60 messages about love that show its power and intensity

Love is the feeling that moves people, the world, and the history of humanity. It is he who gives color to the days, forces the hearts in love and helps people leading them to overcome everything. To better understand this sweeping force, check out the best quotes on love. Share who you love to say how true this feeling is!

Quotations about love for those who love with all their hearts

There is no more beautiful romance than the one you live with with yourself.

Love survives times, distance, fears and adversity because it is stronger than anything.

There is beauty in all kinds of love because it is the one who makes us unique and special.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

Embrace every opportunity to love because they give meaning to life.

To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction.

Love is the only thing that grows as you share.

Love when returned is the most addictive drug that exists.

It is not worth loving who does not make a point of you. This is the translation of suffering for free.

love and change things interest me more.

You can love and be loved, but if you don’t love yourself, you will never feel complete.

Love is that. Do not hold, do not press, do not suffocate. Because when it turns knot, it is no longer a lace.

true love is rare and is the only thing that gives life a true meaning.

Lack of love is the true pain that only heals when it is discovered loved by the one who brought us to existence: God Himself.

To surrender to love is to trust that this will be what will not hurt you.

I only close my eyes and surrender because love always is worth it, even if love does not last long.

Love is the poetry of the senses. When it exists, it exists forever and increasingly increases.

The important thing is that love does not hurt or attach anyone. Otherwise, it’s worth it, it’s worth the life.

Who says that he gave up on love is saying that he gave up his own life.

The essence of humanity is love. Without Him, we wouldn’t even be here.

Love is not seen with the eyes, but with the heart.

Love reveals the treasures hidden in the soul and heart of people.

Everything that is done in the name of love is eternalized in the history of humanity.

Who feels, knows exactly the moment the key turned and turned into love.

What is done for love is always beyond good and evil.

A happy heart is the inevitable result of an burning heart of love.

The more love we have, the easier we do our passage through the world.

Love builds foundations that do not fall even during the scariest storms.

Give those you love: wings to fly, roots to go back, and reasons to stay.

When all you need most is the company’s company, it is concluded that love has already taken over everything.

When love knocks, open the door. Missing an opportunity to love can mark you for a lifetime.

Love does not support relationships alone. Respect, complicity and loyalty must accompany you.

Fighting for love is good, but reaching it without struggle is better.

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the carnival.

Nothing is so hard and ferorean that it cannot be overcome with the fire of love.

To love is to admire with the heart. Admiring is loving with the brain.

Love needs food to grow. He is like a flower: if he is no longer watered, he dies.

Love is not sin. In fact, it is the greatest blessing God has given us.

Be careful with harmful attitudes disguised with love.

so good to die of love and continue living.

Love like your self I will never have, love that I never saw the same, that I will never see again. Love that is not asked, love that is not measured, that is not repeated.

Love life, your dreams, friends, family and everything, because there are different ways and intensities to love.

Love is an act of courage.

True love is not over, so don’t believe in happy endings.

When a past love still echoes in your heart, you will not be able to surrender to a new love.

Love does not make the world spin. Love is what makes the turning worth it.

Love is also rational, because it is you who choose to those who will deliver it or not.

Love, because nothing better for health than a corresponded love.

Love is the most subtle force in the world.

I chose to love regardless of everything because it is from this source that comes the best things.

Love is not a bargaining chip and cannot be negotiated by any money in the world.

The most beautiful quotes of love are said in the silence of a look.

The miracle of our existence is perceived from the moment love reaches our life.

Fundamental is really love, it is impossible to be happy alone.

Love has to be free because when it holds, it completely loses its essence.

Love makes everything more flavor, more color and, incredible as it seems, more love.

For each person, love has a smell, a shape and a recipient.

What memory loves becomes eternal. I love you with the memory, imperishable.

true love is when even the person’s defects are kind and make sense to you.

Always choose love because it will find a way in other things.

This special feeling deserves to be lived and celebrated every day. To be even more enchanted by him, check out quotes of love poems and let the words of the poets touch your heart.

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