40 messages from a man of value that show the strength of having principles

It is important for a man to be faithful to his principles and not negotiate his character, but how to prove that you are really a dignified person? For your actions. They need to be whole, respectful and ethical. To inspire you to be honest and deserving reliable, check out the best quotes of man of value!


The value of a man is in the way he assumes responsibility for his mistakes.

A man of value does not mean themselves between people, respect them who are.

A man of value does not follow standards, but principles and let nothing make him lose them.

Men of value do not lose patience for anything. They know the exact time to speak and listen.

Doing good is the least a man of value does. He never acts to harm someone.

A man who is up to the truth is valuable and makes a difference wherever he goes.

The value of a man is not in his achievements, but in his ability to do good.

The true richness of a man is his family, his principles and his ability to be consistent with what he believes.

A man of value is not a man who does not make a mistake, but the one who takes his mistakes and never escapes his responsibility.

Who chooses your values ​​is you. Allow them to guide you and make you a righteous man.

The integrity and principles of a man are his guides through the ways of life.

Men of value do not talk much because they are busy acting and doing what is right.

What proves your dignity and character is your ability not to negotiate your values.

A man who does not know the strength of honesty will never be a man of value.

Not lying to yourself will make you a man of value.

The value of a man is measured by his character, his ability to speak the truth and his ethical actions.

The character of a man is what proves whether he follows good or not.

Be intact in your actions, do not just do things to benefit you, especially if you are harming someone.

A man of value rises in life on the right way. He does not step on people to get faster somewhere.

If you market your principles, you have stopped having value for a long time.

To measure the value of a man, make sure your actions match your speech.

A man of value is not too lazy to work and battle what he wants.

Try to be a man of value and the ways of life will open to you.

When a man knows how to respect people and their different principles from his own, he finds his true value.

Not missing with respect, acting with integrity, being honest above all … These are the main values ​​of a man.

Men are like the coins: we must take them for their value, whatever your nature.

Don’t try to be successful, you try to be a man of value first.

The value of a man is measured by the value he is given by not negotiating what he believes.

Men of a firm character are the master columns of the society to which they belong.

Who does not know the value of words will not know how to know men.

A man must be reliable, he must promise and fulfill, must be faithful to himself and others who depend on him.

scholarly man is a discoverer of facts that already exist, but the wise man is a creator of values ​​that do not exist and that he makes exist.

But the man who is a man of value, never proposes to be a doormat.

The character of a man of value is the only guarantee that people need to trust him.

I value, only worker, men of value.

Be a person who values ​​essence, not appearance, cultivate the deepest values ​​and do not fall into temptation to become a “super” in a world of dull stars of its own.

The value of a man is perceived in the way he treats others, even in the days he is stressed.

The value of man is determined in the first line by the degree and meaning in which he set free from his ego.

A man is nothing but what he does of himself.

It is not money that gives value to a man, but his integrity, his ethics and the principles that guide his life.

Always choose the truth and ethics and you will be on the right track. To understand the importance of not lying, check out honesty quotes and reflect on your attitudes!

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