35 mourning messages for a godmother who left and is missed

It is never easy to say goodbye to such an important person in your life, but it is important to say goodbye so you can learn to move on and to live mourning in full. Tell your Dinda how amazing she was in her days and how much it will be. For this, check out quotes for godmother mourning and comfort your heart!

Mourning quotes for godmother who will miss your daily life

It hurts a lot to say goodbye to who is important to us. May Jesus receive you with open arms, godmother! I love you and I will always love you.

How will I follow without your advice and your hug, Dinda? It will be difficult to live without you by my side.

You took care of me as a child, taught me with a lot of love. I will miss you in all my days, godmother!

God took me, but made you my new guardian angel, godmother. Look at me where you are from!

I would not want to have to tell you goodbye, but God wanted it, have you and your kindness closer to Him. Just forgive me for not always being easy with you, godmother. Rest in peace!

I lost one of the most important people of my life, my godmother. May God help me learn to live with your absence.

My second mother had to rest with God. One day we meet again, godmother!

It will be difficult to want to tell you something new and you are not here. I will love you forever, godmother. Rest in peace!

You went to live with God, the place that has always been yours. We will meet again and live with our father, godmother. I will love you forever!

I would just like to give you a last hug and thank you for everything you did for me. Thanks for loving me like a son, godmother!

May you find peace, find Jesus and rest, godmother. You fought bravely and won. The sky is your place. Mourning!

Rest in peace, godmother! You were the best of all, you can be sure of that. I will miss everything we did together. The memories comfort my heart. You were happy and made everyone happy.

You assumed the responsibility of being my godmother with dedication and it was the best in it. I will miss you forever!

I know this is not a goodbye because we will meet again. For now, it hurts to wait for this time to arrive, godmother. May everything you taught me take me to reach the sky to be next to you. Rest in peace!

I will no longer be the same person without you by my side, godmother. You gave me strength and I will try to be strong for you. Mourning!

Homesickness has already taken over my life because I don’t have you here with my side, godmother. Rest in peace and see you soon!

My godmother left and tears keep falling. I only ask God to help me learn to live without you, Dinda. I love you!

May your rest be serene, godmother, because you deserve it. It was the most wonderful person I have ever met! I miss eternal!

If there is anyone who deserves rest, it’s you, godmother. You have always had an exemplary good heart and faith. Mourning!

The world has just lost an amazing person and I just lost my godmother. May Jesus receive you and take all your pain!

I remember all that we live with a tight heart. I miss you, godmother. That one day, this pain leaves my heart.

What I wouldn’t give to hear one last advice of yours and know that I will be able to follow without you, godmother. I will love you forever!

will be a void forever in my heart, because that was your place, godmother. I was blessed to have you in my life!

Few people were as lucky in life as I had the best godmother of all. Rest in peace and know that I will love you forever.

You fought bravely, was a strong and warrior woman. I will carry your example always in my heart.

godmother, you showed me such a beautiful love and taught me so much in faith. Your mission was beautiful here on Earth. It only taught us the ways of love. Rest in peace!

I will remember only the good things and how much you filled my life with love and sweetness, godmother. Mourning!

My prayers are for you, godmother, to find peace with God. I will love you forever.

I will pray for God to receive you with love and give you the peace you deserve, godmother. You are and always will be the best person I have ever met!

You taught me how to trust God and I trust that this was the best for you, godmother, even not agreeing. Rest in peace!

Life will no longer be the same because I won’t have your smile to cheer me up, godmother. Anime the sky, because I know this is where you are.

Our memories will be my comfort because I know I took advantage of your company, godmother. Eternal grief and longing!

You fulfilled your mission on earth and went to become an angel in heaven, alongside God. I will miss you so much, godmother!

You are in the arms of Christ and I know you will continue to look at me up there. You are my new guardian angel, godmother!

My memory will never forget you and it will make me strong to live, godmother. Rest in peace and know that I will fight to be well!

May pain soften and memories make you stronger to move on. When your heart squeezes, check out the mother’s eternal homesickness and say how much you miss the maternal affection of this second mother!

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