40 trap messages to get to know the rhythm that is conquering the charts

rap derived, Trap is a musical subgenre from the US. The lyrics, in general, address various subjects, ranging from love relations, gang rivalries to racism and social inequalities. If you want to stay on top of this universe of music, then read these trap quotes and take the opportunity to meet new singers and singers!

Trap quotes to stay on top of what’s new in the music world

I will come back to the past and write all over again.

We are light years from that place, I don’t even know how I came to stop here.

But go through the shadow. Who is walking with God, never haunt.

Tonight becoming late. She feels empty. How to talk about the emptiness of yourself?

I thank you who complicated me. Ended up motivating me in the end. Now I make the most complicated sound, it looks like a bad joke final. My run is insane.

I hung up to go to a distant place. Far from this negativity that expands.

I know, I know, I know. When appearing. Playing her own game, she made her lost.

really lied and the truth is a lie.

bro, is that this mine is very scene, it will give problem.

With Rolex, I deny, but I don’t even tell the hours, I deny it. I count on my fingers how many that are true.

my enemy, the timer.

Is it true when you say you love me?

I struggled to get out of hell and stay in the sky.

spent this money, because money is just paper.

No one in bronze time. Very interested in the time of gold.

I said, “Mom, these notes are yours, I made my money and my name on the streets.”

I am feeling a astronaut. Strike notes to get to the moon.

I feel a climber and keep climbing. On top of hills I won’t go down anymore.

I made my name in the battles, now I am known as someone.

I came from the streets with all my brothers, but not those who just squeeze my hand. Those who are so with me, I know very well who they are.

You relieve my mind, you make it all look good.

She saw my eyes, she knows I left. I’ve seen some things you can fear.

When I’m with you, I feel alive. You say you love me, don’t lie. I don’t cut my heart, I don’t want to die.

I used to jump out of the bus, now I jump out of a jet.

You have to look where you walk, the stop is real.

If you give me a while, I can improve it. Give me a while while I improve it.

If I find a way, do you come with me?

I scare you? Honey, don’t you want me back?

Look at the sky tonight. All stars have a reason. A reason to shine, a reason like mine.

When I die, I will pack my bags, change somewhere more accessible.

and karma, for you, it will be with who you end up getting.

man, I thought you would learn your lesson, about not enjoying photos and not answering messages, but everything is okay, man. I understood the message.

You will win the whole world. But is worth the woman you are losing?

Yes, my heart is like a box with fragile seal.

between the cross and the sword, the mud and the dirt. It will hurt me hate you, but loving you is worse.

I’m making the world spin around me, working hard and telling my notes.

Now it’s time to exalt love, to be if you want to be.

all my defeat is forged, but my victory flies.

self -affirming is not just talking about yourself, it is talking about yourself by affirming the high.

Without wanting to be boring and bother you, I have no moral to come to ask you anything, just a day off for us to see each other.

Now that you already know Trap’s most famous artists, how about remembering some classics with these national rap quotes?

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