60 ironic status messages for those who love sincere mockery

Sincerity is an important thing for good coexistence, but there are time we feel we need to get lighter. Shoot the first stone who has never mocked a situation to give that smooth smoothly. We have selected these comic ironic quotes for status so you will share moid with class and naturalness. Come check it out and have fun!

Ironic citations for status that will subtly pin that person

I do not wish evil to anyone, I only wish what one deserves. If she deserves bad thing the fault is not mine!

mocking I don’t know, but clueless you are surely.

speaks in the face! On the back, you do massage.

Taking care of my life is easy, I want to see my bills!

If one day a journalist at Globo is missing, they can come here to hire the gossip on my street. They know everything!

You have reached 100% of your package of being muggle. Want to recharge?

I don’t love you, no … I just give you ball because my dream is to be a gandula.

If you talk bad about me call me, I know terrible things about me.

There are people finding themselves the last cracker in the package and forgetting that the last is always the most broken and withered!

The gossip you invent about me not just create my fame, but yours too.

shame tea in the face, nobody wants to take.

I’m not a teacher to be forced to keep explaining things to you.

Here where I live, the people invent, increase, spread and dispute to see who has the most unprecedented gossip.

That’s it, right: after living in hells, it’s not any situation that burns me.

People who do not understand ironies are too innocent to live on this planet.

I need a turn in my life, like you, becoming my love.

Take a sick nut here.

loved, you are not the sun for my life revolve around yours … At most, you are the earth and are turning around yourself!

Who has to have good impression is the printer, not me.

Many take care of my life and few send a pix to my account.

has already tired of being inconsistent or is still waiting to be ashamed?

The person pretends to delude me and I pretend to believe in it.

I am sincere. If you can’t stand the answer then don’t ask the question.

I was here looking for when I asked for your opinion, but I didn’t find it.

charges someone else’s respect, but there is no respect …


If you are left time to take care of the life of others, adopt a cat, he has seven!

By chance my face called you somewhere for you to walk around saying you don’t go with her?

I have no enemies, I have angry fans.

I have a squeegee to get cloth to others, by chance?

My motto is: if you didn’t add, don’t get into the account.

I don’t care that they speak badly about me. Who really knows me, knows that I am much worse.

spends the day talking badly of me behind my back, and then I am false.

what irony, the world so round and full of square people.

Poor boy, I wanted to make me a clown … Soon I, the owner of the circus.

My life is not fly to be in frog’s mouth …

If I use Defense Defense Mechanism? But of course not, dear gold rosemary!

Sarcasm is ineffective against stupid people.

I’m not msn for you to be drawing attention.

passing to remind you that its brightness is oiliness.

If it was grudging I kept it.

There are people wanting to know more than Google.

For those who don’t know me, I’m calm and calm … who knows me is silent, please.

I went to see the old conversations and saw that my mistake was answered.

ué! Turned to be investigating me?

irony is you dreaming high, with small attitudes.

There are people who don’t like me because of what I say. Imagine if they knew what I think.

If my joy bothers you, you who withdraw.

Don’t give me compliments, give me money!

Water cup storm is little … I make a flood in syrup cap.

I pity I have on the keyboard. From you, I really have indifference!

Life could have the options to silence and block, right?

All I know is that one of us is right and the other is you.

so dick that on the birthday I will give a peroba oil.

I am so bathed in irony that even when I am serious people suspect.

My patience is the same money … I don’t have it, and when I have it, add fast.

There are people who find themselves prolonged holiday when it is not really a quarter of ashes.

My native language is sincerity, but I am also fluent in ironies.

A toast to this falsehood that unites us.

envy of you? Envy I have who can spend the holidays on the Maldives. From you, I have a pity!

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