95 messages from saints to encourage you to lead a life of holiness

To live a life of holiness is to have a narrow union with God, seeking intimacy and completing the work He left us to do here on earth. Some people have fulfilled this walk with mastery, having a good, devout and intimate heart of the Father. These people received titles from saints and saints and are an example for our lives.

Many were the teachings left by them and we can follow them in our daily lives. Therefore, we selected Quotes from Santos about the most important aspects of our living. Check it out and fill with wisdom with everything they taught:

Quotes from saints for young people

The saints had a memorable experience and learned a lot when they were young, so they have the property to teach the younger ones. Check out saints for young people and live each day with more wisdom.

Pride is the source of all weaknesses, because it is the source of all addictions.

Start by doing what is needed, then what is possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.

Never lose sight of your starting point.

Great purposes are always crossed by various obstacles and difficulties.

young people from all continents, don’t be afraid of being the saints of the new millennium!

No one can make us unhappy, just ourselves.

Young thirst for faith, true and deep Christian faith!

Life is just a dream, we will soon wake up and what a joy! The more our sufferings are great, the more our glory will be infinite.

If you have humility, don’t be afraid, you will not allow you to be deceived or deceive the others.

My dear young people, I love you with all the heart, just know that you are young to love you deeply.

The fly that lands in honey cannot fly; The soul that gets stuck in the taste of pleasure, is prevented in its freedom and contemplation.

Great purposes are always crossed by various obstacles and difficulties.

In times of sadness and restlessness, you have neither the good works of prayer nor the penance you are used to. Rather, intensify them. And you will see that the Lord will be promptly sustained.

Wait a little, daughter, and you will see great things.

Santos Quotes About Sorriso

Smile can change a person’s day and it is this facet of smile that we will learn from these saints who did so much to help and brighten so many others that they didn’t even know.

We will never understand how simple a simple smile can do.

Sometimes a word, a kind smile is how much it is enough to defile a saddened soul.

To all who suffer and are alone, always give a smile of joy. Do not give them only your care, but also your heart.

always rejoice in the Lord; I repeat, rejoice!

My little way is always happy, always smiling, both in the fall and victory.

How many times the darkness of loneliness, which oppresses a soul, can undo the luminous radius of a smile or a kind word.

Always show you happy, but your smile is sincere.

walks with joy and with a more sincere and open heart than it can; And when you can’t keep this holy joy, at least don’t lose the value of trust in God.

Do you always want to be satisfied and laughing? It is obedience that leads us to this joy.

Saints Quotes About Friendship

Friendship is one of the most precious goods we have. She has a lot to add to our lives and we need to learn to keep them always around. In this category, you will see the teachings that the saints left about this relationship.

Friendship decreases pain and sadness.

Friendship makes the best of a person emerge by forgetting himself.

We have to go looking for people, because they may be hungry for bread or friendship.

Who knows to forgive, prepares for yourself many graces to God.

said very well who defined his friend as half of his own soul. I really had the feeling that our souls were one in two bodies.

the friendship that may end was never real.

Friendship is the real realization of the person.

It makes us so well, when we suffer, have friendly hearts, whose echo responds to our pain.

In the world it is necessary that those who give themselves to the practice of virtue unite with a holy friendship, to mutually encourage and keep in these holy exercises.

God is the father of all things. Your creatures are brothers and sisters.

Friendship consists of a full commitment of will in relation to another person, in view of their good.

Friendship whose source is God never runs out.

In the company of friends we find strength to reach our ideal sublime.

Not always what is indulgent with us is our friend, nor what punishes us, our enemy. The wounds caused by a friend than the false kisses of an enemy are better. It is better to love it severely to deceive smoothly.

In the world, it is necessary that those who give themselves to the practice of virtue unite with a holy friendship, to mutually encourage and retain in these holy exercises.

Words of friendship and comfort can be short and succinct, but your echo is endless.

Saints quotes on serving God

If there is one thing that saints understand well is the right way to serve God. Learn from your experiences and quotations that they left us the best way to perform the divine service.

Learn in your mother’s heart as you love Jesus.

Who cannot do much, do at least what is to the extent of their strength; Surely it won’t be without reward.

Perfection does not consist of the multiplicity of things done, but the fact that they are well done.

To have faith is to sign a blank sheet and let God write in it what you want.

The good you do today is often forgotten by people tomorrow. Do it anyway.

Those who cannot devote long time should at least raise their hearts to God many times.

Who has no time to waste to God, waste their time.

Headquarters always cheerful in the service of God. Always give it all to God. Rest quietly in your kindness.

This fair way of serving makes the agent humble. This one does not assume a position of superiority in the face of the other, however miserable it may attempt its situation.

We all have a duty to serve God according to the appeal we feel.

There are no two ways to serve the Lord. There is only one: serving it as it wants to be served.

We will not find better way to serve our Lord Jesus Christ than to happily embrace His holy and kind will.

At the servant of God, nothing must displease except sin.

The friends of God are known because they do what they have no obligation to do.

Saints Quotes About Marital Love

Marital love is a divine gift, allows us to constitute a family. And to keep this relationship always alive, we need advice. Check out saints quotes on how to take good care that this kind of love is always firm.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

The heart is like a golden bond, which unites who loves and who is loved.

God joins the husband and his wife in his own blood: and that is why this union is so strong that the soul must be separated from one and from one the soul from the wife’s to separate from the wife. /P>

Where there is love and wisdom, it has no fear or ignorance.

Love does not consist of feeling great things, but to strip and suffer for the beloved.

Love for the spouse cannot be a disguised love to itself. Many marriages fail because the spouses are not united for authentic love, but for selfishness. True love is measured by the ability to sacrifice and mutual delivery.

The intimate happiness of the family is the beauty that brings us closer to God.

Our Lord sanctifies and blesses the mutual love of the spouses. He wants not only a union of souls, but also of the bodies.

You must be the homes of that Primevovous Human Love, which the Lord raised, through the sacrament of marriage, to the degree of charity, of supernatural grace.

Let us ask the Lord to make us understand the law of love. Glad it is to have this law! How well do us love us to each other against everything!

The Lord has given me the extraordinary grace of sharing with you part of your life. I really want to make you happy and be the one you want: kind, understanding and willing to the sacrifices that life will offer us.

On your wedding day, you will receive many gifts – even some very expensive. But the most precious gift you will receive on that day will be each other. Keep the joy of loving each other and share it.

Love has no measure, and impatience knows no limit.

The secret is that love is stronger than the moment when it is discussed, so I advise the husbands: do not end the day they argued without making up, always.

In the Father we say, ‘Our daily bread gives us today.’ The spouses can pray this: ‘Lord, the love of every day gives us today … Teach us to love us.

Saints Quotes About Gratitude

Having a grateful heart is essential in the life of service and dedication to the work of God. Learn from the saints and saints to have gratitude to God in the most adverse situations of your life:

Happiness is to continue to wish what you have.

It’s amazing how great my heart seems to be when I consider the treasures of the earth, for all together could not content it.

Even the sins committed can compete for our sanctification, as your memory makes us more humble, grateful to the graces God has given us after so many offenses.

What happiness to be able to say: I am safe to do the will of the good God.

The Lord is so good to me, that it is impossible to fear it.

I don’t regret life, oh, no!

Small is the suffering of this life, but the glory of the other life is infinite.

As there is always a peace greeting on our lips that the same peace is always in our hearts.

Be sure that all the moments of your life, the time you pass before the Divine Sacrament will be the one that will give you the most strength during life, more consolation at the time of death and during eternity.

Where poverty joins joy there is no greed or greed.

Give God and do not fear, because if He puts you in the fight, you will certainly not leave you alone to pate.

Saints Quotes About Holiness

Holiness is the way these men and women have toured throughout their lives. See teachings about seeking to be holy and walk in communion with the Father.

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

It’s not enough to do good things, you need to do them well.

Let us be charitable and humble and make it alms because it is washing the soul of the spots of sin.

In essence unity, in doubt freedom, in everything charity.

It is not so much what we do, but why we do that determines goodness or malice.

I always feel the same bold confidence of becoming a great saint, because I don’t count on my merits, I have none, but I hope it is virtue, holiness itself.

Holiness is joy.

Oh eternal truth, true charity and dear eternity! You are my God, for you sigh day and night.

We must be supplied to the Lord to increase the spirit of holiness in the Church and send us new saints to evangelize the world of today.

Let us detach from the earth, we come to the Mountain of Love.

If we are united at divine will in all tribulations, of course, we will become saints and we will be the happiest in the world.

The science of the saints is constantly suffering by Jesus Christ. It is for suffering that we most promptly sanctified.

It is the obligation of all to build others with a good, holy and honest life.

Friend of the Cross is the holy and detached man of earthly goods, which raises his heart above all that is passing and perishable.

wants to make you suffice, something similar to this great God, humiliated and crucified, for this life is only reason to be if it is to St. John of the Cross

For you to continue walking this path of faith and seeking to learn and reflect more on holiness, we select quotes from Father Fábio de Melo who has a lot to contribute, how about taking a look?

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