60 affectionate messages to make someone special feel loved

Do not expect a specific date to show your love. These quotes of affection for someone special are perfect for you to express your feeling every day. This will bring comfort and the certainty that your relationship is on the right track. Now just choose, copy, paste and send to someone you love so much. Check it out!

Quotes of affection for someone special who will bring a warm to the heart

Your affection is like a warm coffee on cold days.

We were born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment we are not alone.

If you depend on me, you will always have a guaranteed cafuné on bad days.

I don’t know what is bigger, my affection or my admiration for you.

warm cake and words of love. Two things that make the heart cozy.

To love and be loved is to feel the sun on both sides.

Every time I see your photo I want to say how much I love you. You are beautiful inside and out!

When you are depressed, confused, and need a friendly hand and nothing is working, close your eyes and think of me.

Your problems are mine too. And that I do for you and no one else. What I want is to see your good.

When I have doubts about what to do, I think about what you would do and get quiet with my decision.

When I grow up, I want to be the same!

Friendship is not sought, not dreaming, not desired, it exerts itself: it is a virtue.

Your affection is the best reward for a bad day.

friend, I will never give up on you and by your life I will intercede. Even if I’m far away, my love will find you because you are impossible to forget.

I feel alone, but I know I’m not, because I take you in the thought. My fear goes and recovers the faith.

Open your arms and receive my virtual hug. I’m missing you!

Your most beautiful curve is your smile.

While we have each other, we will be fine.

You are the reason I wake up and sleep smiling.

“I love you” seems so little to express the size of the affection I have for you.

everywhere I’m looking now I’m surrounded by your hug.

I feel your affection miles away. I hope you feel the same!

And I will give you all my affection, with the reason for making you happy and feel loved. Life gets better by your side!

My home address is your body. There is no mansion that compares with your hug.

When everything looks like a floor, you can lean on me so as not to fall.

I have so much to tell you, but with words I can’t say. How great is my love for you!

I hope every day you are closer to winning everything you have always dreamed of. Your happiness is mine too.

It is in the small actions that I realize how special you are.

You are like this for me. My beginning, middle and end. The moment I saw you smile, that’s when I discovered happiness itself.

I already know what your main gifts are: make people happy and be an amazing human being!

Try to tell the stars and will know the number of times I smile beside you.

You know that someone is important when this person’s victories are also their victories. I feel that way with you!

Passing to tell you how I love you. Just to say how I want you well. I don’t know how to live without your affection, I get sad if you don’t come.

Having your company makes my life easier and more light. By your side, nothing seems to go wrong.

We arrived in the other’s life to stay. My happiness is where you are.

I spent my mega-sena ticket when I found you.

Caring is the greatest proof of love. Forever I will protect you!

I see sparks flying every time you smile.

The best place in the world is in a hug.

With you by my side, any destination looks like a good idea.

When love is sincere it comes with a great friend, and when friendship is concrete it is full of love and affection.

I’m in need of your hug. The one who crushes and looks like it will break me into pieces. But that actually recomposes me.

There are times when I don’t even believe a person like you exists. And the best, which is part of my life.

Together on the net balance sheet under the starry sky, the time for when I get by your side. The night comes I close my eyes and it is you who I see, as I wanted to be with you I stop and make a wish.

affection is the purest form of connection between two people.

Each time someone quotes your name, I smile.

You gave me eternity within our numbered days.

When I know we’ll see each other, my day starts differently. More colorful, happier.

You have the key to the most special corner of my heart.

Our good energy is so intense when we are together that it is dangerous to short-circuit.

I think I’m sick of longing and your affection is the perfect medicine to heal me.

The most beautiful statements are those that cannot be made in words, but only with acts of much love and affection.

There is no more important commitment than saying that I love you. I stop everything to remind you how special you are.

I hope all your days are as special as you. You deserve to be happy!

Even if time move us away, your place in my heart is irreplaceable.

When words are lacking, when longing hurts and when a thousand hours are not enough. This is how you know you love a person. This is how I feel with you.

have no wings and cannot fly. But in your heart, they bring the gift of love.

It is so good to share life with you. Joys increase and pain decreases.

You should be part of the solar system, as you illuminate the lives of so many people.

When you need affection, you run to my Colinho.

With so many versatile options, you can use these quotes with your love, family and friends. And to continue spreading a lot of joy and beautiful words, also check out these quotes of short happiness!

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