60 sad messages of love to accompany suffering

The end of the relationship brings thousands of thoughts in our head: where did I go wrong? Will this person come back? Will I be able to love again? And the answer is clear. Life continues, just like you, who remains alive, strong and will surely find love again. So, read our sad quotes of love and get emotional!

Sad quotes of love to believe that it exists

sad, we don’t even know that the end has not even started and that we lost our loved one early on.

It is better to be sad with love than happy without him.

Love is the happiest thing. Love is the saddest thing. Love is the thing I want most.

Why, if all my love will come unexpectedly when I feel sad and I feel distant.

The obligation to have to find a love enslaves people.

I know, I know, the eternal cliché “this passes.” Yes, and when I pass, something much sadder will happen: I won’t love you anymore.

It is very sad to become garbage in the eyes of the person you love, and one day you loved you too.

In the face of a broken heart no other can speak without having the great privilege of having suffered equally.

No one has ever seen anyone who love so sad. This sadness has not seen, and I know she finds herself well.

I wonder if, if I could never have said “I love you” to you, if I would really have done so.

Our greatest joys and greatest sorrows come from our relationship with other people.

It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you keep loving it with all the small pieces.

You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart for what you don’t want to feel.

Since I can’t be with you now, I can only dream of the day that we will be together again.

Love disease only heals with another.

part of me hurt knowing that, although so close, it was so untouchable.

It is better to have loved and lost than ever to have loved.

You can’t buy love, but you can pay it dearly for it.

You know people twice in your life. When they appear and when they depart.

Tears come from the heart, not from the brain.

I always wonder what you answer when someone asks you about us.

The true lessons of life come from a broken heart.

Stopping to love someone is like disenchanting something magical.

A love that does not happen in every detail of everyday life does not deserve to be lived.

It is at the meeting that we know each other and in the separation we know ourselves.

To allow to love is also to live suffering.

Forgetting someone is not only about failing to love it, but also to hate it.

The end of love is not the end of the world, although it appears.

I talked about you where I walked, hoping to let you go.

Love is neither sad nor happy. Love is something bigger, able to make us feel all the feelings at once.

Happy and love moments will always exist, but that does not prevent you from living new.

Love is able to go dreaming the nightmare in a matter of seconds.

Today you breathe, hear and feel, with or without your love. Never forget that.

Wanting to protect yourself from a broken heart is like preventing yourself from living.

Let your self-love cure the pains of lost love.

When love begins to hurt you is a sign that his validity is ending.

Only a broken heart can make us wake up to life.

When we are sad, even the world follows our melancholy.

Today’s sorrows do not prevent tomorrow’s happiness.

I would write thousands of love for you, even though you know that none of them will bring you back.

Love is a multiplication account, not decreased.

We are beings of many loves and each, will be unique and special.

You don’t have to forget this love, just don’t allow it to hurt you.

Better to live with the memories of a happy love than to have a gift full of sorrows and fights.

At least, you loved it. Few people really get it.

The saddest part of love is to see who cleaned their tears being responsible for them.

Feeling only a specific person is one of the saddest feelings.

It only allows to love those who allow themselves to be suffering.

Hearts were made to be broken, they are extremely repair.

Do not leave any repressed feeling, because at any time it can go back.

Do not let the past stop you from smiling.

Every end of relationship is a kind of mourning.

Let tears carry all pain, suffering and fear of a love that no longer exists.

Forgetting a sad love is a slow, painful and necessary procedure.

Letting someone leave is also an act of love.

Take care of your old loves, but don’t let them guide your gift.

Forgetting a sad love is necessary so that it can be reborn the self-esteem.

People who carry a great love lost inside their chest always has a lot to tell.

The secret to forgetting a love is to remember why it is over.

A broken heart teaches more than many love books.

Love is a plural and wonderful feeling. Read the quotes of love poems we select and be enchanted by it being translated into words!

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