56 cute messages to share with someone special

Sometimes, facing life and all the problems that follow our daily lives can be discouraging. But, showing what we have best, we can transform our reality and that of other people into something much lighter.

The best way to expose all the sweetness that exists within us is with words, either in a statement for those we love, for that special friendship or just expressing us to the world.

Thinking about it, we choose the cutest quotes for you to demonstrate everything sweetest and high spirits. Check out our selection and share all this affection!

Cute and short quotes

We do not always need many words to demonstrate what we feel. A simple and sincere phrase can translate a million feelings. Check out this selection the cutest but intense short quotes, ideal for those who like to be straightforward.

You are like a light breeze, refresh the soul.

Everything I lived here prepared to find you.

Love is in small attitudes. Look, smile, understand and take care.

No matter how much it will last – it’s infinite now.

not every king wears crown. Proof of this is my father.

I would still choose you, even with all the options on the planet.

To make the other happy is to be happy without knowing.

Nothing is forever, but we can pretend we don’t know that.

You are my favorite notification!

If it rains love, I wish you a storm!

You make me smile with my heart.

The wind is using your perfume.

Cute Quotations for Photos

The most authentic way to show who we are is through a photo. Why not use a caption that transmits the best of you? See how the quotes below can infect who sees you.

May happiness become routine.

If you make you smile, it’s because it does you good. If you do you good, don’t let you escape.

A smile that comes from the heart has a magical glow that no one can erase.

Never give up on the things that make you smile.

Everything you need is already inside you

smiling is flourishing!

Happiness is just a matter of being.

One day without a smile is a lost day.

I walk, smiling at life and she is smiling at me.

Half of me is love, and the other half too.

Cute friendship quotes

Building sincere friendships takes time and a good part of our lives. Dedication and affection, as in any other relationship, can not miss! Check out the quotes we listed below and get inspired by declaring yourself to that special friend.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it got better when you arrived.

I’m so happy to be by your side, you know? And seeing the world through your eyes is simply amazing.

Hey, you … Don’t go! I need to tell you that I adore you, simply because you exist.

With you, everything gets colorful.

You make me smile just because there is and my life is much sweeter just because you are part of it.

Every day happy agreement; No matter how sad. Do you know why? Because you exist!

The only certainty I have is that every moment is special if you are with me.

There are people who have a sun inside themselves: they do not shake with the storms and make a point of illuminating others.

friends, a family that the heart chooses.

One of the best sensations of life is to make sure you can trust someone.

Cute citations for status

Many times we can summarize what we have in mind at the moment in a sentence. Why not leave something cute and inspiring so that people can see? See some quotes we have selected for you to publish in the status.

Our best side is the inside.

The sweetness of the days begins with the beauty of the best thoughts in the morning.

Shared love is the perfect recipe for a more sweet heart.

A good heart is the most beautiful thing someone can have.

There are people who arrive and make their day lighten and have those who arrive to illuminate their whole life.

Hug is the only thing in the world that, the tighter it is, the more relief it gives.

Water your flowers and your garden will be more beautiful.

Someday, somewhere, someone will be very grateful to have known you.

To hug is to touch one heart on the other.

Everything is worth it. If you have not seen love, you become a poem.

Cute Quotations of Love

Ah, love! Nothing better than demonstrating all the affection we feel for those we love. Check out the best quotes we chose on the topic and share it with your beloved!

It’s you who I want with me every day.

You taught me what it is really like … What was dream come true!

Thank you for returning me to the hope that love is good. I’m grateful for this and everything else.

I love you in a place far beyond words.

I wanted you to know that I love the way you smile.

No distances will be sufficient to separate hearts that have already been born combined.

Your hug was the best decision of my life!

It’s you and always will be.

From the most beautiful places where I have passed, your heart is the only place where I would like to live.

I want for us an infinity every time we meet.

Your smile has a poetry that makes my soul want to dance.

I understood that loving is more than muttering three words before bed.

Your smell. Your voice. Your way. Your sweetness. Your mouth. You.

I believe I can love you forever, even if I fail there.

Now that you have seen the cutest quotes, full of affection to give and sell around, we have selected a list of kindness to you to spread this act around the world. Check it out!

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