60 captions for a photo with a friend full of affection and admiration | messages, wishes and quotes

Recording moments with friends is great. Photos with everyone together are a great way to immortalize unforgettable encounters and also to post on social media as a cute statement.

Choose your favorite photo from your last outing with your partners and check out the best captions for photos with friends that will help you declare all your affection and admiration for them.

Captions for a photo with a friend that will help you thank them for the partnership

Nothing is better than having crazy friends.

The art of being crazy is never committing the madness of being a normal guy.

I have friends to know who I am, because seeing them crazy and holy, silly and serious, children and old, I will never forget that normality is an imbecile and sterile illusion.

It looks like a madhouse, but it’s just my friends together!

Friends: with them you do the craziest things, pay the biggest troubles and have the best moments of your life.

Meeting you was a pleasure, being your friend was crazy, now I can only forget you in the grave!

Having a friend means having someone to do certain stupid things with.

Nowadays, true friendship is rare to find. So, love your crazy friend who makes you smile and who accepts the way you are.

Having a friend is great, but having a crazy friend is even better.

The partnership is strong, the enjoyment is crazy and the friendship is eternal.

The sillier and more idiotic, the better the friends.

A friend is someone who teases you, hits you, calls you names, but doesn’t let others do the same thing to you.

Friends: may they be crazy, may they be few, but may they be true!

Apart we are boring, together we are unbearable.

The crazy things in life are even better with crazy friends.

And then you see that there are people crazier than you.

A mixture of fights, hugs, crying, laughter, outbursts, plans… that’s what forms our friendship!

We have fun, we shout, we mess with others, we laugh loudly, we run down the street, we jump, we show our tongues, we sing loudly, we make a mess.

They’re crazy, but they’re friends.

With you, I have fun!

With you, laughter is certain!

Friendship doubles joys and divides sorrows.

I learned that no matter how serious life demands of you, each of us needs a playful friend to have fun with.

It’s with friends that we do the craziest things, pay the biggest troubles and live unforgettable adventures.

When the company is good, even silence is fun.

The best afternoons are the ones where we eat ice cream and talk nonsense with friends.

We don’t need technology, much less modernity, to have fun when you have friends.

I have few friends, but I have a lot of fun with them.

Going out with friends, having fun and laughing is the best medicine, regardless of how you’re feeling.

It doesn’t have to be correct. With friends, everything is wrong and more fun.

It’s with your friends that you make your best stories.

To have fun, you don’t need money, you need friends.

My friends have the gift of transforming my agony into joy.

With a friend by your side, everything is more fun and easier.

Friends are forever, especially the bond that you and I have. I love your fun personality because we look a lot alike.

What is a friend for? To crack the gas, lend the board, recommend a record, give a ride to the party, apply glue, walk in the mall, hold the bar.

When we are together, the devil asks for peace.

The best recipe for forgetting a great love is partying and friends.

Friends are those who go to the club with you, even though they prefer Netflix a thousand times!

With you, any party becomes the best party!

Whoever has friends like mine has fun in any bar or club.

Everywhere we go is a show!

Always with them, on any trip!

Today we just want to dance, throw our problems away!

Life is too short to stop enjoying it!

Together at the party and the hangover.

When you grow up, you don’t lose friends, you discover your real ones.

Even though this friendship started as a simple schoolmate, I know we will be together forever!

It’s about having fun, that’s what we want!

Our friendship goes beyond school or even stages of life. I know we will be linked forever, one way or another.

No special reason, I just want to thank you for your friendship. Your daily company is what makes my life more joyful and full of color.

A promise between friends does not need to be justified.

You’re part of my team, and my team always wins!

Finding a friend is finding hope in life, joy and happiness. It’s having someone to count on, even in times of difficulty. How lucky for me to find you so soon!

The partnership is eternal!

True friendships survive time, distance and any other obstacle in life.

We became friends for life and that’s all I could have wanted!

Luckily for me, I found a true friendship in you!

I know that I will always be able to count on the support of this friendship.

That’s the secret of true friendships: they steal a smile from you, but give you two back.

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