50 provocative quotes to heat up your relationship | messages, wishes and quotes

Have you ever thought about warming up your relationship? A great way to do this is by sending one of our provocative quotes. Tell your partner as soon as possible what your most intimate desires are! And so, instigate your greatest desires and fantasies.

Provocative quotes to get out of the routine

Temptation is when the head prohibits, but the body disobeys.

I like cold weather, sweatshirts and rain. Warmth for me, only if it comes from your body.

I want to hear your hoarse voice whispering something in my ear.

I love you with clothes, imagine without!

It’s really difficult to know which sound excites me more: the sound of rain, my favorite song or your voice in my ear.

My body is in a fever of desire, hug me and calm me with a kiss from you.

You have no idea the effects your kisses have on my body!

Only you are capable of setting me on fire inside and making me desire every part of your body.

In every curve of your body I want to write a poem. Just to make you my favorite work.

Our kiss is synchronicity, your body is poetry, the kind that only I can read.

My body in your body. And everything around becomes just an audience.

Show your more feminine, bolder, more provocative side. I swear that your weaker side makes me fall in love, but your more provocative side makes me lose control.

I’m crazy about you!

You provoke me, excite me, drive me crazy and make me go into ecstasy. I’m crazy about you!

You take me to my craziest version.

What do you think about coming here tonight so we can stay in bed and I can give you a little gift?

Romeo and Juliet-type love? What nothing! I’m much more of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith person. Intensity is my name and my last name is provocation.

So let me kiss you until you feel like taking your clothes off.

Just today I’ve wanted you thousands of times!

Since a kiss is worth a thousand words, I would like to write texts all over your body.

It provokes me and encourages me to always want more with each passing second. He takes pleasure in tempting me and, of course, that’s what I like, that’s what I want to taste. It’s you I want now.

Your lips are labyrinths that attract my sluttiest instincts.

I woke up wanting to have you.

Tease me. Kiss me on the mouth. Challenge me. Take me seriously. Get me out of the boredom. Turn my world inside out.

I tidied my house today. Now come help me make a mess.

One of these days we might take something… A shower or something.

Call the police, I’m going to commit a crime, I’m going to steal a kiss from you.

I spend nights awake imagining the two of us, in a provocative silence and feeling a sense of desire that, when I see you, I go crazy with passion.

I’m all yours, use me however you want!

Look, I was just lying in bed and thinking about you.

Your scent sticks to my skin when we part.

I’m all yours and no one else’s.

I’m cold. Why don’t you come here and warm me up?

Take your naughtiness and come here.

I want you to know that tonight was the best night of my life.

The fantastic thing about life is being with someone who knows how to make a small moment a great moment.

I have a burning desire for you that burns my heart and makes my body sweat.

When chemistry is good, physics is chilling.

Your way of teasing me drives me crazy, your smile, your kiss, your hug make me feel warm and want to hold you.

Do you know what I want to do with you now?

If I provoke, it’s because I guarantee myself.

My desire is to throw you against the wall and make you mine, even if it’s just for one night.

I kiss you mentally and you don’t even know.

Just thinking about you makes me feel like that.

Every part of your body seduces me, and your sensuality is an invitation for me to lose myself…

When are you going to invite me to lie in your bed?

A kiss doesn’t satisfy hunger, but it certainly whets the appetite.

I wanted you in my bed and not just in my thoughts.

I want to run my lips over the curves of your body.

Din din din, you can hit on me!

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