40 funny dog messages for you to have fun with your pets

The dog is the joy of the house. When we are sad, they always have licked affectionate or tricks that make us smile. Arteiros and playful, the muzzle sapecas softens our hearts and get out of the scolding. For you to laugh, with situations that only those who owned pet understands, we have selected the best funny dog ​​quotes. Check it out!

Funny dog ​​quotes that demonstrate that happiness has four paws

say the dog’s sage is very good, so if my dog ​​finds me the most amazing person in the world, who am I to doubt?!

If there is one thing I learned from dogs is that we should never trust the bikes.

My dog ​​doesn’t bark, he fires the alarm and has no saint to turn it off!

has someone noticed that the poorer the person is, the more dogs they have? I’m thinking of opening a kennel in my house.

To be very trouble because of a betrayal is to get home with the smell of another dog in the clothes and have to explain to your pet.

If a thief tries to steal my house, my dog ​​lets in, ask for affection and, if I could talk, would tell where I save the money.

When I need to wake up early, I get up more irritated than a pinscher when you see a postman.

Don’t be fooled! When a dog looks at you, he is not thinking: I loved this human, I will choose him to be my owner! He is looking at you and trying to say: Human, in your house has food?

It would be great if the dog looked at the human being and asked: Do you have pedigree? If not, I don’t want to mix with people in your lap.

My dog ​​is the owner of the house, I am only the tenant who buys ration and takes him for a walk.

my dog ​​poop and looks at me with the face of those who say: This is the result of that soap flavor feed that you insist on giving me. Now, clean!

I play the ball and say to my dog: search! He looks at me very seriously and gets an expression like: looking for you, I didn’t have it play, I’m not your employee.

And my dog ​​that has the boldness of bustling in the elevator and looking at me with the face of: was you, human? How ugly!

If you have never talked for long hours with a street caramel dog, you don’t know what it is to come back very crazy from the dawn roll.

My dog ​​is a great coach, he makes me fulfill all his wishes when he wants and the way he likes it.

There is a dog that is so ugly that it is cute. Does the same apply to the human being?

I’m going to sleep elegant like a Yorkshire and according to the hair like the hair of a poodle that just bathed.

My dog ​​sees me mask and looks at me as who asks: human, what a crossword you did to need to use this muzzle?

In quarantine, I finally understood the joy of my dog. I hear the noise of the gate and want to run to the street.

Be careful, stay away! Today, I’m so annoyed that if a pinscher bite me, he gets anger.

First, the dog approaches. Then he licks his hand, conquers his heart, and when you least realize, he stole his favorite place from the couch.

If you don’t like dogs, don’t go to my house, because my dogs don’t like fresh humans.

My dog ​​is so fearful and hungry that if a thief comes to rob, it is very likely to say: You can take my human, just don’t move in my reason.

The more I live with humans, the more I love dogs.

a thief may enter at home that my dog ​​does not wake up, but just open a cracker pack that he has been running.

having a pug is like having a tractor connected inside your home all day.

I want someone to look at me with the same passion that my dog ​​looks at a bone and my food.

My dog ​​should look at me and think: This human needs a bath! He doesn’t know how to make affection without drooling.

Someone explains how so much hate it is in a pinscher?

When I take my dog ​​to the vet, he looks at me with a face, like this: you said we were going to walk, I trusted. How did you have the courage to do this to me?!

Those who have dogs at home, do not need an alarm clock. They wake you up with a lot of licks on their face.

Sometimes, my dog ​​looks at me as who says: human, I gave you a lot of affection, now I deserve a snack.

Trickster is the dog that gets pregnant with the dog and does not pay pension.

from the gate inside, my dog ​​is a pitbull. From the gate out, it is a Yorkshire.

My dog ​​is the same gossip neighbor: he spends all day in the window, taking care of the lives of others.

When I scold my dog, he pretends not to understand what I say, but when I call for a walk, he doesn’t have to say twice. He has been running and brings the guide together.

I complain so much about my dog ​​that if he could speak, I would start to charge me the hours of therapy session.

My dog ​​is so jealous that when I go out home, he makes a point of jumping on me and leaving my clothes full of hair for everyone to know that my heart already has owner.

If the dogs understood and knew how to talk, they would be rich, charging image rights every time a human posted a photo of the pet on Instagram.

I even try to get mad at my dog, but he always looks at me with a face of those who say: I’m so cute, you have to love me.

Dogs make life much more fun! If you are passionate about pets, you can not help but check out the cuteness citations of cuteness to declare love for the pussies.

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