60 cold status messages that show how much you love this climate

When temperatures fall, it’s time to take the warm clothes and the blankets of the wardrobe. For those who love this mood, it is the perfect time to be happy and enjoy. For those who hate, soon the summer returns to the scene. Check out cold quotes for status, read while warming up and share your opinion about winter.

Cold quotes for status that will warm you when temperatures fall

Another day of cold and another day of happiness for the enemies of heat.

Get down a hot chocolate because the cold has arrived and only then to warm me.

I will solve your problem with winter: we both cold is much better than both feeling cold alone.

The colder it gets, the more happiness lodges on me.

On cold days, your hug is my favorite blanket.

My winter look is the most beautiful: sweatshirt and slipper with sock.

Beware of the cold: it freezes the coffee in a second if you are inattentive.

I just realize that my wardrobe is not prepared for winter when it cools and I have nothing to heat me up.

In this cold, I can only think about the different soups that I will take.

Enjoy the beauty of life when it cools because even time seems to slow down.

In the dispute of what is colder, your heart always wins.

I like cold, but for one reason: I appreciate a warm food with broths.

I even like the cold, but when I have a love to warm me.

If you find a lot of covered walking around, know that this is my way of protecting me from the cold.

If I leave home in the cold to see you, know it is because I really love you.

Nothing against the cold, I just want him to go as far as possible from me.

changing the beer for wine because it cooled and I need to warm up.

cold, come slowly because I have to wait for the card to turn to buy new clothes.

I always forget what it’s like to feel cold until it comes to visit me very intensely.

In the cold, we feel more hungry because you need to warm out from the inside out.

Hot chocolate to sweeten life and warm the heart in the cold.

I’m in love with the cold because no clothes stick to me from so much sweat.

Rhinitis is the first to visit me when the cold arrives, the second is laziness.

I made a tea, I took my book and I will enjoy time pass very slowly now that it is cold.

It is cold everywhere. I need a blanket that is like a hug.

Do not let your heart flame go out because it will warm you in the cold.

Love makes life hot until temperatures are low.

Another year that the cold comes and I don’t have a big guy to warm me this winter.

Adult life teaches you that in the cold you have to keep getting up early and not cool.

sleeping with cold is great, the problem is just wake up.

If the cold remains out of my heart, I’m already in profit.

Mornings are more beautiful when they don’t start with 30ÂșC and a cracking sun.

Status: Putting the covers in the sun so as not to attack rhinitis at bedtime with this tasty cold.

Raising early in the cold should be considered a crime. I support those who want to invent this law.

I don’t know if I take tea because I like it or because I need to heat my hand on the mug.

I am having difficulty typing because my cell phone does not recognize my finger with glove.

You don’t feel cold because it’s the current state of your heart.

I don’t mind getting ugly with a lot of clothes, I just want to be warm.

Enjoy the cold because, in Brazil, it goes away as fast as it arrives.

Cold is the reason for my longing and happiness.

I started taking a shower at lunch time because it is the only time I can take off my clothes without cold.

We control the cold by putting clothes; The heat, in taking off all clothes can cool off.

The cold arrives with laziness and I just want to lie down.

I try to look elegant in the cold, but I can only get warm if it seems like a clown with all the clothes on my wardrobe.

Wrapped in the covers, I lie down, get up and I will live my day.

Stop passing cold alone! Stay with me that we get cold together.

programming my holidays to the cold, so nobody sees me ridiculous and full of clothes, nor do I expose to the cold.

You have to love people as if they were cold because this is the best time of year and asks for warm hugs.

Only a few days of cold are enough to return the desire to live.

Winter never seems too cold when you have a heart full of love.

It has a warm heart and the cold out there does not affect your joy.

Sleeping tasty is something that only happens when it cools.

I was startled when I opened the window because it seemed I was opening the refrigerator.

a cold day and a coffee. This is my definition of perfection.

If your hug does not come to warm me, maybe I die of cold.

In the cold, I can drink my coffee without sweating and that’s why I like winter.

Keep your heart warm and the cold will not cause you any harm.

If you do a little more cold, no one else will see me out of the house.

Status: Cultivating thoughts about summer so as not to feel the cold that is out there.

My warm bed is my best friend in winter.

Enjoy the cold days and eat a lot of warm and hot things. To celebrate the most poetic season of the year, check out winter quotes and see the beauty of low temperatures.

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