60 short messages in English to inspire you and share on your status

It seems that everything in another language gets more chic. It’s different from what we are used to and makes us look more impactful and mysterious with international touch. All the best, isn’t it? To rock on social networks and inspire you in various areas of your life, we have selected the best short quotes in English. Check it out and share to update your status!

Short Quotes in English to rock another language

Live Without Fear of What Makes You Happy. (Live without fear of what makes you happy.)

Dream Big Because You are able to fly. (Dream loudly because you are able to fly.)

if you worry too much, you will miss the joys of the present. (If you worry too much, you will lose the joys of the present.)

Think About The Future, But Live The Present With An Open Heart. (Think about the future, but live the present with an open heart.)

Things can’t hurt you if you don’t let them. (Things can’t hurt you if you don’t allow them.)

BETTER TO START AND MAKE MYSTAKES THAN TO REGRET OF NOT TRYING. (Better start and make mistakes than regret not trying.)

Life is Better When We Are With The Right Companions. (Life is better when we have the right companies.)

Only God Can Give Us What We Really Need. (Only God can give us what we really need.)

Somewhere, Your Happiness is Waiting for You. (Somewhere your happiness is waiting for you.)

COMPLAIN LESS AND REAP MORE! (Complain less and get it harvest more!)

to be happier, Dream Bigger! (To be happier, dream more!)

Don’t Listen To Those Who Want Your Harm. (Don’t listen to who wants your evil.)

make plans that make you smile! (Make plans that make you smile!)

I Gave You My Heart, So Take Good Care of It! (I gave you my heart, so take good care of him!)

Forgiveness Makes Your Future Lighter! (Forgiveness makes your future lighter!)

Don’t Waste Time with Those Who Don’t Want To Spend It With You. (Do not waste time with those who do not want to spend it with you.)

life is our most precious possession. (Life is our most precious good.)

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow, Today is Much More Important. (Don’t worry about tomorrow, today is much more important.)

Life Always Goes on and the World Always Turns. (Life always continues and the world always spins.)

time is valuable and you only Learn its Value When you spend it. (Time is valuable and we only learn its value when it spends it.)

you can Learn to fly if you give you wings freedom. (You can learn to fly if you give freedom to your wings.)

TODY I JUST WANT TO SPEND ENERGY TO BE HAPPY. (Today I just want to spend energy to be happy.)

It Feels Good to Find Someone Who Laves You For Who You Are. (It is good to find someone who loves you as you are.)

when you look in the mirror, you see an amazing person. (When you look in the mirror, you see an amazing person.)

TRAVEL, Even if it is in your thoughs. (Travel, even if it is in your thoughts.)

We Learn To Live By Collecting Experiences. (We learn to live by collecting experiences.)

love the life you built. (Love the life you built.)

if you’re tired, it was worth it! (If you are tired, it was because it was worth it!)

Been Waiting for You My Whole Life and I Want To Love You for the Years to Come. (I waited for you all my life and I want to love you for the years that will come.)

Only Your Smile Can Brighten My Day. (Only your smile can brighten my day.)

if i think about you, can you feel it? (If I think of you, can you feel?)

Never Hide Your Happiness! (Never hide your happiness!)

The World Needs to See the Beauty of Your Smile. (The world needs to see the beauty of your smile.)

you can always from more iF you are Willing to Fight for. (You can always more if you are willing to fight.)

I DRESSED MYSELF OF ME AND IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT I EVER WORE. (I put myself from myself and it was the most beautiful clothes I have ever wore.)

The Storm PRECIDES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAYS. (The storm precedes the most beautiful sunshine.)

Little Noise Doesn’t Hurt Anyone! (A little noise doesn’t hurt anyone!)

let’s celebrate the Beauty of Being Alive! (Let’s celebrate the beauty of being alive!)

Dreams Don’t Come True By Themselves. They Need You. (Dreams are not realized alone. They need you.)

to think differently is to be authentic! (To think differently is to be authentic!)

Maybe We Found Love Right Where We Are … (Maybe we find love exactly where we are …)

Cause Godes in mystakes. (Because God does not make mistakes)

I’m Going On An Adventure! (I’m leaving for an adventure!)

Make Each Day to New Horizon. (Make each day a new horizon.)

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. (Don’t worry, be happy.)

if you can dream it, you can do it. (If you can dream, you can perform.)

Just Face Ahead, at Going Back Now. (Look forward, there is no way to go back now.)

Pretending that we live doesn´t make us alive. (Pretending we live does not make us alive.)

all of this can be Yours. (All this can be yours.)

in Real Life it Doesn´t Always Work Out… (In real life it doesn’t always work.)

i been move ‘calm … God’s plan! (I’m following in my … God’s plan!)

if there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down. (If there are limits, I will try to knock them down.)

BECAUSE ALL OF ME, LOVES ALL OF YOU. (Because everything of me loves everything from you)

life’s Too short to have reggats. (Life is too short for regrets.)

Sometimes The Silence Guides Our Minds. (Sometimes silence guides our mind.)

Take these Broken Wings and Learn To Fly… (Take these broken wings and learn to fly …)

I Don’t Want Anyone Bringing the Vibes Down. (I don’t want anyone bringing bad vibrations.)

I’ve Got Nothing Left To Prové. (I have nothing more to prove.)

whatver you are, be a good one. (Whatever you are, be the best.)

Be the Change You Want To See In The World. (Be the change you want to see in the world.)

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