60 birthday messages for a special person that show affection | messages, wishes and quotes

The birthday of someone you care about very much is an event that deserves to be celebrated. To make that person’s day even more incredible, there’s nothing better than remembering the bonds of friendship through a unique congratulation! To do this, check out ideas for birthday messages for a special person!

Birthday messages for a special person that are perfect for congratulating

Congratulations, my dear! From you I learned, among other valuable things, the value of friendship!

Because you are so special in my life, I come here to wish you an enlightened birthday rich in achievements! You deserve the best things.

Celebrate your moment, my eternal friend. Congratulations! May humility continue to be your main characteristic!

Congratulations! You are a unique being that does me a lot of good. I’m a much happier person for having your friendship.

Growing up with you was a mystical adventure; sometimes exciting, sometimes challenging. Now, as adults who own ourselves, I look back on our journey and a tear of happiness comes down. How good it is to be your friend! Have a happy birthday.

A special friend like you deserves to be celebrated all year long! Congratulations on another year of achievements and achievements, you deserve them all.

You light up everyone’s hearts with your unique and special way of being. Have a very happy birthday, rich in wisdom. Kisses!

Our beginning of friendship wasn’t the best, but it was what should have happened. Today, when I see how special you are to me, I just think that I don’t regret anything! Congratulations.

Happy birthday, my love! Know that you are a more than special person in my life! Thank you for complementing my heart.

May your birthday be an unforgettable day! Take advantage of this moment and reflect on your inspiring journey. A kiss and a big hug!

You know very well that, if it were up to me, today would be a national holiday! Congratulations, my dear, lots of smiles and constant happiness.

Know that I miss our daily games and conversations. But the distance is not enough to lessen my affection for you. Have a happy birthday!

Your specialty has always been making me see the good side of life! Have a blessed day today on your birthday!

Today is an incredible day, as it’s your birthday! May we continue our journey together in the years to come!

When I feel alone, I remember your friendship and then I realize that difficult times cannot bring me down, because you are with me. Congratulations on your day. I love you so much!

There were so many journeys we started and finished together that I can barely count them! Happy birthday, my great friend!

When I think about life, I remember how lucky it is to be able to share another year by your side, which is so special to me! Happy birthday.

Enjoy your day, my friend. Once partners, forever partners! Count on me for everything and whenever you need.

I’ve known you for years and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that infinity is too small for you. Congratulations, darling!

It’s your birthday, but I’m the one who receives the greatest gift of all! I am very grateful for your constant presence on my journey!

At certain moments, God presents us with special beings that will last forever in our hearts. It was like that with you, my inspiration. Congratulations!

Today is a party day, my dear! After all, it’s not often that we get to celebrate the birth of an incredibly nice and talented person like you!

I met you in a troubled time and your unique personality helped me improve. Thanks for the moments. Happy birthday!

Cheers! Lots of health, peace and success in your life. Congratulations on this day, which is your birthday. You deserve every good feeling that people who like you think about sharing!

The friendship we have is a rare jewel, a precious raw material that I value with great pride. Have a special day!

I wish you my sincere birthday wishes! I know your book of life is just beginning and you will definitely fill it with brilliant new chapters!

For the most special person in the entire universe, only the best feelings in the world. I love you so much! May your birthday be unforgettable!

As you told me one day, the true value of friendship lies in the memories made. On this special day, I remember ours and I come to wish you a beautiful birthday!

Feel my warm embrace wherever you are, my precious friend. I remember our adventures at least once a day. Congratulations on your day!

Live your day! Don’t forget that you are very loved by me and so many others. All of this is the result of your charming personality!

If there is anything more satisfying than sharing an afternoon with you, I don’t know. Happy birthday! A kiss on the heart!

I celebrate your day like a bird celebrates the blue sky, my friend! I love every minute we live together, between joys and sadness. Congratulations!

Running into you was the best accident fate ever gave me! Who would have thought that we would be such partners for so many years. Enjoy your birthday with my sincere wishes!

What did we prepare for today, huh? I look forward to another unforgettable day with you! Have a wonderful birthday!

A valuable treasure, that’s how I see you in my life. So enjoy your birthday with everyone who loves you!

May the peace of the Lord fill your heart, bringing you much inner light. Live your birthday in the presence of God!

On this birthday of yours, I pray that God continues to protect you and fill your heart with love. May your spirit always be light. Congratulations!

Today I channel all my positivity towards you. Have fun on your birthday, celebrating every little joy!

Happy birthday! Know that I am inspired by your actions when I am seeking to be a better version of myself.

Experience with you has the power to renew my soul. I will be eternally grateful for your company. Congratulations!

Congratulations! The universe will open many doors of success for you in this new age. Keep walking to achieve all your dreams!

Today is my day, your day, our day! How crazy life is, right? We met on one of his birthdays and since then we have always celebrated together!

I know it’s unnecessary to wish you success, since you are the most successful and fulfilled person I know. But I never tire of seeing you look good, so best of luck in this new age. Congratulations!

I can’t let this date go unnoticed, after all, today is your birthday! Then you, who makes me so happy and motivates me to grow. Congratulations!

How can someone know as much about me as you do? Sometimes I even get scared of its ability. I’m lucky to have your insightful observations. Congratulations on your birthday!

You are a golden woman, an unshakable warrior from whom I look for inspiration. I wish you lots of love on your birthday!

Now that I know how wonderful it is to share a true friendship with those who love me, I never want to let go of you again. Happy birthday!

Life will not always be easy. It is in these moments that special people appear and, in a gesture of generosity, change everything. Happy birthday to you!

All the gifts in the world are not enough to congratulate you! You are the best and your friendship is worth gold!

Whoever has a person like you is never alone. How gratifying it is to walk through this world in good company. Good health on your birthday!

With you I learned to see the extraordinary in life, to understand that the details are what matter most. Thank you for everything! Happy birthday.

I sincerely hope your birthday is fantastic, full of surprises! Life is a sea of ​​possibilities and you are not afraid to face them. Congratulations!

For you, the most beautiful flowers and the most beautiful colors! May your day be lively and magical, as every birthday deserves to be. Congratulations!

I know you always say that I’m the group’s advisor, but know that nothing I say comes close to what you say! Congratulations on your day, my source of wisdom!

Living with you is the certainty of a light, pleasant and fulfilled life. With your sweet and gentle way, you enchant me daily. Congratulations on your special date!

Congratulations on your new age! May the cycles be renewed and you can achieve increasingly higher dreams. Kisses from the heart, know that you are important to me!

A sister from another mother, that’s how I see you! Thank you for the friendly words and ear tugging. May your birthday bring you lots of joy!

Make way, because sophistication in person will pass. Congratulations! You are the woman I look to when I want to improve myself. I love you!

Pop some champagne and celebrate your life, because for someone special like you, all toasts are insufficient. Congratulations!

Congratulations to you! Today’s party is nothing compared to the celebration you bring in your heart, infecting everyone who passes your way. Kisses!

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