40 quotes from son to father that will move your great hero | messages, wishes and quotes

We don’t need special dates to tell our parents how much we love them. After all, they spared no effort to raise us and give us all the love in the world. With this in mind, we selected quotes from son to father that will show your king how special he is. Check it out and put a smile on his face!

quotes from son to father full of affection and complicity

The man who taught me everything I know is the man I love most in the world!

Your presence always gave me the confidence to pursue all my dreams. I thank God for your life. I love you, dad!

I know I can count on you at any time of any day. I love you, dad!

Not every king wears a crown. Proof of this is my father.

Father, to the world you are just a father. For me, you are the world.

I’m very proud of my father, being his son is an immense honor.

My dad has the best stories, the best advice and the best hugs!

Thank you for your presence every day of my life. I love you, dad!

Everything good I have I inherited from you, my father!

Father, all my achievements are yours, you are my greatest hero and my greatest teacher.

Father, the more I think, the more I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.

Father is the one who cares, loves and protects us. Thank you for doing all this and more. I love you!

You are not just my father, you are my hero, my teacher, my master and my example.

Dad, the always correct way you raised me only made me want to be a better person!

You taught me to never give up, to stay true to my principles and to always prioritize our family. You’re awesome, dad!

Not every hero wears a cape, right, dad?

My father is the best part of my life, after all, he was the one who taught me to be like this, exactly like him.

Dad, thank you so much for being there and making me feel so loved!

My old man, I am what I am because I had you as my example.

My hero doesn’t wear a cape, he doesn’t have a flat stomach and he’s full of white hair, but he’s still the best in the world!

Dad, I shouldn’t wait a day to tell you the obvious: I love you!

When I’m feeling bad, I just call you, listen to your voice and listen to your best advice. I love you, dad!

I like it when we meet, dad, because we always exchange a lot of ideas over a beer!

I thank God for your life, because you are more than a father to me, you are also a friend. God protect you.

Father, you left me the greatest inheritance in the world: your love!

And with you I learned all my lessons, I faced my dragons.

Father, you always provided all the conditions for me to achieve my dreams. Thank you!

A Father is the one who protects with love, teaches the way with patience and advises with wisdom.

If one day I am half the father you are to me, I know I will have been an incredible father. Thank you for being who you are!

When I look at you, I feel proud to be your son. Thank you for always being so amazing, I love you dad!

My best friend has the same surname as me, my blood, gave me life and is my father!

Thank you, dad, for your support, your dedication and your infinite love. What would I do without you?

My old man has the most sincere and welcoming smile in the world. I love you, dad!

True love never wears out. The more you give, the more you have.

Father, I will always follow in your footsteps.

Father, you are a man of integrity, generous, faithful and very intelligent. There’s no way I could be less than all of this since I took after you, right?

I want to be for my children, everything you were for me!

Being a father means planting and creating roots, it means teaching by holding your hand with courage and determination. I love you!

Father, I’m not the perfect son, but I’ll do the impossible to repay everything you do for me!

Being your son is a gift that I thank God for every day! I love you, dad!

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