60 pregnancy status messages that reveal the emotion of this moment

Pregnancy is a very special moment. This is when we begin to generate the life of the person we will love for all our lives. There are many things lived at this stage, the changes, the wait and the preparation for the arrival of the baby. With that in mind, we have selected the best pregnancy quotes for status. Check it out and share the emotions of being pregnant!

Pregnancy quotes for status that celebrate your baby’s waiting

The love of my life has not yet been born, but it is already growing inside my belly!

Pregnancy showed me that the best things take time to be ready.

9 months go by fast when you are waiting to know the great love of your life.

The experience of motherhood begins the day we find that we are pregnant. I already feel mom!

For the next 9 months, my body will be home. I’m pregnant!

months of waiting that anticipate a lifetime of love.

A new phase of my life will begin. And it will be the happiest phase I have ever lived. I’m pregnant!

The moment I found out that you came, my heart flooded the greatest love in the world. I’m waiting for you, baby!

I carry you in me, and you already teach me a love that I didn’t even know how possible.

My body changes a little more every day. And my heart fills a little more love with you believing in me!

The clothes no longer fit, I’m no longer so agile, but I’m so happy to generate you in me, son!

These are two hearts that beat me. Grow in health and come in your time, son!

Our love has multiplied and now grows inside me. We already love you so much, son!

Now I’m your home and when you are born, I will always be your shelter, my baby!

What are a few months of waiting for a lifetime of love and happiness?

Come in your time and healthy, my baby. Around here, we get everything to get to you.

That the next 9 months go flying because I’m longing for you in my arms!

I discovered me stronger, more loving and more woman when I learned that I was pregnant!

You are growing inside me and my arms yearn for having you here!

Pregnancy is the way to realize my biggest dream: to be a mother!

That the next 9 months pass fast. That I am ready to live the privilege of having you by my side.

When I heard the beat of your heart, I realized it was the sound I always expected to hear. I already love you, my baby!

Mom is with the heart a thousand waiting for you, my baby!

I turned a pony that is baking a roll for 9 months. What a hot phase of my life!

It’s not just my body that is changing, it is my whole life. And I’m so happy with all this!

I’m living a happy wait and preparing everything to receive my baby in my arms.

Our baby will be beautiful and loved because it is the fruit of our love.

A baby is a work of art that is born of love. You are our masterpiece!

Something so small has already shown me that love is greater than the oceans. I love you, my son!

What is 9 months when I think I will have you in my arms for my life, my son? I love you so much!

My life in the next 9 months will be to prepare me to have you in my arms!

I didn’t know that love was so intense until you felt moving inside me.

Motherhood is just starting and I feel that I am ready to live all challenges with love.

I am crying for everything, but it is because happiness is dripping through my eyes.

Pregnancy is to house in the womb the most accurate treasure that has ever been seen around the world.

I feel guardian of a beautiful story that starts inside my womb.

Pregnancy made me discover that what matters in life is love and our family.

You have not arrived yet and I feel that my life will never be the same. It makes me so happy!

contrary to mathematics, our love made 1+1 being equal to 3 and this always seemed to me the right account.

It is growing in me, a force majeure than anything. I will do everything for you, my baby!

You made me better when you chose my womb to grow.

May my heart be very calm to receive you and take all anxiety until you are born.

The reward of these 9 months will be a lifetime of joy. I love you so much, my baby!

The meaning of my life, from now on, is to help you find yours when you are born, my baby!

Being pregnant is being delighted with someone you are starting to know.

I dreamed of all my life and I can’t wait to feel you in my arms.

When love between two people has nowhere to fit, an angel is born. I’m looking forward to meeting you, my son!

From all this phase represents, the daily lesson of love is the greatest gift!

I thought I knew how to love, but I found that love is deeper when it is born inside us.

Looking forward to your arrival, my son.

Motherhood became my life inside out, and then I discovered that the reverse is my right side.

Being pregnant is seeing everything change. It is to rejoice with all these changes because they prepare you for the happiest day of your life.

I can’t wait for you to arrive and have you in my arms.

The love of my life comes in nine months!

You haven’t even been born yet and it has already caused me a huge good. I love you, my baby!

There is a love that grows more and more within me: my baby.

I already planned all your room, I already know by color every song that I will sing for you.

I received the gift of generating life and it seems that all life has prepared me for this moment.

The strength of motherhood is greater than the laws of nature.

You are already the most beautiful part of my story. I love you with all my heart, my baby.

that this phase is light and full of love. Be sure to register every moment to eternalize it in memory and post the memory with one of our pregnant photo subtitles!

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