65 short messages for your son that express great love

When the child is born, everything in life changes, but what is most enjoyable to see is the amount of love that fits in the chest. They do everything different in the heart and it is difficult to express in words how much you love it. To help you say how special to you, check out short quotes for Son!

Short citations for child who will fill him with affection and joy

For you, I get stronger, destroy lions and fight your happiness.

We have so many adventures to live, my little partner.

It has never been warm in my chest since you were born.

It’s too good to have you as a child because you bring me peace.

Life is not easy, but I will always protect you, my son!

Our bond is eternal and the distance will never break it, son.

A love that began before you are born, it will never end.

My hug will always be yours, either to celebrate or to comfort you, son.

I met a new world by your side and I know it is much more excited after you arrived!

Let’s break the world together toward our dreams, son.

Life has never been monotonous since you were born, my boy!

My smiles are yours because you are my pride.

Live your life with the certainty I always cheer for you, Son.

I know I did something right in life when I see your smile, my son!

Your eyes are my mirrors for life because they showed me happiness.

I like to see you smiling and fighting so that you are always happy, son.

It’s not always easy, but seeing your smile pays off all my effort, son.

You are like this, a dream for me…

My masterpiece is my son. No art piece is more beautiful than him.

such a pure love that you don’t even know the strength you have, it’s yours and others.

You are more than I know, it is more than I thought, it is more than I expected.

My purest and true love was born of me!

Children are for mothers the anchors of their life.

It is in the education of children that the virtues of parents are revealed.

God gave me you because I knew I needed to know true love.

In my heart, you will forever be. My love with you will follow in my heart, wherever I go. You will always be here.

I promise to be your safe haven forever.

Your smile will always be my goal because I love you, son.

It’s like I had waited for a lifetime to pack.

I know I will love you for all my life.

No one moves my son because he is protected by a warrior.

If I had drawn you and ordered you, I would have done exactly that…

I don’t know if the world is good, but it has been better since you arrived.

Flies loudly, my boy. I created you to the world. Go conquer it!

In the eyes of the Father, you are a masterpiece he planned!

An angel from the sky that brought to me, is the most beautiful the perfect jewel.

You don’t depend on me to be happy, but I know we are happier together, son.

Family is an inexhaustible source of love.

It’s so good to die of love and keep living.

You have brought meaning to my life, that is, your happiness, my boy!

In my heart, I made a home. My heart is your home.

A gift formed by the hands of God, a fruit of love between your father and me.

It can be free and be you because I will always love you.

Thank you, my God! For this beautiful gift that the Lord gave us.

I will be your defender for a lifetime, like your guardian.

Son, you are my blessing, proof that God loves me.

I will be your angel on duty, I will always be alert. The greatest of all honors, being like your guardian.

My love has a meek way that is just yours.

You make my story more beautiful and exciting, son!

my boy, your number 1 fan is me and I know you will be a champion, because you have already won the absolute podium of my heart.

But I just want to remember that 10 lives, 11 I would give you.

my little angel has no wings and looks a lot with me!

I gave birth to a boy, my feeling is eternal.

When you were born, the angels sighed enchanted.

There is a lot of me on you and a lot of you in me, son!

You breathed and the world was right again.

my son, you have mom’s love forever.

Son, I want to see you discovering life with a smile on your face.

Taking care of you is my joy.

I don’t remember how I was before you.

There is no one I love more and want more by my side than you!

You look like an angel, but there is no wings.

You don’t even know when it comes and already has love for life.

By your side, I know I’m happier because you are my happiness.

my boy, go where your heart send know that you will always have your home to return.

It is a lot of joy to have a boy who was God who gave you. See also quotes for blessed son and tell him how grateful is to the Lord for your life!

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