60 rest messages to enjoy your free time

The secret to living well is to find balance in everything. It is knowing when to battle, but also know the time to stop and relax. If tiredness comes, don’t be discouraged, instead, rest. The following messages will surely help you with this. Check out rest quotes and enjoy this restoration moment!

Rest Quotes on the weekend

May the weekend be light!

After a crazy week, I’ll have the necessary rest finally!

The best type of rest is the deserved one. Like your weekend!

Rest, reflect, smile, get distracted. The weekend is yours!

The weekend has come to remind us that it is time to slow down and rest.

Have a weekend full of joys, smiles and a lot of rest. Enjoy!

My plans for this weekend: sleep, relax and rest.

Amazing how only two days are able to restore us so much. I love you, weekend!

That this weekend is invigorating. That I can rest and recover my energies for the new challenges.

Nothing better than a weekend at home to rest and put the mind in place!

May the tranquility of the weekend rest last all week!

Weekend is time to rest and be happy. Great rest to all!

Rest Quotes in Nature

Nothing surpasses the peace that nature gives us.

Nature reminds me that there is time for everything, even to rest.

With your feet on the grass, body in the sun and listening to the birds corner I feel renewed!

close to nature we are much happier!

Nature is in charge of bringing to the rest of the soul.

The beauty of nature delights my soul and raises my heart to the most perfect peace of mind!

I contacted nature looking for rest, but she gave me much more than I asked.

Being in contact with nature brings peace, renews energies and makes us lighter!

Walking in nature is feeling the lighter body and the soul rested.

Peace is when nature surrounds you, cherishes you.

How good it is to rest in Mother Nature’s arms!

Nature transforms us, frees us, invigorates us.

Rest Quotes on the beach

You need to salgate your feet to sweeten the soul.

I give myself and renew myself in this energy that the Blue Sea brings me.

Appreciating the coming and going from the waves of the sea makes me breathe calmly, makes me relax.

P.R.A.I.A: Stop, breathe, walk, imagine, calm.

On the beach I find the energies I need to rest and feel alone.

For more days with sun, sea, sand and a lot of rest!

There are seas that come for good.

When the heart asks for a beach, it is because the body and mind need to rest.

Near the sea we are happier. And less tired.

At the Praia’s calm, the sea hugs me and the waves restore me.

feet in the sand, peace in the soul.

Just seeing the waves of the sea I feel the rest approaching.

Rest and Peace Quotes

I want to live in the rest of a heart in peace.

In the simplicity of the moments lies the rest of the mind and the peace of the heart.

The rest of the mind comes when the heart lives in peace, without hurt and without grudge.

May your rest have the perfume of peace.

When you allow yourself to rest, you find the peace you need so much.

May your night be beautiful! With peace, tranquility, rest and good dreams.

Everything goes well with peace and tranquility.

The body rests when the mind is at peace.

Living in peace is knowing how to find the balance between hard work and rest.

When I rest in God, He brings me the peace I need so much.

A peaceful mind is quiet to know the right time to stop and rest.

Peace is a valuable good that is achieved when we prioritize and rest.

Rest and Rest Quotes

The body needs rest, the mind needs peace and the heart needs joys.

When you are tired, don’t give up. Trust the power of a good night’s sleep.

When the mind rests, the wings of imagination fly free.

Happiness is where the heart finds rest.

A little rest a day brings the necessary rest to achieve all goals.

May your night be quiet and bring the rest necessary to rest body and mind.

idleness is necessary to create. Remember to rest and rest.

May these vacation days be of rest, rest and tranquility.

When you feel tired, know how to stop and rest. On the way to the goals, rest is a necessary stop.

May the angels keep their sleep and watch their rest. Good night!

After calendar and stressful days, I will rest and have the rest deserved!

Good night! May rest, rest, good dreams and a beautiful dawn come.

For sure these quotes showed you the importance of stopping and relaxing, right? See also quotes of inner peace to face life more smoothly and serenely.

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