40 beautiful messages from God to understand His love for you

Trusting God’s plans is something that makes us go through the obstacles of life much more calmly and confidently, because we know that he knows what is best for each person’s life.

Therefore, we list to follow beautiful quotes from God that will encourage you to trust in Him with all your faith! Check it out!

Beautiful quotes from God to feel His presence in your life

God transforms crying into smile, pain in strength, weakness in faith and dream into reality.

Every day God thinks of you. All the time God takes care of you. Every minute God cares about you. Because every second God loves you.

God is closer than we notice, is stronger than we believe and fairer than we deserve.

Faith in God makes us believe in the incredible, see the invisible and accomplish the impossible.

God knows what is good for you.

If God has filled your life with obstacles, it is because He believes in His ability to go through each one.

The world closes doors, but God opens ways.

Every day, early on, I give a wink to God and I ask: I hope our wills coincide and, if they do not coincide, to prevail.

A great story is made of great challenges that are conquered with great efforts, formed of great dreams and coming from a great God.

Faith is like this: First you put your foot, then God puts the floor.

May God always be with you, but, above all, that you are always with God.

God knows where you go and see everything you do.

There is always something to take us up, but there is always God to return it.

I know it’s hard to wait, but God has time to act and to heal, we just have to trust.

Ore not until God listens, but until you hear God!

God does nothing before, not after, He acts at the right time!

God has a purpose for his pain, a reason for his struggle and a reward for his faithfulness. Don’t give up!

What God builds no one destroys. What God opens no one closes. What God raises no one drops.

God is the law and the legislator of the universe.

When the last thing you have God is, you will find that he was the only thing you needed to have.

He loves you, completes you, teaches you, helps you and gets you up, for He is God.

When the world says “give up,” God whispers “try again.”

Faith is not to think that God will do everything you want. Faith is to believe that he will do what is best for you.

While God is your root, there is no stone that prevents your growth. Flourish where God planted you!

The habit of talking to God changes our way of talking to people.

God does not punish, God teaches. God does not take away, God delivers. God does not delay, God whim.

The miracle you need, God has.

When God chooses us Himself enables us.

One of the most beautiful miracles is to be able to wake up every day and receive from God the greatest of his gifts… Life!

Any obstacle, with God, becomes a grain of sand.

In the midst of storms, trust God.

Let things happen naturally in your life… No programming, no anxiety, no expectation. Remember that the best moments happen without notice and scheduled time. And it is not in your time or in mine, but in the time of God!

God is so generous that it gives you the freedom to plant whatever you want, but don’t forget that he is so fair that you reap exactly what you planted!

Sometimes God takes you the longest way, not to punish, but to prepare you.

Talk to God calms you and listen to your answers strengthens you.

What God has for you will come to you! Wait.

The heart is light when God makes home.

For those who have faith there is no luck, there is God. For those who have God there is no loss, just victories. For those who believe there is no impossible, there are miracles.

God gives us every day a new life page in the book of time. What we put in it, run on our own.

Never judge anyone by appearance, only God knows our interior!

After reading so many beautiful quotes from God, nothing better than checking our selection of psalms quotes and praising you with all your heart!

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