surely prefers more stripped and different messages. To express your faith in a modern way, our tip is to read these quotes from God in English Tumblr and choose the one you like best!

the struggle is real, but so is God. (The fight is real, but God too.)

Keep Praying, Even If You have only a whisper left. (Keep praying, even if only one whisper has left.)

FIND ME TO YOUR FOET AGAIN. Everything I Am, Reaching Out, I Surrender. Come Sweep Me Up In Your Love Again and My Soul Will Dance on the Wings of Forever. (I find myself here at your feet again. With everything I am, I find myself, I surrender. Come hug me with your love again and my soul will dance on the wings of eternity.)

i Asked God to Help Me Growing, It Started Raining. (I asked God to help me grow, it began to rain.)

Oceans Will Part, Nations Come at the Whisper of Your Call. Hope Will Rise Glory Shown. In My Life, Your Will Be Done. (Oceans will break, nations come to the whisper of his call. Hope will rise, glory will be shown. In my life, your will will be done.)

Present suffering may pass, lord. Your Mercy Will Last. (Current suffering can pass, Lord. Your mercy will last.)

an Honest Talk with God is the first step in finding peace of mind. (A honest conversation with God is the first step in finding peace of mind.)

Talking to God is Like Talking to A Friend On The Phone: We May Not See Him On The O Him End But We Know He Is Listening. (Talking to God is like talking to a friend on the phone: we may not see him on the other side, but we know that he is listening.)

God Always ANSWERS, in Hist Own Time and Hist Own Way. He Knows what is best for you. Just Trust Him. (God always responds, in your own time and your own way. He knows what is best for you. Just trust him.)

God Will Wreck Your Plans If He Sees That Your Plans Are About To Wreck You. (God will destroy your plans if you see that your plans are about to destroy you.)

God is in all that exists. Every Stone, Flower, Tree, Animal and Human Being Are on a Spiritual Journey to Show Their True Self, Their Divine Essence. (God is all that exists. Every stone, flower, tree, animal and human being are on a spiritual journey to show their true self, their divine essence.)

Even Thought I’m Constantly Running Away From God, he is constantly running after me. This kind of love is so overwhelming. (Even though I am constantly running away from God, he is always running after me. This kind of love is so irresistible.)

It is always good to renew our faith and learn a new language! Keep practicing with these inspiring citations in English.

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