60 Christian messages to keep your faith unshakable in God

With all the wars and evil present in the world, it is hard to believe that there is someone taking care of us every second. But there is! God looks at us all the time even if we do not see Him. However, in order for us to receive this unconditional love and affection, we need to be in contact with the word of the Lord.

Many people do not yet know the love of Christ or, for some reason, have moved away from Him. We need to recover these Christians and also form new followers. But how can this be done? Spreading the Word around!

How about being part of all this? Because you can. It’s time to get to reach for the unshakable love of the father and also show him to the rest of the world, starting with those you know. For this, we have selected a beautiful list of Christian quotes that will help you with this mission, check out:

Short Christian Quotes

With the rush of everyday life, many people are not able to stop for a few seconds to enjoy something, who will say to read something. So why not try to reach these people with short quotes? Check out this list of short Christian quotes and spread on posters, messages on WhatsApp or even and letters out there!

The name of God is really magnificent!

I am the way, the truth and the life.

The firm heart in God does not fear bad news.

Flores where God planted you.

May love be abundant. That forgiveness is constant.

The world closes doors, but God opens ways.

Jesus loves you.

It is the heart that feels God and not reason.

Recognition of sin is the beginning of salvation.

We are no longer the center of life; God is the new reference.

Christian quotes for young people

One of the greatest current challenges of the Church is to reach young people and bring them to the Christian life. Sometimes all you need is to spread God’s Word in a way that they identify with. How about sending these Christian quotes to a teen friend of yours?

I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

my son, hear your father’s teaching, and don’t leave your mother’s instruction.

This is what I ask you, let your love grow more and more.

Christ is the solution to the world.

True believer does not judge, embrace neighbor and offers love.

ei! Don’t use drugs, but let God be your addiction…

There is a god in heaven that the letter on paper cannot describe.

Never start a relationship without hearing the voice of God.

I wrote you, young people, because you are strong, and the Word of God is in you.

To hear the voice of God diminish the volume of the world.

Impacting Christian Quotations

If God has a huge impact on our lives, why would your word not have either? Reading something can change one’s life and inspire them to follow the way of Jesus Christ! Check out these impactful Christian quotes and share with those you know:

God will clean from your eyes all the tears.

Give all your concerns to God, for He takes care of you.

We must live in such a way that when God begins his great triumphal march, we join the first battalion and take part in the first victories.

A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for Santos.

The Bible does not command sinners to seek the Church, but orders the Church to go in search of sinners.

The habit of talking to God changes our way of talking to people.

There are two types of people: those who are afraid of losing God and those who are afraid of finding Him.

There are only two types of people to whom you can call yourself reasonable: either those who serve God with all their hearts because they know Him, or those who seek Him with all heart because they do not know Him.

If you do not love Jesus aloud, then it should not be true love. It is not enough to forge your own spiritual connection with the divine; It must be displayed publicly.

Before we can pray “come your kingdom,” we must be willing to pray “May our kingdom go.”

Smart Christian Quotes

Though many religious quotes usually always speak of God’s love, they make us think and reflect on the way they are pronounced. The intelligence of the word is often underestimated, so we select a list of smart Christian quotes that will make you reflect, check out:

God’s reverent fear is the key to fidelity in any situation.

Just as firefighters are in a hurry to put out the flames of great fire to save lives, we should be in a hurry to set the world on fire with the fire of the Holy Spirit to really save the lives.

Conversion is not a smooth and easy process as some people imagine; If so, the heart of man would never have been compared to an unsurpassed soil, and the Word of God, to a plow.

Faith does not eliminate fears, but knows where to deposit them.

The fact that being a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian. But, being a Christian, makes me a different kind of woman.

Satan is the great imitator of God.

God knows the way you walk, but you don’t know his.

Have you heard Jesus utter a hard word? If not, I doubt I heard you say something.

God never delay or is late, it is the lack of patience that leads some people not to understand their designs.

No one makes padlocks without keys. Likewise, God gives no problems without solutions.

Christian quotes for status

In today’s modern world, the internet has been taking the space of conversation face to face. But who said that the word of God has no place in it too? One way to show others the love of the father is to write where it can be seen. Choose one of the Christian quotes for the following list status and post social networks!

God converts the desert into a lake and the dry earth into sources.

I think my philosophy is this: everything is wrong until God straightens.

the one who protects me never sleeps.

The solution does not fall from heaven, but my strength comes from there.

Thank you my God for your love! Even though I am this sinner, the Lord still calls me daughter.

Without Jesus Christ we do not know what our life is, our death, no God, nor ourselves.

Happiness is not just inside us or outside of us, but in our union with God.

There is no more brutal stupid than forgetting God.

The dog barks when its owner is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw the divine truth be attacked and continue in silence, without saying anything.

God does not choose the skilled, enables the chosen ones.

Christian quotes of love

What the church preaches the most is love. God’s love, love of neighbor, and most importantly: love and care for ourselves. He is the key to everything and can change the world! Check out some Christian quotes of love that we have selected and reflect on this feeling that has a lot to teach.

God’s love is the essence of life!

To unite you need to love, to love you need to know, to know you need to meet the other.

One of the ways to love a person is praying for them.

Christian dating needs to have a God -focused purpose.

Thus, they are no longer two, but one meat. Therefore, what God has united, no one separates.

Hate causes dissension, but love covers all sins.

He who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Love is always patient and generous. It is never envious, it is neither rude nor selfish. It is not offended or resent, but rejoice with the truth.

Love can do everything. It is not jealous, it does not behave indecently. Everything expects. Everything believes. Love wins everything.

Christ has died for us and this is the real love we will have in life.

The true mission of Christians is to spread the word, have you done it? Then time to roll up the sleeves and bring the divine teachings to all. This selection of quotes from Jesus is perfect to have where to start, check out!

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