60 Catholic messages to remember Christian values

Catholicism is a religion based on love as its main commandment and value: love of neighbor, love for God, love for creation. The Catholic has as its premise to make the world a better place and spread the word of Christ in every corner, giving his life into every aspect to God, walking along the path of truth.

Thinking about it, we separate beautiful and inspiring Catholic quotes for you to share. Check it out!

Catholic Quotes of Santos

saints are an important part for the Catholic Church, for they were human beings like us who followed and disseminated the Creator’s Word around the world, following a holy life away from the temptations of the world. Check out Quotes from Catholic saints:

Learn in your mother’s heart as you love Jesus.

There are three ways for failure: not teaching what is known, not practicing what is taught, and not asking what is ignored.

Pride is the source of all weaknesses, because it is the source of all addictions.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

We must be supplied to the Lord to increase the spirit of holiness in the Church and send us new saints to evangelize the world of today.

Start by doing what is needed, then what is possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

Let us be charitable and humble and make it alms because it is washing the soul of the spots of sin.

It is not so much what we do, but why we do that determines goodness or malice.

Never lose sight of your starting point.

Beautiful Catholic Quotes

Faith in Christ and in our Lord must always be unshakable. So, we separated some beautiful Catholic quotes to get closer to the Creator:

Where there is faith, there is love, where there is love, there is peace, where there is God, nothing lacks.

Do not be led by the voice of its fears and disappointments; be led by your dreams and the voice of God who always wants to speak in your heart.

we walk through faith, not the vision.

Seek to make love.

Everything your hand finds to do, do it with all your heart.

Are we annoyed with someone? Let us pray for that person. This is Christian love.

the one who believes in me will never be alone.

Nothing resembles God so much as we are always willing to forgive.

And if the treacherous nights come, if the heavy cross is, Christ will be with you, even if the world makes you cry, God wants you smiling.

Good people deserve our love, bad people need him.

Mary Catholic Quotes

Mary, besides Mother of Christ, is considered in Catholicism as the mother of us all. She is the merciful woman who agreed to carry Jesus in her belly even against all, so that salvation will reach the earth. Check out these quotes that talk about this amazing woman:

Every time, every day, hand in hand with Maria.

It is love what can most resemble Mary, imitate the Mother of God, is to learn to love, for she lives in essence what her Son Jesus is by nature: love.

If she sustains you, you will not fall; If it protects you, you will have nothing to fear; If she leads you, you will not tire you, if she is favorable, you will reach the end.

Blessed be our God who gave us his mother for our mother.

Fill security: We have for Mother the Mother of God, the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and the World.

Through the Rosary, the Christian people learn from Mary to contemplate the beauty of the face of Christ, and to experience the depth of their love.

I’m all yours, Mary, and all that is mine belongs to you.

Mary was happy because she heard the Word of God and put it into practice; kept more the truth of Christ in his mind than the body of Christ in his bosom.

If the wind of temptations rises, if the chosen of tribulation is interposed in your way, look at the star, invoke Mary.

The greatest joy we can give Mary Most Holy is to take the Eucharistic Jesus to our chest.

Catholic Quotes for Youth

We have separated the best Catholic quotes to keep young people on the right way despite all difficulties and temptations. Check it out!

Walking a peaceful road full of blessings is a choice, and it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

God always reserves us the best. But asks us to be surprised by your love, we welcome your surprises. We trust God! Far from His, the wine of joy, the wine of hope, runs out.

The young man needs to answer God’s call and cannot ignore the Lord of everything, for the future depends on the generation of the now and the Christian faith always needs new voices.

God does not choose skilled people, He enables the chosen ones.

Youth is a time of great ideals. I often want to say that it gives me sadness to see a retired young man. How important it is for you, young people begin to intuit that true happiness goes through the struggle for a more fraternal country!

Young people should not accept God simply after repenting several sins, as there is a way before errors.

Never put a question mark, where God has already put an end point.

Young people, as more impatient beings, are unhappy when a blessing is not enough and begins to question. But there is no this to God and only He knows the exact moment to gather us.

If you want to be discouraged, look at you, if you want to be disappointed look at men, but if you want to be saved, look at Jesus.

Although my mind and body weaken, God is my strength, He is all I always need.

Catholic Quotes for Friends

A true friendship is also based on the word of the Lord, so we select Catholic quotes for you to share with your friends. Check it out!

The friend loves at all times; is a brother in adversity.

When you are sad, remember that God is always with you, and He shows us how well life is well lived even in the little things.

no one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends.

How good and pleasant when the brothers live in UniĆ£o!

It is better to rebuild openly than hidden love. Who hurts for love shows loyalty, but the enemy multiplies the kisses.

perfume and incense bring joy to the heart; From the sincere council of man is born a beautiful friendship.

Do not forget that true forgiveness recognizes itself by acts, much more than words.

Friend’s gaze rejoices to the heart; Good News strengthen even the bones.

Friendship makes the best of a person emerge by forgetting himself.

Dedicate themselves to each other with fraternal love. Prefer to give honor to others more than you.

Catholic pride quotes

Catholicism is a beautiful religion that preaches love and devotion to God and the next. So there is nothing better than demonstrating pride meaning to be part of this community! Check out the pride quotes to be Catholic:

I praise the Lord to hear my love from heaven!

I am proud to be Catholic and walk with Christ, my Lord and my salvation!

Christ taught me the true meaning of love and I am proud to always carry it in the chest.

The Lord is my pastor, and nothing will be lacking! That’s why I’m proud to praise you.

I am Catholic and I love Maria!

I believe in the Catholic Church, which has been overcoming its enemies for 2000 years and I am proud to be part of it!

My church does not preach prosperity but solidarity, so I am proud to be Catholic!

I love the Catholic Church, as Christ loved it making it holy and immaculate.

Being or not being a Christian is a choice, not for a religion, but by principles of love. That’s why I’m proud to say: I’m a Christian!

Kiss your passion that frees me from my passions!

Always remembering the Word of God and His teachings is essential to staying in the path He has planned for us. How about checking out our list of quotes of trust in God and further reinforcing your faith?

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